11. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Trust your intuition of the first moment!


Beloved Ones!

Vibration is always perceived on the inside of a human Being. 
Inside of a human Being are all receptors, which very clearly 
recognize a situation or can instantaneously look through 
human Beings in their actual intentions.

Intuition of the first Moment 

Thereby the first moment of an encounter or during 
the perception of a situation is decisive, because in 
this first unfeigned instance the human spirit can 
perceive without influence and the human soul can 
make the necessary distinctions. As soon as a situation 
has been explained, described or been weighed, the 
influence begins and the initially clear view begins to 
become turbid.
Meaning, always trust your “intuition of the first moment” 
and become aware of what you felt or what you have 
perceived in the first moment. Thereby you will never be 
led astray or you can only be deceived with great trouble. 

As soon as you remind yourself of the first inner
impulse and you orient yourself accordingly, false 
decisions decrease and “right” decisions increase. 

Let the new inner navigator, your eternal and knowing
soul guide you, and remain in constant binding to your
all-knowing consciousness, with the divine self, which 
provides you with the necessary insights in every 

Two things are of significance for a fortunate life:
1.) The constant binding to your divine self.
2.) The deep trust in your intuition and in the 
decisions, which are derived from it. 

Good fortune and a peaceful life are attained, 
whereby you recognize the hindrances along the 
path of Light and overcome them, and not whereby 
you wish a life without hindrances for yourself.

Recognizing challenges and mastering them 
fosters inner satisfaction and fosters good fortune. 
A life without challenges on the other hand makes a 
human Being lazy, makes the human mind sluggish 
and a human life insignificant. 

And you encounter challenges, as you remain awake 
and conscious, in every moment of your life.
In this writing everything is conveyed to you that all 
knowledge is available within yourself, and that you 
can appropriately meet any situation out of yourself. 
All decisions are born out of yourself and on the basis 
of your intact intuition. Your heart knows, and your soul 
receives the inner images; whoever communicates with 
self remains oriented, even in a world, which stands on 
its head.

Trust your inner knowledge, this is where the good 
fortune lies. If you are still unable to do so, attain this 
ability, whereby you change every situation of your life 
into an exercise for the power of distinction and thereby 
you get step by step closer to reliable decisions.

Everything rests in a human soul, all is a question of 
consciousness and everyone can attain this, as he is 
ready to courageously trust himself, even if this self-
confidence is obtained due to much exercise, vigilance 
and discipline.

There is nothing that needs to fall into the lap of a 
human Being, because everything is already available 
in the womb of a human Being – it only needs to be 
born and brought forth. Then life becomes easy, 
because life is a joy and the blessing of each insight 
becomes the steady companion of such a human Being.

Trust your intuition of the first moment.
Become aware of your first inner impulses; 
follow this trace and you will attain knowledge 
and find peace. I inspire you to self-conscious action 
and to a lifestyle full of self-confidence.
If you fail, try again, if you err, do not get discouraged, 
if you are insecure, remain steadfast until you have 
attained certitude and have won clarity.

Meet these challenges of your life with great humility, 
because they bring you to the goal and back to the 
Source of All-That-Is.

I am with you! 

Let yourself be guided by your inner impulses 
and let yourself be led by your all-knowing soul.
Walk along the path of Love and climb the steps
toward the Light – until God receives you. 

I am

Master Dialogues, Part I (digital) – JAHN J KASSL: 

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