25. September 2014


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Message by Sananda

How does Resonance develop? 

JJK: The word “war” triggers discomfort in many seekers. 
Und namely in such a manner that they mean, when one uses it, 
one draws war to oneself and into this world. I myself think, thereby
it deals with another fallacy on the way. Because the early recognition 
that a new World War builds up – no matter which level this one also 
reaches – can rather hinder this one, than the concealment of this fact; 
and this in view of the facts that all geo-political events point in that 

SANANDA: Also this aspect has not been 
recognized to its end by the spiritual seekers.  

Resonance develops where a human Being  
opens internally and not where a word, in a 
specific manner, is used to hinder resonance 
and the opening. 

This is also a trap of the dark ones, which still has not been 
recognized by the esoteric world or has been dismissed as insignificant. 
To be against war only works, if one talks about it. It is very simple. 
Take here children as an example, what children reject, as long as they 
are not held back by society or ignorant parents, always express it 
very clearly: I want this or that or I do NOT want this or that!
They speak a clear language and express clearly, what they want, 
what NOT.

JJK: One shall not use the word “not” is also a widely held opinion, 
because the subconscious does not recognize these words, which 
has the result that the exact opposite of the intention occurs?

SANANDA: This is not always like that. 
A conscious and clearly made intention always 
prevails and can never be blocked by a word, 
no matter which word. 
The conscious and careful use of expressions and words is infinitely 
worthwhile and necessary, yet it is not the salt that counts, in 
order to make a dish wholesome or uneatable. Also here the 
inner impulse of a human Being, the true intention of a human 
Being, is more powerful than the spoken word. 

Who attaches to words remains 
stuck in his development. 


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

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