21. April 2015


Conversation with Asana Mahatari

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: Human Beings “disturb” a Light Reading. The visitors 
are noisy and laugh. Thereby I recognize that there is no evil 
intention but ignorance instead. I cannot entice human Beings 
to be silent and I throw them all out. Several hours later I begin 
again with the Light Reading. The same dream picture encounters 
me a second time; therefore it must be of significance. 
(End of dream)

ASANA MAHATARI: This dream picture describes the work of the
Lichtweltverlag. It is the work, which Karl and you perform at
the front line. The Light Reading is representative for it. Just 
as the Light Reading visitors in the dream know as little of 
how to behave, some human Beings, who were close to you 
and in sequence you had to separate from, knew as little. 
Based on your loving yet engaging communication, they do
 not see how consistent and unswayable you are. Your 
friendliness, your empathy, your code to never interfere 
in personal affairs, is interpreted as a weakness and some 
human Beings even interpret this as dumbness or immaturity.

To most human Beings it is unknown that in every moment 
you put your decisions on the scale of your assignments, 
and thereby they have nearly no access to it. Each Light 
Reading requires from the participants a certain behavior, 
requires a certain attention, trust and dedication to the 
process of healing. These attributes are also of great 
significance in the cooperation with you and the closer 
a human Being is to you, the more he must have already 
realized this quality.

Many human Beings in your closer environment did not 
recognize this necessity with the known consequences;
they began to uplift themselves above you, adopted certain 
arrogance and thereby ignored all signals from you, which 
pointed to changing this behavior. In summary this means: 
This dream picture illuminates your mode of operandi and 
the reactions of some human Beings.

JJK: And why these aggressions, after we had to separate, 
which the interrupted Light Reading portrays in the dream?

ASANA MAHATARI: After human Beings were totally surprised 
by your consistency, they showed their true face. The by all 
means maintained self-control falls off; any control must be 
given up, because your clear method entirely surprised them. 
They are proverbially caught on the “wrong foot”. Thereby 
they reach to methods, which they hide under “normal” 

Whoever is polluted inside and cultivates a great ego, 
always searches for the mote in the other’s eye 
without perceiving the beam in front of his. 

Thereby you were very often confronted with it, which on 
the other hand helped you thereby to completely separate 
from all these forces – like in the dream, to throw them out.
If you were to “pound on the table” more often, as it is a 
familiar formula among human Beings of this cultural circle, 
human Beings would behave differently, yet it would be more 
difficult to recognize their true intentions, as they seek 
closeness and cooperation with you.

JJK: From my viewpoint we clearly have the function for
human Beings to hold up the mirror for them, whereby 
they can see themselves. Actually a very thankless 

ASANA MAHATARI: „Thankless“ on this dense and mostly 
unconscious level. On the level of the soul infinite streams 
of gratitude flow to you, also from those, who you would
have rarely guess from. Foremost those human Beings, 
who have not entirely fallen for the darkness, accept your 
help with great gratitude on the level of the soul.
In this case your reward is not lacking and it is not
of this world.

JJK: Meaning that these human Beings, wherefrom we 
must separate again, are consciously guided to us, in order 
to receive certain insights? Like in the dream of the Light 
Reading in order to be thrown out in sequence?

ASANA MAHATARI: Indeed, this is the assignment, 
which works in you. Human Beings get close to you, 
yet cannot permanently keep up with your vibration, 
and yet are touched by it. This is the meaning of these 
contacts, because the first touch reaches very far into 
all future developments of these souls.

With these explanations regarding this, 
I ensure you of my omnipresence and I 
ensure humanity of my presence in this world. 

This world and with it all of humanity are subjected to 
a unique transformation and all Life is in a complete 
rebuilding – above becomes below and below becomes 
above. This is the truth. 

Remain true servants of your assignments.
Remain clear, loving and consistent.
Your power of distinction guides you. 

In these days each situation reveals it’s actual value 
and in these days every human Being unveils his true 

Even if, based on the continuing upheavals in this world, 
it seems differently: Mankind is cared for and the world is 
blessed. Remain loyally devoted to yourself and your 
assignments, and you will inherit to kingdom in Heaven.
This message is directed to all those, who stand in the 
fire of this time and in the fulfillment of their heavenly 
assignments, are equally confronted with the light-filled 
as well as dark side of this world.

This dream image describes a scene, which is familiar 
to many light warriors of the first and last hours, because:  

The closeness to the Light is searched for by many 
human Beings, the confrontation with oneself, 
which the Light brings forth, is shunned by 
most human Beings –  in the dream and beyond that.



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