8. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Become aware that God lives in you,
That God acts in your heart, that God sluices 
out of you like an inexhaustible source of wisdom, 
happiness and Love.
Become aware that everything is in you; 
the outer world of appearances is pure illusion.


In God’s unity the change in this world is fulfilled.
Mankind reorients itself toward God. 
Heaven’s Light is omnipresent.
Yet many human Beings do not perceive this, 
neither do they feel nor experience the closeness 
of these divine rays. Their Being remains untouched, 
because they do not allow this touch. What are the 
preconditions in order to be carried by the Light and 
be fulfilled by the spiritual Light from the Central Sun? 
Whereby does this actuality in the life of a human Being 
become reality? When does a soul become flooded by 
Heaven’s Light and be penetrated by God’s Love?

Light of the Central Sun 

1.) The spiritual Light of the CENTRAL SUN reaches you 
as soon as you are aware that you are surrounded by 
heavenly manifestations.
Whoever denies Heaven, whoever forces his consciousness 
into the narrow limits of this matrix, remains untouched by 
the divine Light, because the entity of this human Being 
eliminates this possibility.
2.) The spiritual Light of the CENTRAL SUN reaches you if 
you go to work with pure intentions, if you work far away 
from the path of darkness and if your inner orientation is 
noble and not rotten, because the ego dominates.
3.) The spiritual Light of the CENTRAL SUN reaches you 
as you ask it into your presence, as you magnetically 
attract it, because the universe is magnetism, vibration 
and power, whereby entities and creations attract or 
repel each other.

It is significant that you understand yourself as all-knowing 
omnipresent consciousness, it is significant that you overcome 
the limited earthly perception and that you expand way beyond
the horizon of this world due to your consciousness.

Consciousness is the Key 

Many events of this time have the power to bring people 
away from themselves and entirely away from the Light path. 
Yet these events and energies, which affect this, have no effect 
to a human Being, who consciously orients himself toward the 
divine Light, because truly: 

However the dark forces manipulate the spirit of human 
Beings, they are powerless as soon as a human Being 
has reached the constant binding to the divine Light. 

God is the solution! God and the divine Light are always the 
solution! Today and here the direct binding of a human Being 
to God is attested to, because truly: 

Between God and a human Being there is an inextinguishable 
connection, the silver cord of Life. The mature soul knows 
about it, the still unconscious soul denies it and yet thereby 
remains connected with the Source until the departure from 
the world. 

The awakened consciousness makes the difference 
and is the key to the gates of Heaven. The consciousness 
creates miracles, creates circumstances, which remain alien 
to an unconscious human Being. Because anyone who is aware 
of these laws, constantly communicates with the higher Self 
and thereby is instructed in further steps in awareness.
While the unconscious ones, without really being alive, 
are being kept alive due to the silver cord, the awakened 
ones already enjoy their immortality in this world. 

Growth is always possible due to consciousness 
and is always blocked due to a lack of consciousness. 

Therefore today it is of extraordinary significance: 
Remain constantly, completely and fully consciously 
bound to the Source of sources.

Whereby can this be attained?
A.) Due to the repetition of God’s name.
B.) Due to a genuine life, defined by pure intentions.
C.) Due to the daily cooperation with the Higher Self, 
the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and High Light 
entities of All-That-Is.

Significance of Intrinsic Vibration 

Godlessness is the greatest error of a Being, a stop block, 
which keeps a human Being on the ground of the 3D world, 
while the binding to God brings protection, means blessings 
and truly gives wings to human Beings. Internalize this truth:  

Every manipulation of the dark forces remains ineffective 
with a fully conscious human Being! Such a human Being is 
protected due to his Light, which streams forth from him 
and which emanates from him. 
From now on encounter all dark vibration fields without 
fear and in the awareness that you may overcome this 
one due to your intrinsic vibration – then everything is 

Apply supporting resources, tools and symbols from the Light, 
so that you may recognize remote occupation and remove it 
even then, when you lose the divine base vibration for a short 

The freedom in this world must be newly regained 
on a daily basis, and does not fall into the lap of anyone. 

Always stick to God and everything is given to you:
protection, strength, shelter, wisdom, kindness and the 
power of distinction. Love prevails; Light attains the triumph 
over the realm of shadows. In view of the presently discharging 
events, it is even more significant to obviously point to it, so 
that you never lose courage and that you navigate securely 
through time and space due the binding to God until the 
last of all days.

I am the Angel of annunciation, God’s strength, 
which strengthens human Beings, until they return 
into the Light, where they once came forth from.
The time to the fulfillment of your life and 
to the return into the Light is short!

I am

Christ Consciousness 9, Pendant Gold / Silver:

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