25. April 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Earth heals, human Beings become complete 
and the whole world finds back to the origin.
Worlds fade away and arise; only the human 
divine consciousness is eternal – mutable and 


To live according to this consciousness brings forth 
the greatest protection and means the greatest power.
In this message, which I expressively give regarding 
the topic of “mind control and its disempowerment”, 
be assured:   
every human Being, who is directly bound to the 
source, who stands in direct connection with the 
Ascended Masters, the Archangels and entities 
from the Light – is protected! Every human Being, 
who encounters the onslaught of “dark” energy 
by means of mandates, affirmations and clearly 
directed intentions toward the Light and Love – 
is protected. 

The fate of destiny of this matrix passes by these 
entities and they do not incur damage of soul, 
mind or body.

Awakened Consciousness is the Protection 

Nobody and nothing can destabilize such a human Being. 
The control over human thoughts, sensations and emotions, 
the influence and determination of belief patterns, which 
ultimately lead to absolute ruler ship over the deeds and 
the state of human entities, is impossible for a conscious 
human Being. 

The protection is: the awakened consciousness! 

You are protected by God and from God, you are protected 
due to the light-filled symbols and the healing energies, 
which were transferred to you from Heaven and foremost 
you are protected due to your, and I repeat this pre-eminent 
truth, awakened consciousness.
Whoever underestimates the power of the dark forces or 
has no knowledge of their means and possibilities, which 
they apply, is an easy target; fears predominate and the 
mechanisms of the Orion system begin to work.
It is entirely different with a human Being, who is fully 
conscious of this and who due to regular awareness work 
puts the cross bar in front of all outside occupations.

What is still effective for the protection 
against mind control, and how?

Mind control, the takeover of a human Being by the dark 
Orion system, can be mostly hindered and avoided with 
the homeopathic remedy aurum metallicum. This constitutes 
a very effective protection against it. Yet thereby it needs to 
be regarded that a human Being, who puts this gift regularly 
into his energy field, can also develop discomfort and illnesses 
on different levels. Medicine can heal or also destroy, according 
to the kind and quantity, which is administered.

Meaning, the Light realms of Heaven advise against 
the regular ingestion of aurum metallicum, especially 
in high potencies, in order to protect from these energy 

This can lead to undesired and also unexpected results on 
different levels of an entity. This means that thereby protection 
against mind control is being built and yet a human Being receives 
damage on a different level of his body.
The spiritual levels of Light recommend, in order 
to entirely withdrawing from mind control, as follows:
1.) Being conscious. Conscious recognition, conscious 
mandates, conscious rejection of all dark energy fields.
2.) Direct binding to the Light forces from Heaven, 
direct binding to the Source of all sources, to God.

QUESTION: And aurum metallicum? Generally no?

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL: A human Being, who is cared for 
by God, who is protected by God and who lives in conscious 
binding to God, has no need for this protection.
Yet a human Being, where this binding is not at all in 
existence or is barely constant, will be liberated from 
mind control due to the regular ingestion of aurum 
metallicum in high potencies, yet has to count on 
extensive other side effects.

Here it is necessary to make a choice –
Whoever choses God has everything, whoever 
cannot open to God must consider means, which 
can trigger a chain reaction.

The Key lies within you 

It is essential to understand, the weakening and manipulating
energy fields reach you as you are unconscious, as you nurture 
unclear and impure intentions, as you hang on to fearful thoughts 
and therefore your actions are characterized by ego addiction. 
The key for the protection of the Almighty lies within you.
Orient yourself to the light-filled energy fields of Creation,
go in resonance with it and you will bring back into your
life exactly what you intended. 

Light attracts Light, Love attracts Love, and a pure 
human soul attracts the pure divine vibration of 

This is the message!

QUESTION: Why is it important that I receive this 
message today and after a vigilant reader has sent 
me a note regarding aurum metallicum, and not before 
the last Light reading on March 27th, 2015, as I 
recommended the regular use of aurum metallicum?

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL: It is so that human Beings are 
again confronted with their fears, and so that they do 
not prematurely assume to be protected. Prematurely 
means that the binding to the Source of some human 
Beings is still very much inconsistent, and these human 
Beings now have the opportunity at this point to readjust. 
If you had announced that every human Being is protected 
due to his consciousness, many human Beings would have 
put this topic aside, and no longer would have been 
preoccupied with mind control, nor with themselves, 
meaning with a lack of consciousness.
During the Light reading on March 27th, 2015, you have 
revealed a part of the truth, and today the next part is
revealed. Please understand: Awareness work means 
as a first step to become aware of one’s fears. And 
the topic of mind control has brought forth much of what 
has been hidden in human Beings, especially as the 
impression was transferred of being nearly unprotected 
exposed to it. This is naturally not the case.

On a certain step of spiritual progress, hopeless 
situations are created again and again, so that 
human Beings are again confronted with their fears. 
It is a process, which leads a human Being from 
impotence to power.

Do not be afraid! 

Once the binding to God is absolute, there are no 
longer any fears. And each human Being, who can 
easily be reached by fears, has the opportunity to 
dissolve them regarding this issue, and thereby attain 
constant binding to the Source. 

God’s protection is always absolute, but for it one 
also has to orient one’s life absolutely toward God! 

This is the key.

A human Being will then step into his master ship.
A human Being will then be his healer, then the 
“knowing one of old days” will emerge from the 
human soul – the Master in human Gestalt, walking 
on earth in order to uplift earth, living among human 
Beings, in order to heal human Beings.

Do not be afraid! Only the godless ones carry 
fear in their hearts and orient their life accordingly. 

Nobody can exercise power over you, 
to whom you do not allow it! 

Becoming conscious of this fact and to orient 
one’s thinking, feeling, sensations, speaking 
and acting accordingly means to live under 
God’s care.

Do not be afraid!

I am
I accompany you on the path to salvation
In infinite Love

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