19. April 2015

Very strong political statement by Alexander Zakharchenko

Very strong political statement made on 15th, April 2015 
by Alexander Zakharchenko, head of Donetsk Poeple's Republic: 

One year after unleashing this blood-spilling war in 
Donbass, the politicians in Kiev still do not understand, 
that this war will end in the entire collapse of their ideology.

“The Kiev clique that seized power 
in Ukraine, has still not grasped the 
fact, that the final result of the war 
which they have unleashed, will be 
the complete liberation of this 
country from the Banderite ideology. 

The country will be liberated from the fascist 
disease by the Ukrainian people themselves, 
which at present is the hostage of crazed 

“The Ukrainian government and army consider 
themselves to be ‘liberators’. We, on the other 
hand, citizens of the Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples 
Republics, consider them to be murderers, who have 
thrown their punitive battalions into the peaceful 
cities and towns of Donbass.

“They wanted to force us to submit to their will, 
to forget our own traditions, culture, and language. 
They wanted to teach us, that we have no rights, 
and that our lot is to be silent, and to be obedient 
slaves on our own native soil.

“However, the Kiev ‘political minds’ miscalculated. 
Having started a war against their own people, 
they have snared themselves in their own trap, 
risking Ukraine’s very existence as a sovereign 
Those who inspired the so-called ‘Anti-Terrorist 
Operation,’ as well as their foreign benefactors, 
did not foresee, that Donbass is an undefeatable 

Source: http://thesaker.is/ukraine-sitrep-april-16th-by-scott/ 

License to Kill – Dmitry Orlov:  
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