20. September 2014


Mailings to Media Editorial Offices 
and Politicians stopped!

Honored Readers,  

I have decided to no longer send the “essays” and “commentaries”, 
which I had written and were published in the Lichtwelt portal, to all
editorial offices or to politicians.

For some time I see how things (globally as well as nationally) 
develop and our representatives find barely access to reality (neither 
to their own nor to the one of other human Beings), and what from 
my viewpoint is even worse, they have lost all interest, even though 
they pretend that they still do. The political and media mainstream 
dictate the events and in the example of Ukraine crisis, this is once 
again blatantly obvious. 

This system is being driven against the wall, this is certain for me, 
and our elites have already cultivated tunnel vision a long time ago 
and are no longer willing to change their thinking, let alone turn back.

This in short is the actual geo-political assessment and I have to 
react to it, because to throw “pearls in front of swine” neither 
serves the pearls nor the swine. 

What is needed is to plant the good seeds 
of our work in fertile soil. And these fields 
are daily in front of us, namely in the Lichtweltblog. 
More and more human Beings visit our site and we are indeed 
no longer overlooked.

The decision to publish the essays exclusively in the Lichtweltblog 
has ripened in me for a long time. Today the time has come for it, 
because the worlds increasingly separate and foremost I notice how 
the forces of the system after each mailing of an essay or commentary 
work against us/me.

Furthermore I no longer have the intention to serve myself on the 
presentation tablet, so that those, who do not understand or undermine 
the Light at every opportunity, will be startled and take countermeasures.

The newspapers and editors, the politicians and other persons, 
which so far have received our mailings, know, if they are really 
interested, where the messages and essays can be found
– namely in our blog.

This time, regarding this point, demanded a reorientation of 
myself, which has happened today, is manifested and is anchored.

The light tower is for every captain a light, 
and the light on the summit is the quiescent reality,
which moves all life!

And as we comply with the necessity of time, 
we continue to be worthy of our given assignments.

In Love and Gratitude

Jahn J Kassl 

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