26. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

All is being changed, nothing remains; 
the new reality appears and changes all Life. 

In this time recognize the deceptions, 
distinguish true from untrue and put 
yourself under God’s protection. 

Trust your inner knowledge and trust the promises 
from Heaven, because what today still seems unbelievable 
is near. The new world develops in front of your eyes and 
the old world dissolves. Stride resolutely across the steps 
on the spiritual path, until you have climbed the highest 

Give up everything, and give everything to God.
God’s Grace is the strength of all Life.
Due to this strength human Beings attain the 
highest step in All-That-Is and the deepest
fulfillment of their life.

You are asked to heal yourself and to recognize yourself.
Do this always in the awareness that God’s Grace is 
omnipresent and may be effective in your life at any time.

Be aware:
God is all and God affects all.
God is and without God there is nothing.
In Eternity.

From the

God’ s Grace Everywhere – ASANA MAHATARI:

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