29. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

I am Master El Morya

Human Beings wake up! Human Beings rise up!
Human Beings come to the source of all sources,
Enter into the Glory of All-That-Is, God.

I am Life, the Light of Clarity,
And I am the Chohan of the blue flame of purification.
Transformation, knowledge and grace are your gift, 
after you have walked through the valleys and you 
have reached the summit of the ascension portal.

Nobody can overcome us!

The Ascended Masters are present in this world!
Many of us have taken on a physical body; some
of us work in the subtle realms. 

In these days the accompaniment of mankind 
is complete, nobody can overcome us, no 
matter what efforts may be undertaken. 

Victory is ours, the world is entrusted in our care, 
mankind is entrusted in God’s Love – the dark yields, 
evil fades, and darkness steps back, for eternity.
Strengthen yourself in God’s Light, strengthen yourself 
due to the constant flow of Grace, because Love is 
available with a so far unreached extent and it only 
takes your willingness to open the heart, and your 
unconditional devotion to God, in order to affect all 
and to attain what strengthens your soul and what 
lets your spirit merge with the Source of All-That-Is.

Death is the greatest of all illusions. It is time to 
leave “spiritual elementary school” and to start high 
school of knowledge. The trust in All-That-Is rules 
in All-That-Is and all human Beings move there 
beyond any doubt. The only proof of God is the 
immediate encounter with the source of all 
sources, the Creator of all Life, from countenance 
to countenance. 

To describe the indescribable, to capture 
the incomprehensible or to wring an idea 
from infinity, is only possible as God is 
experienced. Even an empty water jug 
can quench thirst, if human Beings get 
enraptured with the sweet nectar of 
God’s Love.  

And this nectar of eternal Life and of the 
divine Light is now being offered to mankind.
The chalice of transformation, the vessel of Love 
nurtures the new human Being and you recognize
that human Beings never lived from bread alone.

Light nurtures you, Love strengthens you, 
and wisdom guides you – until the end of 
all days.

I accompany mankind in these hours of truth, 
in these days of decisions and in these weeks, 
which seem like eternity. 

Patience is needed, where the attention of a 
human Being is directed toward the outer.
Whoever directs his whole energy toward the 
inner, forgets time, forgets space and awakens 
even before the last full hour. 

Remain vigilant, go on, and act 
decisively and with Love.
I am with you and I remain with you. 

Whoever no longer finds benefit in mortality, 
is the one I expect at the threshold to eternal Life. 

I am
Chohan of the blue Ray of truthfulness and Love

Making Decisions, Anchoring Decisions, 
Strengthening the Soul – ARCHANGEL GABRIEL:

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