5. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
transltaed by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb 

Again I get up and standing on the mount I fill my 
voice with Love. Elevated, so that you may see my 
Light and you may find yourself in my words, 
because truly, I say to you:

Blessed you are who turns to his Being, 
because thereby you may obtain holiness 
as you return healed to the Love of God.
Blessed you are who has recognized love as 
the highest principle, because thereby you 
enter into the hands of God.
Blessed you are who lives in appropriateness
through love and give a living example, 
because you will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Blessed you are who goes in joy to your fellow 
human Beings, in order to remind them of their joy, 
because you will obtain the lightness of a walking Angel.
Blessed you are who portrays peace as an obvious sign 
of your Being, because you will be a peacemaker.
Blessed you are who fosters oneness, everywhere 
where it is dishonored and disregarded, because 
you will be in oneness with God, eternally.

Blessed you are who seeks the truth and nothing 
else, because it will find you and illumine you, 
until you are fulfilled with it.
Blessed you are who lives in innocence, 
because yours is the Kingdom of God.
Blessed you are who knows neither fear 
nor worry, because you will never step 
off the path or stray.
Blessed you are who has knowledge about 
the things in life, because your knowledge 
will illumine the path for you.

Blessed are you who entrusts, 
because your heart will fill with 
the strength from All-That-Is.
Blessed you are who does not despair, 
even though the storms break in over you, 
because your belief will liberate you.
Blessed you are who carries the name of 
God always in you, because it will fulfill 
that you will recognize your name; 
and you will equal HIM.

Blessed you are who molds life without
intentions, because your reward is great, 
in Heaven as on earth.
Blessed you are who nurtures confidence 
in the hearts of your brothers and sisters, 
because their healing will bring peace to earth.
Blessed you are who answers in love where 
there is hate, because thereby the new earth 
will acquire form.
Blessed you are who fulfills his words with 
your eternal spirit, because thereby you are 
a herald of God’s word.

Blessed you are who set your actions from 
the awareness of your Being, because thereby 
you leave the wheel of cause and effect.
Blessed you are who removes from his thoughts
every destructiveness and fear, because you will 
become a pure instrument of God.
Blessed you are who read these lines, 
who have a stake in this knowledge, 
because you are the heralds of Light,
who raise the earth now.

Blessed you are who draw the required 
conclusions from these messages from 
the Light, because you inherit the Kingdom 
of Heaven.
And blessed you are who neither stagger nor 
fall, because you will ascend and become 
gods, who you are from the beginning.

So be it. Be praised in eternity.

Today it fulfills what I came for, and for the last 
time I leave the mount that I spoke of. Because 
truly, I am the son of man and from now on always 
among you, until the days fulfill and humanity gets 
perfectly well. Again I am at your side, among you 
and with you. 
I, the ONE son from All-That-Is and God’s image.

Today your longing finds fulfillment, 
because I am among you, as an omnipresent 
son of man and Son of God, as the Light and 
the Love of God, which you are also.

I have come back and will return not until 
God’s Light has finally prevailed on earth!

I am the one who you know well.
I am the one who is familiar to you.
I am the one who you love, who is Love.
I am the one who is nothing but Love.
Unconditionally and omnipresent among 
human Beings.

I am, Jesus Christ, 
the awareness of Sananda.
The ONE who you know!

Truly, so be it. Eternally.

Excerpt from the new eBook: The Biography of Jesus, Part II

The Biography of Jesus, Part I
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The Biography of Jesus, Part II 
(new digital publication) by JAHN J KASSL: 

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