4. April 2015


Based on his direct, decisive and wise
intervention in Crimea, whereby
1.) the „Referendum about the Status of 
Crimea“, when on March 16th, 2014 96.77% 
of voters (with voter turnout of  83.1%)  voted 
for integration with the Russian Federation, 
was able to be conducted without sabotage 
from the Ukrainian Military Forces, and
2.) a genocide of the ethnic Russian (65%) 
as well as Russian speaking (77%) population 
of Crimea by fascist Bandera battalions from 
Kiev were forestalled.

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

„Crimea: Way Back Home“ 
„A year after the reunification of Crimea with Russia 
the Russian television station Rossija 1 has recreated 
a documentation about the events, which occurred end 
of February and the beginning of March 2014 on the 
Black Sea peninsula.“ 

A Movie, must see! 

From it in Putin’s words: 
Putin: (...) that’s something I was writing from my heart. (…)
Question: Did you realize that it was a historical moment?
Putin: You know. I tell you that: if one is thinking all the 
time that he is creating some kind of history, that he is 
an important person, positive work will be over very quickly 
then. If one has confidence inside him, that he is doing the 
right thing, that his actions are benefitting the country, and 
defending the interests of Russian people, if there is such 
confidence, then it works!
Question: Is it why it worked out in Crimea?
Putin: Yes.

„Crimea: Way Back Home“ is not for human Beings, 
who like to be satisfied with simple answers, not for 
those, whose judgment has already been fixed for a 
long time, for those, the good ones sitting in Washington 
and the evil ones sitting in Moscow.

Starting with the February 2014 events in the Maidan, 
this movie illuminates the connected developments in 
the Crimea, including the incorporation into the Russian 

Honoring Putin’s Merits 

For me it is an impressive document, which 
shows why Putin is so popular in Russia.
Putin genuinely and absolutely authentically 
describes from his perspective the decisive hours 
in Crimea, and it becomes obvious what kind of 
responsibility had to be shouldered and how the
President of the Russian Federation dealt with it. 

I know of no State President of this time, who solely 
due to body language and gestures spreads nearly 
as much credibility as this Russian President.
We can thank Putin’s prudence that this world has 
not been drawn into a great war, which the neocon 
forces in Washington wanted to unleash for the
purpose of world domination. 

The more one is preoccupied with Putin, the more obvious 
it becomes that Putin understands his responsible function, 
as a service for the country and with all means wants to 
divert any damage from the country. Maybe history will 
honor Putin’s merits much later, but anyone who takes 
a little bit of effort, can already recognize today Putin’s 
outstanding achievements for world peace.

But the world runs in the wrong direction,
totally wrong. Until we change that. Yes, us. 
And how?

Due to our conscious observation of the course of the 
world and due to our resistance, there, where it is 
possible, is it possible, for each one of us.
Get outraged about this unbearable lie propaganda, 
which media and politics hits us with in Western Europe. 
Get outraged and create something new: 
„Creating something new means to render resistance.” 
(Stéphane Hessel, 1917-2013, French Résistance-Fighter, 
Survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp, diplomat, 
lyric poet and political activist)

Nobel Peace Prize 2015 for Putin! 

Hitler was nominated for it in 1939, El Gore (2007, climate liar),
the EU (2012, US-Vassal and NATO-Warmonger) and Obama
(2009) „for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international 
diplomacy and cooperation between countries.“ (Wikipedia), 
received it.

But Putin deserves it, the Nobel Peace Prize!
Namely for his decisive intervention in Crimea, 
whereby the hands of the Ukrainian army were 
tied in order to avoid a massacre.

The Bandera-Followers (Stepan Andrijowytsch Bandera, 
1909-1959, Mass murderer and Nazi collaborator) would 
have dealt with the mostly Russian speaking population
(77%) just like they do with the population in the Eastern 
part of the country, without the presence of Russian soldiers 
and legitimized by Kiev and with Europe’s silence – with 
bombs and grenades instead of wheat and gas. 

The referendum in Crimea could only be carried out 
peacefully with the presence of Russian troupes. 
That during that time not a single shot was fired is 
solely the merit of the best-trained Russian soldiers, 
which acted under order from their President. 

Putin has thereby saved thousands of human lives from 
certain death and therefore the Nobel Peace Prize for the 
President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich 
Putin, after the blind award to Obama (2009) or other shady 
characters and institutions would again be in worthy hands.
And this film makes it understandable, but also shows, 
how evil, diabolic and brutal the putschists in Kiev treat 
their own citizens. It is a genocide, which due to the 
hate of anything Russian, which is deeply rooted in 
the battalions of the fascists, is created.

Whoever until today (still!) mixes up perpetrator and 
victim in the war in the Ukraine, this picture and sound 
document will certainly offer a new perspective with 
facts, which the mass media want to keep from us. 

»US-supported Kiev fascists threaten regional security. 
Perhaps world peace. The respected Colonel Cassad site 
quoted what it called Georgi Diimitrov’s “classic definition 
of fascism.”
Calling it “an open terrorist dictatorship of the most 
reactionary, the most chauvinistic, the most imperialistic 
elements of the financial capital…”
“Fascism is neither the government beyond classes nor 
the government of the petty bourgeois or the lumpen-
proletariat over the financial capital.”

“Fascism is the government of the financial capital itself. 
It is an organized massacre of the working class and the 
revolutionary slice of peasantry and intelligentsia.”
“Fascism in its foreign policy is the most brutal kind 
of chauvinism, which cultivates zoological hatred 
against other peoples.”
"Kiev terrorizes opponents. Wants them eliminated 
altogether. Tactics include “physical extermination, 
intimidation, hostage-taking, warrantless arrests, 
abductions, torture, and other elements of terror.”
Kiev putschists represent “the most radical forms 
of the Ukrainian integral nationalism and fascism…”
Monied interests run things. Billionaires contest with 
millionaires for power.
Monied interests and “fascist squads (are) its 
instruments for building the fascist system of 
government, which is built on a terrorist dictatorship.”
Russophobia is Kiev’s ideological cornerstone. 
“(O)penly advocat(ing) oppressing and exterminating 
people based on their ethnicity, culture, and language.”
Colonel Cassad site saying Ukrainian conditions are 
“a 100% match for Dimitrov’s classical definition. 
(Fascism in its most classical and pure form)” 
(Stephen Lendman,12/17/2014)

Fascism in Europe 2015 

»Fascism« has resurrected, in its “purest form” 
and this in the middle of Europe in 2015!
Our politicians cannot and may not believe exactly 
this fact. While our Representatives warn us about
the return of fascism at every opportunity and the 
arm of the law, justifiably, goes rigorously against 
any kind of Nazi glorification, these hypocrites let
the new Nazis in the Ukraine operate and call them 
They bow their knees during inflationary Nazi victim 
commemorations and put on a face of stunned silence, 
yet the thousands of dead in Eastern Ukraine, caused 
by the Nazi junta from Kiev, let them be entirely cold. 
Even more, one calls for weapons of the Ukrainian
army and the USA will, after EU and US Military 
advisors have visited Yatsenyuk, also supply 
these weapons.
It is unbearable, what kind of measurement, what
kind of democratic political standards are applied 
to the Ukraine and what one pretends to defend 
in the West. 

Within myself I increasingly gain the impression 
that we are indeed ruled by the most stupid ones 
and these crazy ones want to ignite a new war 
against Russia. 

"Our society is run by insane people for insane 
objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs 
for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be 
put away as insane for expressing that. That's 
what's insane about it.“ John Lennon (1940-1980), 
Musician and peace activist

Europe must change alliances! 

Instead of cancelling the alliance with the USA 
and form one with Russia, Europe’s Representatives 
continue to enjoy being vassals of the neo-conservatives 
in Washington. Nobody seems to be disturbed that the 
US policy is exclusively oriented toward its own interests 
and toward the claim for world power of the NWO.


TTIP is also being negotiated in that direction.
Falsely called “Free Trade Agreement”, the conclusion 
of this treaty means the exact opposite, namely the 
end of our freedom in Europe.
Supranational arbitration courts, which are favorable 
toward corporations, can sue States for loss of profits, 
gene food replaces natural food, environmental and 
workplace standards are abolished.
The rest of state sovereignty is gone. 
Logically the TTIP is negotiated past the citizens and
in secret, with the EU Parliament as a forum of nodding
through. This is a true conspiracy against us human Beings,
which the elites in commerce and politics instigate here,
because Europe negotiates about something, which is
unalienable, just like human rights are unalienable.

Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. 
They are endowed with reason and conscience and should 
act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. 
Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set
forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, 
such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or
other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or 
other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made 
on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international
status of the country or territory to which a person belongs,
whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or 
under any other limitation of sovereignty.
Article 3. 
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security
of person.(General Declarations of Human Rights
Resolution 217 A (III) from 12/10/1948)
  „Equal in dignity and in rights“ is after the Free
Trade Agreement nothing and nobody anymore 
in Europe! Therefore the enactment of this treaty 
would be a direct violation of the UN declaration 
of human rights.

That the “right comes from the people” is by then
nothing more than spoilage and not worth the ink,
which the articles of European states were written
down with. 
Europe lacks self-confidence, and that in every respect!
The faces and statements of our politicians reflect this
in a disenchanting and frightening manner.

Strong, self-confident Europe 
A strong and self-confident Europe would defy 
America and would be in the way of many US interests.
A strong and self-confident Europe maintains friendly 
relationships with its neighbors and foremost with 
Russia, the great country (1000 German companies 
are directly dependent on these businesses).
And a strong and self-confident Europe certainly 
does not allow to be told which friendships to have, 
certainly not from the Satanists in Washington.

In short: A self-confident Europe forbids the NSA 
surveillance practices and steps out of the alliance 
with the USA. It overcomes the US vassal status 
and declares the USA rogue country number 1 
instead of best friend. 

What seems to be good for the world conspirators in 
Washington is bad for Europe, very bad – namely: 
Animosity with Russia. But for exactly that the USA 
cares for and will continue to do so, if Europe does 
not emancipate.
Also if the citizens already know a long time ago where 
the wind comes from, our political actors do not look 
through this truth. Thereby it is so simple, so clear 
and obvious, how the men in Washington cover the 
whole earth in wars, which they declare as peace 
missions for decades, cynically and brashly.
The proverbial swallows already sing it from the roofs, 
who the good ones and who the evil ones are; only our 
politicians continue to carry out an ostrich-like policy – 
head in the sand and proceed as before. 

„Whoever wants that the world remains 
as it is, does not want that it remains.“ 
Erich Fried, Austrian Lyricist, (1921-1988)

The inability of the ruling ones is absolute, and the 
political organ failure of the European nomenclature
is total. The truth is: Europe lives with Russia and 
goes under with the USA! This is my diagnosis and
not only mine.

The future of the world lies with Russia: 
"In Russia there comes the hope of the world, 
 not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, 
or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each 
man will live for his fellow man! The principle has 
been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, 
but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”
 (Edgar Cayce, 1944, No. 3976-29) Edgar Cayce, 
(1877-1945) US-American Medium, „the sleeping prophet“

Understanding Putin and Russia 

For everyone, who is still not it, it is highest time to 
become an understanding one of Putin and Russia!  

Whoever does not understand his opponent leans toward 
false assumptions and has nothing to search for in politics! 
Therefore we can confidently separate from our present 
political personnel.
The sooner the better – for us and for world peace.

On the other hand, whoever is subjected to the Western 
propaganda, the presstitutes under the control of the CIA, 
or whoever has cemented his worldview and is frightened 
by the gruesome truth from Kiev, which hits us, this 
historical film document can no longer help him, 
because ultimately every human Being believes 
exactly what he wants to believe. Therefore in 
this case the decision also lies with each one 
of us. 

In summary:
1.) Putin is the guarantor for peace in Europe!
2.) The EU would do well to recognize this fact 
and to react in an appropriate manner.
3.) Putin deserves, like no one before him, 
the Nobel Peace Prize.
4.) The geopolitical interests of the Anglo-American 
cold-blooded ones create constant unrest, until they 
have established the NWO, due to decimation of 
human Beings (wars, hunger, pests, inoculations, 
environmental poisons, gene food, etc.). 

It is not Russia that threatens the 
world and certainly not its President
Vladimir Putin! 

This is the truth, which liberates and it is also 
in the case of “Crimea: Way Back Home” 
bearable: https://vimeo.com/123194285
(with English subtitles)

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