12. April 2015

Paul Craig Roberts – As Greece Pivots, Putin Unleashing Ultimate Move To Crush The EU And NATO

With people around the world worried about the escalating 
crisis in Greece and conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine,
today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, 
warned King World News that as Greece pivots, Putin is 
unleashing the ultimate move to crush the EU and NATO.

Eric King:  “Dr. Roberts, I find the foresight you have is 
fascinating.  You were the only person in the world who 
talked (on KWN in January) about Greece and the new 
Greek government getting close to (Putin and) the Russians.  
And here we are in the month of April and we’ve got the 
Greek government officials meeting with Vladimir Putin. 
How did you know that it would end up in this place?  
What possibly made you dream up this scenario that’s 
(now) unfolding?”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts“The former (Greek) governments 
were all interested in being accepted in the West, (being) 
paid off, taken care of, having comfortable bank balances
in Switzerland or wherever, and so they went along with 
this notion that we will drive the Greek people into starvation 
in order to pay the people who have speculated on Greek debt 
(the banksters)….
“This current (Greek) government isn’t willing to do that, 
or at least so far has not been willing to do that.  
And they understand that the debt cannot be repaid.  
The Greeks can’t pay the bailout and so the president 
of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who has been accepting indignity 
after indignity from the EU and Washington, lie after lie, 
sanction after sanction, he saw an opportunity. He said, 
‘Look, come do business with us Greece.'
So the possibility is there now that the Greeks will 
simply default on the entire debt. If I was the Greek 
government that is exactly what I would do.  
I would tell the West:
"You’re trying to drive us into the ground — to force 
starvation on the Greek people.  You go to hell, we’re 
not paying you one nickel.  In fact, we’re not having 
anything else to do with you.  We’re out of NATO, 
we’re out of the EU, we’ve got our own currency back, 
and if we need any financing, our Russian friends are 
going to finance us."

That Would Set Off A Chain 
Reaction In The West.

Now this would begin the breakup of NATO, which is 
necessary if there is to be peace in the world. There 
can be no peace as long as NATO exists because NATO 
is a mercenary force for Washington’s aggressions.  
And without NATO, Washington doesn’t have any cover.

Well, if they lose the cover of Europe, Washington is 
standing there alone in its aggression. So the minute 
NATO were to breakup, the threat of war with Russia 
and China would be over because Washington alone 
wouldn’t be able to pursue this type of enterprise.

Greek And Russian Alliance Spells 
The End Of NATO

So Greece and Russia (together) is the beginning of 
the possibility of the breakup of NATO because if the 
Greeks were to default on the debt, that would leave 
Greece debt free.  It would have zero debt to GDP, 
and if they needed financing for some reason, the 
Russians could finance them.

Italy And Spain Would 
Be Next After Greece

Now, if this happens with Greece, it’s bound to happen
with Italy and Spain because Italy and Spain are in the 
same situation — they’ve got more debt than they can 
service.  And the United States has been very active 
to make sure that the governments of Italy and Spain 
are governments that Washington controls — who will 
ruin their own people and their own country in order 
to pay off Washington and the New York hedge funds, 
Germany, Netherlands, and the European big banks 

Spain And Italy May Also Look To 
The Russians, Chinese Or The BRICs 

But if Greece were to leave, then that shows the politicians 
in Spain and Italy that they can do the same thing — they 
could default and have a debt free balance sheet.  And if 
they needed to have any kind of financing, they can turn 
to Russia, or Russia and China, or the BRIC bank (AIIB), 
which is now funded with $100 billion.

Greedy Banksters May Cause 
The Fall Of The Empire

So what we see possibly happening here is that 
the greed of the West and the Western financial 
interests (banksters), the hedge funds, the EU, 
Washington, this greed to loot countries, even 
their own members like Greece, could end up 
breaking up the empire.

I think we need to be very hopeful that this does 
occur because the United States has kept the world 
at war and there have been millions of people killed, 
displaced, maimed, and wounded.  And now that they 
(the U.S.) are running out of easy enemies, they are 
seizing on Russia.  Well, Russia is not an easy enemy 
and the Russians keep telling Washington: 
"We’re not Gaddafi.  We’re not Saddam Hussein.  
If you mess with us, it’s the end of the world.  
What are you doing?  Don’t you have any sense?  
Do you really want war with nuclear powers?  
Why can’t you be intelligent and why don’t we 
work out these things diplomatically? 

But Washington doesn’t hear.  
Washington just goes on about its business.  
These people are committed to a war with Russia, 
but that’s not a war that anybody can win.
So I think that the Greeks are fortunate to have 
gotten a new government.  I think the Greeks 
were silly not to have given the new government 
a massive majority.
I think if they had given the new government a 
massive majority then the Europeans would have 
made an adjustment in their demands.

But since the Europeans are still determined to loot 
Greece for their own gain, the Greeks may turn away 
from Europe.  And if they do, it will be the beginning
of the unraveling of the EU, the euro, and, thank 
goodness, of NATO.”

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