9. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

I enunciate peace to the world.
I enunciate freedom to mankind.
I enunciate healing for every entity. 

The last days of mankind have begun and 
the prophesies for this time are being fulfilled.
The liberation and the return of mankind into the
Light occur in these days. The uplifting of the 
whole world becomes visible; eyes see what 
was hidden so far.

The all-changing transformation comes suddenly.
The all-changing events reach the ones in the 
sleep and the others in the field.
The end of the old world and the beginning of 
the new world manifest themselves.

Mountains swap their places, oceans evaporate, 
and deserts are flooded with water.

A second moon shines brightly in the sky and 
from now on accompanies the orbit of this earth
in the new galaxy and in its new place in the 
A new humanity is being born and takes on the 
guardianship of the new world.
Millions upon millions of new life forms 
receive their home on this new earth.

The last days of this world are spread out in front 
of mankind; the Light visibly reveals itself to you.
And thereby the earth will change until it is new 
and no longer can be recognized.

The transformation is absolute and complete, and
mankind rises up to the absolute perfect one – God.

In these days each human Being meets the truth, in these 
days Heaven lowers itself to the earth and the value of life 
is being revealed to human Beings; the still unredeemed 
shadows appear and are turned over to the fire of 
transformation – for the last time, until nothing remains, 
which the Angels, who you are, has hindered to rise up
– to the flight into the Light. 

Two ways reveal themselves to human Beings:
to solidify into a pillar or to enter into Heaven 
as a living part of mankind. 

The way of choice is now being broken, 
toward darkness or toward the Light.

There is no time left for anybody to look around.
While the fire of Heaven eradicates sin and purifies 
the sinner, the refined ones are further refined, until 
they stand in their full creative power and see God 
and from now on see themselves as a part of God. 
This is the end of the search, because human Beings 
find into themselves.

The great purification occurs and nobody can withdraw 
from it! Whoever seeks refuge on earth, will still die 
many deaths and will resurrect at some day in the far
future, but whoever enters under God’s roof today, 
is under the protection of the Lord and today attains
eternal Life.

I enunciate to you the joyous message:  
„Eternal damnation“ exists only in some books of 
black magicians but not in God’s light-filled Creation, 
because the Light will illuminate even the deepest 
darkness; And the virulent abyss reaches for the 
Light, as evil becomes sick and tired of its own 

I enunciate to you the joyous message:
Every entity, which stands in the Light, will remain in 
the Light, until all dark clouds of these days volatilize 
and until the new day of the Light dawns.
I enunciate to you the joyous message of the ascension 
of a new earth and of the rebirth of a new human Being.
I enunciate to you the joyous message that the last day 
of mankind is near and that the eternal Life of this world 
in God will surpass all expectations and will blast all 
I enunciate to you that God is with you, 
today and at all time. 

The day is near when the truth is revealed 
to you and when the almighty gates into 
Grace’s kingdom of abundance open. 

I am

Elija Prophecies 49-65 (digital) – JAHN J KASSL: 

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