23. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The return of the Light determines these days 
of mankind and it determines Life in this world.

I am GOD

Beloved Children of Heaven,
God’s Descendants,
Loving Gods in human Gestalt!

The return of the spiritual Light, the sacred heavenly 
flames of healing and purification fulfill the change. 
Thereby human Beings fulfill themselves and the world 
is fulfilled. How can you best support this moment, this 
instance of God’s reality, so that Mother Earth can 
experience support?

Back to your Roots! 

Back to your inner truth, back to your still unredeemed 
images of many worlds and several lifetimes. 

More than ever before your clarity counts today, 
which you have created within you!  

No matter if you are active in the visible world or not, 
no matter if you have withdrawn from the visible world 
or not, it is insignificant today.
Significance has only how successfully you have wiped 
out or removed the last inclinations and habits, which 
are still active within you. Today, as at any time, it 
applied, what is and it means: 
Any change comes forth from you yourself. 
If you remain unchanged the world remains 
unchanged, if you are reborn, the world is reborn.
It is necessary for human Beings of this time to direct the 
whole attention toward that. This concerns also mostly 
those light warriors, who act publicly, who have been fitted 
with the light sword a long time ago, and act for the benefit
of all human Beings due to the power, which God, who I am, 
has given them.

Look for the Light and recognize the places in your heart, 
which still require this Light, in order to be healed and in 
order to be free. The return of the Light means God’s return 
to this world, means the return of Love for humanity and 
means the return for the truthfulness to all levels of life, 
to all levels of this world, which you created.
The return of the Light means also, that today great and 
powerful events take place and still have to. Never before 
were such powerful transformation energies set free and 
never before have these processes occurred almost 
simultaneously in a world, which is exposed to space-time.

The „Great Perspective“ 

Observe these events from the great perspective, 
which is inherent in Gods and alien to human Beings.
And the great perspective says: 

Every creative process is based on the will of a 
world and the intention of each individual Life. 

Never disregard these decisions.
Gods choose and human Beings decide 
based on the will, which is given to them 
from God, who I am.
And thereby every human Being is confronted 
with absolutely unique chains of events in one’s 
life. Encounters, which must occur just as they 
occur. Thereby each human Being attains new 
carried on insights, even if not all attain a new 
eternal life.
The return of the Light sets free immense energies 
and in these healing rays from God the world attains
fulfillment and human Beings attain the possibilities 
for it. 

The more massive the events on the outer become, 
the more dramas discharge, the more significant it is 
that each human Being remains in peace, is in silence 
and due to his power of distinction is never led astray 
and thereby diverts from the way of the Light and the 
path of Love.  

The inner strength of an entity affects the greatest 
changes – visibly as well as invisibly, because:
Only those, who listen to the whispers of his inner 
voice in a loud time, maintains course and remains 
New is the world; new are human Beings, the return of 
the spiritual Light, God’s rays from the realms of the 
Creator end the ruler ship of darkness and the darkness 
in this world. 

Rise up you human Beings, redeem yourselves you
worlds, awaken you Gods, the children of the great 
Light are ready. 

I am

Master Dialogues, Part I (digital) – JAHN J KASSL:

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