21. September 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

In the seclusion from Source the mightiest light columns 
tower into Heaven and the loneliness is the permanent companion 
of these manifested light Beings in human flesh. And there is not one, 
who doesn’t painfully experience this loneliness.
It is the distinction of great Prophets that in seclusion 
their Flame of Devotion to God blazes the strongest. 
The prophets recognize each other, yet they do not know each 
other, the light warriors of the first and last hours enter into God’s 
Light as a unique light expression and merge with the wellspring 
of All-That-Is.


Beloved Light Warriors of the End Time!

You, who until last, like a light tower, al(l) – one hold a position 
and provide a sure light of orientation to those, who are in danger 
to go astray; You, who withstand any weather, who are trained through 
many turns, who meet every renewed upsurge of a storm unruffled and determined; You, who are anchored in yourselves, who are aware on 
account of self, and who are alive due to divine Love: 
You have truly been sent by God in order to be of 
great healing service to this world!

Loneliness & Separation 
And therefore this time, wherein the light towers become rare instead 
of more, wherein your Light in the eyes of the ignorant ones is dimming 
rather than increasing, wherein fallacy multiplies instead of reduces, 
wherein the reality and illusion exist in a unique neighbor ship, is the 
most demanding time of all times. I say to you:  

The loneliness is the Divine Fire therein the Noble 
is refined and the light filled attains its full Brilliance. 

And this loneliness accompanies every awakened one and lasts until 
the service on a low vibrating level of the universe has been done.
Levels, which are defined by the illusion of God’s absence, always 
bring forth this condition in the awakened ones, whereby the 
All-That-Is is experienced as an unbearable separation from the Source.
This condition will only be finalized in the complete merger with the 
wellspring of All-That-Is, and this occurs as soon as a Being has 
completed his assignments in worlds far removed from Heaven. 

The greatest Masters experience the greatest separation 
from God on a sluggish level, and they are fully aware of this! 

It is necessary to understand this, so that your suffering is reduced 
and thereby the flame of devotion to God never extinguishes.
Every Prophet, every Master, any awakened one has, in full 
consciousness, agreed to his life – fully conscious and in infinite 
Love to this world, whereto he has been sent for eons.
And today the assignments of the Masters are fulfilled, whereby 
the transformation as an “Act of Love” is handed over to mankind.
This planet and the processes, which build up in these days, 
before they appear, need the physical presence of those, who 
move in the matrix of this world as light warriors of the first 
and last hours, and whose names are indelibly linked to the 
success of this mission and will remain so for eternity.

And again the illusion of separation from God is experienced, 
does the loneliness of a few exist under the many, and it searches
in vain for its equal, because the longing for the eternal Beloved, 
God, by many worlds towers above any human measure of Love.

Devotion & Fulfillment 
And it is this pain that provides the last transformation energy for 
ascension, as a propulsion spring for the last of all journeys.
It is the Tree of Life whereupon every sacred decision ripens 
and grows, thrives and blossoms, until the extent of the harvest 
reveals itself. Nobody comes to God without having gone through
the valley of loneliness, because this path stokes the flame of 
devotion. Thereby the unbearable becomes liberating at the same 
time, the pain of the soul is interlaced with Love and the torment 
of separation is the sacred promise of fulfillment that fulfills 
itself – in these days.
Human Beings are aware of this, those, who are in service in 
this world and yet are not of this world; until it is fulfilled what 
needs to be fulfilled. Whereupon all Saints of these days will 
come to the festivity table of the Lord, the Father, the Mother, 
the All-That-Is reality of God.

The world creates itself anew and before it rises up from the rubble 
of the old time, the Saints of these days walk through the last 
sections along the way, whereupon no one has stepped on before;
In order to pave the new paths for the great flock of human Beings, 
so that a few will join the few, who find themselves in the Light of 
the fifth dimension of All-That-Is. 

The greatness of your service conforms to 
the mission in the universal context! 

And even though the majority of human Beings remains behind, 
you have nonetheless triumphed, because a new world is being born, 
and thanks to you, a new level of Creation can be breathed into 
reality, by you.

Mankind had the choice and human Beings have chosen! 
Now all worlds and all human Beings will be confronted by 
their choice and they will see the fruits of their trees
– richly for the ones, poorly for the others.

God is with you, those, who breathe necessary life into these 
important hours. So that it may be fulfilled what long ago demanded 
fulfillment, and now due to many turns of time, had to be waited for 
until today: The ascension of this world into the Light and the arrival of 
human Beings, whose flame of devotion blazed for eternity, in the
care of the Creator. 

Carry your loneliness like a sacred seal, because those, 
who have it, theirs is God’s Kingdom in Heaven. 

I am

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