13. September 2014


Publication from the 
new Book by Jahn J Kassl: 
Telos - Welcome to Agartha 

Welcome to Agartha 

Welcome Home!
Welcome in the Light!
Welcome in the safety and Love of your eternal siblings

– the Agarthans.

I am ADAMA, High Priest of TELOS, Member of the Council of 
Elders and as an Initiate of the first and last days of Mankind 
responsible for the purity of the vibration of Inner Earth. 
Through my energy fields flows the cosmic Light, flows the 
unswerving river of Love to Upper Earth and my Light Ray 
bundles with the cosmic Light from the Central Sun creating 
a unique intensity and power of transformation.

Beloved Brothers, Beloved Sisters,
I welcome you into the Sacred Halls of Telos, into the Sacred 
and Crystalline Temples, into the Crystal Cities of Light, 
which are beyond any human imagination.
I welcome you, now, as you are hallowed and honored after 
your work is done on the surface of Earth, now, as you are refined, 
before you have completed this cycle of life.
I welcome you in the name of all Inner-Earth citizens, 
in the name of all creatures, who for a long time have waited 
for this moment of union; and I know how much this yearning 
carries and fulfills you. Especially in these last days of the old 
earth your souls cry out for the Light, your hearts call out to God 
and your whole Being longs for the reunion with your siblings 
from the invisible realms of Inner Earth.

A great reception is prepared for you; your and our joy is immense. 
We have completed all preparations for your return, the festivity 
tables are covered, the golden carpet has been rolled out and the 
halls of Crystals expect the guests.

We have prepared for your arrival for a long time and we have 
waited for this moment for a long time. Even though time has 
no power over us, this period of time was needed in order to 
attain this reunion. 

I welcome you! 

And I promise you enduring happiness, 
eternal peace and the blessings in God’s living fire of Love.
Whoever comes to us and has been accepted by us, is hallowed 
and blessed; and whose life on upper earth is completed. 

Healings in the Crystal Temples will retransform you 
into perfected Beings and all traces, which the events 
on upper earth left in your soul and in your body, will 

After your arrival many of you will be prepared for your 
next assignments under the care of Agarthans and many 
will be healed and released into the infinity of All-that-Is.

Many remain with us, many go on, and many will find themselves 
on upper earth, after the great cleansing has occurred. Everybody 
receives according to his measure. Everybody enters the Hall of 
Knowing and faces the Creator and himself. 

Light, which is crystalline, Wisdom, that is divine and 
Love, that is unconditional, are the gifts, which are 
offered to each human Being at the instant when he 
enters the Crystalline Temple of Knowledge. 

It is the last initiation as a human Being and the first initiation 
that after a long time again anchors your divine status in this Creation. 
An immeasurable number of light siblings assist you in these days and 
many light Beings accompany you. Meanwhile I have come to bring you 
this first greeting from the realms of Inner Earth and to deliver it 
through Jahn in this time quality.

Welcome Home.
Welcome in the Light.
Welcome in the Temples of Healing.
Welcome in the Sacred Halls of Agartha.
Welcome Home!


translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb 

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