12. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz 

Indeed the “President” (Russian President Wladimir Putin, 
remark JJK) ensures that in all dimensions of the incessantly 
newly created 3D-worlds the total control of the dark structures 
is lessened and the President also ensures that on the higher 
constantly newly created 4D-levels this massive darkness stays 

After the old 3D-world has been separated from the
higher vibrating 4D-holograms, and this completely, 
new worlds have been created. This is a cosmic process 
that continues incessantly and infinitely, and it is called 
for to inhale a new structure into these worlds. This is a 
structure, wherein the evolution of Beings may happen more 
rapidly, because the submersion into absolute darkness shall 
be avoided. A great many beings participate in this renewed 
process of illusion whereby new karma is created, even though 
they have already experienced darkness and also have partially 
savored in it.

New worlds develop and the “President” hinders, together 
with all light warriors on location, that those human Beings 
who have chosen another round of the “merry-go-round of 
transience” will be spared the greatest misfortune that a being 
may encounter, namely: the sinking of a world and a soul into 
absolute darkness.


This clarification regarding current events has been given
here. Know: You are infinitely loved, for what you are ready 
to take on in order to lighten the load for those, who have 
chosen to remain behind and to avert great suffering and 
infinite pain from them. 

If Gods awaken they become limitless in all.
And thereby love regains its glory,
As an unlimited reality in all worlds
-from you, who has awakened and brings Life and 
Light into the new worlds. In Eternity. 

How much you are loved

Ascension anchored, Descent sealed THE ELOHIM: