30. April 2015


Motto of this End Time

written and channeld by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers,

Due to the special resonance to the “30 Ways to 
Self-Empowerment”  I have decided to exclusively 
publish here this excerpt from the contribution  
“2015 The Year of Truth”. 

More than ever it is up to each one of us to courageously 
stand up against the dark forces, which wrestle against their 
survival on all levels, and at all opportunities to withdraw our 
energy from them. The global and planetary change, which 
takes place now, is based on it and initially it is necessary 
to revolt against our own inner lethargy and be the change 
ourselves, which we demand from the outside.

It is necessary to develop a new world of peace within 
ourselves first, to create it in our soul and to anchor it 
deep within. After that everything will be easy, after that 
everything is simple and it clearly appears how, when 
and where an individual human Being serves the great 
divine plan best.  

Wake up, get up, be outraged, and defend yourself!

Thereby always remain in peace! Act without violence 
and forgive those, who have hurt you. Everyone is 
enabled to forgive oneself, if one meets self without 
violence and without continuing to hurt oneself. 

Heal yourself; this is the inevitable motto of 
this end time. Empower yourself, whereby you become 
aware of your own shadows and dissolve them, because 
only then are we in a position to encounter darkness in 
this world in an appropriate manner. Whoever knows 
oneself, knows Life; whoever denies oneself, denies Life. 

This time needs redeemed and from blockages 
mostly freed human Beings, in order to give the 
societal change the necessary power. 

This mankind needs warriors 
of Light, which never leave the 
path of kindness and Love. 

We must be aware that each transformation 
begins within oneself and with the revolt 
against our own comfort. 

And the „30 Ways to Self-Empowerment” 
offer the path toward it.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

30 Ways to Self-Empowerment

1.) Wake up!
2.) Stand up!
3.) Be up in arms!
4.) Defend yourself!
5.) Declare total refusal to this system!
6.) Withdraw your energy from this system:
a.) Avoid every election!
b.) Avoid the mass media!
7.) Pay attention to your body:
a.) Eat vegetarian or vegan 
(implicitly free of meat and fish)
b.) Give up pre-prepared dishes.
c.)  Drink pure water.
d.)  Avoid Fluor (toothpastes)
e.)  Avoid vaccinations (mercury).
f.)  Meditate, pray, go to sacred places.
8.) Free yourselves from false belief 
patterns like:
a.) “One person alone cannot change anything“
b.) „One cannot do anything about it“
9.) Free yourselves of any sluggishness.
10.) Activate your spiritual nature:
a.) with energy work.
b.) due to direct devotion to Angels, 
Archangels, the Ascended Masters and to God.
11.) Yourselves be the change, which you champion.
12.) Liberate yourselves from any dark energy:
a.) Ask Archangel Michael for help.
b.) Be ready to let go of everything.
13.) Destroy any dark energy in your environment
by means of mandates and the Light sword:
a.) Elementals
b.) Dark entities on and from different levels
14.) Purify your energy field daily:
a.) Call on the gold-violet Flame of Transformation
(Master St. Germain)
b.) Call on the blue Flame of Truth and Clarity
(Archangel Michael)
15.) Think for yourself, feel for yourself, 
speak for yourself and act out of yourself.
16.) Refuse any outside determination!
17.) Have courage to be wrong.
a.) Always trust your “stomach feeling” 
even if sometimes you are wrong. 
Exercise makes the master. Whoever 
gives up, already has lost.
b.) Trust your ability to learn. 
Everything ispossible, as you trust in 
yourself and you persistently
continue on your path to truth.
18.) Treat yourself and your fellow human 
Beings lovingly,as they do not mistreat you 
with their dark intentions.
19.) Always be willing to forgive.
20.) Build a kingdom of peace in yourself, 
wherebyyou redeem any warlike condition 
from your soul.
21.) Shape the new world!
a.) Give orders, issue decrees, 
manifest by means of mandates.
b.) Confront the responsible ones with their
lies (write to them,call them, say it into their face).
c.) Say STOP!
22.) Enlighten human Beings in your
environment without imposing on them.
23.) Recognize your assignments in this society
and your place in this world.
24.) Recognize your true nature, 
your spiritual reality.
25.) Recognize the essence of this matrix; 
what is illusion, what is reality.
26.) Recognize your right for self-determination,
to be able to leave this matrix at any time.
27.) Ask for assistance from Heaven.
28.) Bind with the Light/God/Primal Source of
29.) Expect the ascension, yet do not wait for it.
30.) Serve the truth, courageously, decidedly 
and lovingly. 

Source text: 2015: Year of Truth – JAHN J KASSL: 

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