14. April 2015


Message from the Light Reading 
on Marc 27th, 2015 in Vienna
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

„Project Earth“ is finished! 

I am Archangel Gabriel,

I am God’s Strength and Heaven’s Power,
which today announces the end of “Project Earth” 
to mankind! This is the end of the “game of duality”, 
the end of the polar reality, wherein the Light has 
cast long and dark shadows. This great and unique 
project of the Creation history is finished 
and the harvest time on all levels has begun. 

Everything that you perceive, that you can see 
and recognize, in this world today, are measures, 
which directly go along with the dissolution of this 

The dark forces have lost their “leader”, because this 
one has revealed himself to them as Light. The great 
mighty angel Lucifer has fulfilled his role in this project 
in perfection and has returned to the realms of Light.
The dark entities now have the choice to follow this trail 
of Light or to be banned to a world, which has the necessary 
conditions for the redemption of their still unresolved issues.
In a so far unique consistency the chaff is separated from the 
wheat and the time in order to postpone decisions is gone.

Beloved Ones,

Great karma is redeemed today. It is as if the heavy 
fate of many human Beings in this epoch of this 
mankind is falling off. And indeed, it not only seems 
that way, it is like that, because you redeem your 
own karma, which has been accumulated in infinite 
circles of fate in space-time.
It is the redemption of remaining quality, healing, 
which is perfect and awareness, which progresses 
and overcomes being human.
And while then changes occur based on this process 
and the time of great upheavals has come, the extent 
of the harvest becomes evident. The Light messengers, 
the Angels of Heaven, which you are here on earth, 
are gifted with eternal Life and with the fact that due 
to your willpower a whole world can be uplifted into 
the Light. Today the Light messengers attain perfection 
and this in a time of great distress. Finally it is obvious 
how close this earth is to renewed great warlike battles.
This time this game will be finished before it comes 
to the extreme or it rises to the whole drama, 
because truly:  

The purification of this earth and the 
uplifting of this world will do without 
the destruction of the planet! 

And you human Beings are the guarantors for it!
Each one of you human Beings, who has created the
peace within self, the peace, which is demanded of
this world, is jointly responsible for this act of creation, 
whereby a world is changed until it no longer can be 
The kingdom of peace in the heart of human Beings, 
the harmony of the soul with God, transforms this 
earth due to peace and in harmony with God.
Therefore never let yourselves be driven into destructive
energies! When anger or fury perform a necessary service, 
and then please do not remain in this energy! Meaning, 
decisive appearance and action can make the tool of
anger necessary, yet it is necessary to always leave 
this path after the work is done and to retain harmony 
within. Never identify yourself with anger, instead use 
this merely as a tool in order to trigger an awakening 
in certain human Beings or to point to unconscious 
conditions in certain situations.
It is significant that you never condemn yourself
as you gain the impression that you did not act 
out of your divine center. Recognize this and from 
then on act differently.
Obtain the ruler ship over the tools of human 
expression, whereby you exemplify anger as a 
means to an end and never as an end in itself. 
Recognize your modes of behavior; recognize 
where you act as a detached observer of your life 
and where you let yourself be drawn into drama. 

Direct your whole attention toward the inner, 
until you can manage any imposition of this time 
consciously, sovereignly and lovingly. 

On the path to your perfection it is necessary to 
dissolve the old programs and in daily situations 
you have plenty of opportunity to do so.
Empty, evacuate your soul, and purify your essence 
so that God’s Light may take possession of you. 
And as soon as this happens any fear disappears 
and your trust in your power of creation, the trust 
in life itself and in God will become a deep anchor, 
which cannot be removed by anything and cannot 
be destroyed by anyone. 

Continue to devote yourself with all your strength 
to your spiritual perfection, because only thereby 
will the world be fulfilled. 

The outer appearances reflect the inner condition of 
mankind and each individual is jointly responsible,
is Co-creator as a creator of his own world.
While the great circle of Life is completed all 
unresolved and light-starved conditions of being 
appear. It is an intensive process of becoming 
aware, which thereby human Beings initiate, 
because it is necessary to capture these 
processes, wanting to see them – without 
denying – and thereby attain more and 
more trust in God. 

Trust in God is the key in these days, 
which opens all doors to knowledge. 

Beloved Ones,
We go to meet a new epoch.

Atlantis rises 
The first Atlantis rises out of your inside.
The time when universal knowledge becomes 
accessible to all human Beings has come. 
It is the end of esotericism and the beginning 
of exotericism.
It is the point when initiations, knowledge, 
consciousness and the ability for unconditional 
Christ love will be awakened in all human Beings, 
in all those, who have been prepared for it.
This is the actual harvest of end-time, the actual 
gift of these days, because the karmic entanglements 
from the dark time of Atlantis increasingly dissolve
– a new degree of maturity of mankind has been 
This fact still does not pertain to all human Beings,
yet it stands ready for all human Beings as a 
universal opportunity for healing. 

The light-filled inheritance from Atlantis has 
been revived and the dark battles since that time, 
which molded all epochs of this mankind, end. 

The last battles on the playing field of time are 
carried out and the polar change fulfills this great 
circle of Life.

Beloved Mankind,
You have all reason to be joyful!
Heaven stands by you in this last 
phase of the upheaval. 
You are never alone.

Reason for Joy 
Enjoy your life and enjoy that you can give and 
receive Love. Look at your family; look at your 
circle of friends, your relationships. Recognize 
that in this being together the wellbeing of the 
earth is reflected. Be able to love, be able to be 
kind, and be able to receive love and kindness.
Create a circle of friends of “equally vibrating ones” 
and draw strength, knowledge and joy from any of 
these relationships. Strengthen yourself due to these 
new families, which are not inferior in anything to the 
Light families from the invisible All-That-Is. 

In this context examine your actual relationships! 
Do not change anyone, change yourself and distance 
yourself if someone does not change his inadequate 
behavior by himself. Never forget: Each human Being 
is free to decide and he is it also then, when others, 
without him realizing it, determine over him from the 
outside. Meaning: Someone can only attain power over
 your thoughts, words, sensations and acts, if on any 
level of your entity you have allowed it! 

Keep yourself away from dark energy fields!
Look out for strength in places and with human Beings,
who do justice to your vibrations, who vibrate with you 
and who do not pull you into their lower vibrating dramas.
Examine your closest environment regarding this situation; 
it is a very rewarding task.

Thereby we get to the end of this 
message and I summarize:
1.) The dark game on earth is over, 
the project of polarity is finished.
2.) Each human Being, who remains 
bound to God, is protected.
3.) This mankind has taken up the 
light-filled inheritance from Atlantis.

I am God’s herald!
I have been and I am the Light for mankind 
during all times of darkness on earth.
Today more and more human Beings recognize
themselves in this Light and souls recognize 
their immortality due to the life in God’s infinity.
A cycle ends, and a new one begins. 
Yet the project earth is unique in God’s 
Creation and remains so in Eternity.

I love you infinitely,

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