7. April 2015


Nothing can happen to you! 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream 1: I sit totally relaxed in a living room together 
with US-President Obama and we talk about this and that. 
Thereby I think to myself, this is actually quite a nice fellow,
and I can hardly believe, what kind of a criminal he is for real.  
Dream 2: (three weeks later): I see the actual US Secretary 
of State under Obama, John Kerry, at a soccer game. A team
of politicians plays a fun game against another unspecified 
team. The stadium is empty, also security forces are not to 
be seen, there is an absolutely intimate atmosphere; people 
are among themselves. Kerry is in the process of making a 
corner kick, and I stand very close to him. I am obviously the 
only spectator of this game and I am not perceived by anyone, 
also not by Kerry, even though I am in physical contact with him. 
This scene, whereby I almost touch Kerry’s jersey, hear 
his breath and feel it on my skin, lasts for a very long time, 
because Kerry still waits for the signal from the referee for 
being able to do the corner kick. Thereby he dwells on his 
thoughts and fixes his gaze at a certain point in the sky.
I perceive blue and green spots in his face. I ask myself, 
if he is really a human Being or if he is a reptile with dark 
orientation. And thereby Kerry appears to me now, just as 
Obama in the previous dream, extremely harmless for what 
devastation he causes in the world – the inconspicuous 
neighbor from next door. (End of dreams) 

Remark: Initially I hardly paid any attention to the first dream.
Based on the second dream three weeks later, I was reminded 
of the first dream and the matching dream pictures suddenly 
seemed very important to me. (End of remark)

Beloved Ones,

Indeed, the significance of these dream pictures is in the fact 
that both leaders of an empire, which is dissolving in these days, 
have the characteristic, to feel very friendly, even harmless, in 
their public and also in their inter-human appearances.

Two „nice Men“ 

One likes to take the good from them and one hardly trusts 
them the bad, the evil. Only a deeper investigation brings 
clarity about which forces are working here and in the second 
dream picture this is illustrated due to the green and blue 
spots in the face.
These human Beings are mostly programmed and they can 
cleverly adjust to any situation, as they are not surprised. 
They are capable to control their emotions and to hide their 
true intentions from those, who cannot read the vibration 
of these entities. It is of significance:  

The men and women at the visible top of “the system” 
do not decide for themselves, they follow the orders from 
their superiors and they carry the necessary implants, 
whereby they can be controlled and remain controllable. 

These are implants, which were later inserted or those, 
which existed since birth, because the entities belong 
to a certain race.
Therefore this humanity is ruled by remotely controlled political 
henchmen, who are capable of any crime as well as of some 
genuinely appearing friendliness – according to the environment, 
according to requirement and situation, according to need, aim 
and goal.

Slaves of the „System“ 

These dream pictures are in as far significant that all political 
leaders in this world are exactly equal to the leaders of the 
USA, which were portrayed in the dreams. These belong to 
the dark side of power and behave accordingly adjusted 
and subservient. 

The political lunacy of this time is therefore possible, 
because in these human Beings empathy, kindness and 
love, has been extinguished and has been replaced with 
the cold reality of an implant. 

At this point it is insignificant whoever obviously (like Obama 
and Kerry, rem. JJK) carries out the ruler ship, because they 
are all slaves of “the system”.
It is a role, which only a few would like to exit from, 
because in most cases this is connected with the loss 
of this physicality.

Exit from the „System“ 

In order to void the contract with the dark ones and thereby 
remain sound in spirit and body is only possible as a human
1.) due to the development of the soul can muster the 
strength for it and may ask for protection from Heaven and
2.) due to the contracts with the Light, which led a high soul 
come down into darkness, in order to be effective at a certain 
point in time. This group also savors the highest heavenly
protection and these human Beings truly move between 
worlds and they are not harmed.

The leaders in this sequence of space-time, and this still 
applies to the majority, can ever more clearly be recognized 
for what they are. What they pretend loses in significance.
The schooling in the power of distinction of human Beings 
carries fruits and an exact look is sufficient, in order to 
see what is and who is what.

Politicians of the second or third rank very rarely look through 
these deceptions. These human Beings are not in a position for 
it, because they themselves profit from the “system”. Thereby 
the “continuity of the system” follows from it and those, who 
want to move up to the highest rank, do not want to lose the 
acquired amenities and in order to be able to profit still more 
from the system – step by step – give themselves to still
greater crimes. This is a closed cycle, which in this time is
 broken open, because implants are being deactivated, high 
light warriors, who work in the dark make themselves recognized 
as Light and because in total more and more human Beings are
looking through “the system”. 

“Controlled humanity” regains freedom, because human 
Beings awaken and because higher powers take influence
in this process! These are powers, against which the dark 
Orion-elites have nothing to set against. 

At no time was it like that. Due to the uplifting absolutely 
unique conditions exist on this earth today. Now the “battle 
of the powers” is being decided and this struggle has already 
been decided, far from the concept of time, in favor of the 
united Light powers of All-That-Is.

Puppets lose their Foothold 

The remotely controlled puppets at the levers of power, 
human Beings, who follow alien voices and who have lost 
any self-determination and self-responsibility, lose the foothold 
in this world, because they can no longer withstand the Light, 
which is now effective on the cosmic, planetary and individual 
level. Therefore a conscious exit from the contracts with the 
dark ones is today easier than ever before, because the Light 
also means protection. And it remains to be awaited, how 
many human Beings utilize the grace of the hour.
The “final settlement of this time quality” is still outstanding, 
the price, which is being extracted from an entity for entrusting 
one’s willpower to the dark power of death; this is defined due 
to the assignments and the characteristic of the soul.
It is now necessary to use the grace of the hour, 
because I say to you: 

The Light has the ability to do anything, the powers of 
Heaven are invincible, Life is eternal and no one needs 
to meet death, those, who now choose Life, no matter 
what they were preoccupied with until today. 

So much regarding this. Therefore never let yourself be deceived. 
What a human Being says is insignificant, what he does namely 
deserves attention, yet alone the underlying intention of a deed 
is decisive. Look without bias, and observe correctly.
Human Being is not equal to human Being.

Upside down World is adjusted 

The great distinction has begun, now, when all call for peace 
and unity, because those, who so far had determined the 
misfortune in this world, do not recognize that their masks 
are no longer useful and that their sham disappears.
The world together with mankind, the planet with all life, 
withdraws from their influence in God’s Light.
Two dreams, one meaning:  

The dark gives itself a harmless coating 
and yet is still being recognized as dark.  

Distinguish, recognize and act!
Remain anchored in Love, remain centered in 
God and let the Light flow to all human Beings. 

The Love is the roof, under which the ones seeking 
protection find refuge; the Light is the shield behind 
which the haunted ones remain unharmed. 

Nothing can happen to you, as you are the Light 
and as you carry out a life in God’s Love.
Nothing can happen to you, as you meet all 
earthly challenges with the tools from Heaven. 

An upside down earth is adjusted for the ascension 
and being prepared for the arrival in God’s Glory. 

Nothing can happen to you.
You are infinitely cared for by God.

I am

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