5. März 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The Russian Opposition Leader Swetlana Peunova (56) has, 
in a letter to US President Obama (in full length at the end of 
this essay), criticized the role of the West in the overthrow of 
the government in the Ukraine. The Chairman of the All-Russian 
political party, critical of Putin, „Volya“ (The Will) has, in an open 
letter to the head of the US, demanded the immediate end of the
„fight for new territories and resources“ under the guise of democracy.
The Politician writes: „I think U.S. interfere into the internal affairs 
of Ukraine under the guise of democracy..... 
We believe those who demand your interference were
trained in special camps, same as leaders of colored revolutions 
in other countries did...Leaders of the Maidan do not even hide that 
their activities are sponsored by different institutions and 
departments of U.S. and Euro Union....We believe that Klitschko, 
Yatsenyuk, Tyagibok and others have nothing in common with 
Ukrainian people.“ 

And the Institution, Klitschko’s Party UDAR („the blow“), 
was made possible and was given sufficient financial resources, 
by, among others, the German „CDU-Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung“. 
Vitali Klitschko was even trained in the “Konrad-Adenauer-Haus”. 
Meaning that the German Chancellor Merkel has instigated 
the revolution in the Ukraine!

The Strongman Vitali Klitschko is really nothing more 
than a suppository of the German US vicegerent Merkel: 
In November 2011 at the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) 
party convention in Leipzig, he sat in the second row and 
“applauded euphorically for the Chancellor.”, cited the local 
newspaper ND in Leipzig. Since 2011 there is a “strong
cooperation with the still young party UDAR, led by Vitali Klitschko”, 
as mentioned in the 2011 yearly report of the “Konrad-Adenauer-
Stiftung”. The goal of the UDAR is to “integrate the Ukraine into 
the EU as quickly as possible”, said the leader of the foundation 
office in Kiev, Nico Lange. (Gerhard Wisnewski, kopp-online)

For the Ukrainian rebels substantial financial resources 
were and still are being provided by the US State Department 
as well as the government agency USAID (United States 
Agency for International Development). 

The open letter of the Russian Opposition leader  
Peunova to Obama closes with very clear words: 
“By bringing army troops or placing your protégés to the
power in other countries, you obtain control over new 
territories and resources. Ukraine borders with Russia. 
Russian citizens know West have claims to territory of Russia, 
and I think Ukraine – is just another step toward the Russian 
border and toward your goal of world’s hegemony.”

Yet for our Politicians and the Media everything is totally 
different and the roles are still clearly defined: The murderous
“Democracy and Peace Bringers” of the EUSA are favorably 
written about while Putin is always put into the dark corner 
and is being portrayed as the “Anti-Democrat”.
Again the facts are turned into their opposite: 
“A ....deception tactic (of the One-World-Government) 
is the Orwellian use of ambiguity. Meaning that war becomes 
peace, pacifists become terrorists and those who try to say 
the truth are blackmailed, because they spread hate and they 
spray maliciousness.” 
(Daniel Estulin 48, publicist and Bilderberg critic.)

Fact is: Russia did not attack the Ukraine but the West very 
specifically deployed professional revolution soldiers in order 
so that they could escalate violence. 

The reality in the Ukraine is quite different: 
“Fact is that the Ukrainians are not in agreement with 
the fascist pack in Kiev and establish their own self-defending troops. 
The Russians do not have to contribute anything. In addition one 
part after another of the Ukrainian Military goes over to the other 
side and they do not obey orders from the illegal regime in Kiev. 
After the complete joining of the Ukrainian Marine this past weekend, 
today on Monday (3/3/2014, remark JJK) 800 soldiers from the 
Ukrainian Air force with their 45 MIG fighter jets changed sides. 
Already before several units of the coast guard and the air 
defense jumped ship from Kiev and promised their loyalty 
to the autonomous republic of Crimea.
A number of high-ranking Military and Security Officers of 
the Crimea have also consented to accept the Government 
of the autonomous Republic of Crimea. The head of Securities,
Petyor Zima, the Head of Interiors, Sergei Shahov, and the 
Head of Border Control, Victor Melnichenko, have all given 
the oath to be on the side of the population of Crimea.

All troupes run away from the fascist regime in Kiev, 
a better sign of who is wrong and who is right does not exist. 
Yet the vote with the feet says everything. The USA and the 
EU have put in power a criminal gang missing support and
nobody wants them except a few Ultranationalists. 
This is supposed to be a legitimate government whose 
soldiers and policemen run away?” 
(Alles Schall und Rauch)

Only this is fully blinded out by the western 
media propaganda! Also this fact is withheld: 
“...the population of the Crimea began the protests after 
the self-appointed regime in Kiev forbid the use of other 
languages. Almost 60% of the people in Crimea are Russian
and 95% use Russian as their language. This prohibition to 
use Russian is a head butt and a total discrimination of the 
population of the Crimea. After Kiev sent their henchmen to 
Simferopol in order to enter and occupy the interior ministry, 
the takeover was successfully repelled. Since then the 
self-defense troupes protect important public facilities in 
Crimea. In addition it was decided to hold a public 
referendum on March 30th, 2014 to vote on the status of Crimea.
Other regions in the Ukraine also put in question the legitimacy 
of the regime and turn away from the central government in Kiev. 
Several hundred thousand people in the eastern and southern 
part of the Ukraine went into the streets in the last days and 
demand from their local government not to obey the orders from Kiev. 
For them it is an illegal regime put in power by a putsch from the West. 
Only they have no power if the majority of the population and the 
military and the security apparatus refuse to follow. The Maidan is 
not at all the Ukraine. I repeat, what has Russia to do with it and 
why would Moscow endanger the sovereignty of the Ukraine? 
The only ones who have interfered and have caused the chaos 
is the West. (...) But it is normal that western politicians and 
the media fully twist the facts and put them on their head. 
They also have performed this reality distortion for a long time.
The media work only as an Orwellian Truth Ministry, they lie 
what the stuff holds. These so called journalists are a pack of
liars and one should throw them all out in shame and disgrace 
from their editorial offices.
I am surprised that with the entire smear stuff the keyboard 
doesn’t fall apart and the computer screen doesn’t break. 
These prostitutes will do anything for money. They get 
horny from war mongering and spread panic. Nothing will 
happen to the Ukraine except that it’s population will 
protect itself from the Nazi criminals, throw them out
and reclaim their own country.” 
(Alles Schall und Rauch)

Therefore this time the evil sits in Moscow. 
A method of ideological media war strategy, 
and this is adequately known: Vietnam, Afghanistan, 
Iraq, Libya, Syria; always the same pattern: 
Those who invade a country and wipe out many 
human lives present themselves as “democrats”. 
While those who defend themselves lose their right
for self-defense and they are demoralized by western 
propaganda or will be labeled “tyrants” so long until the
“Democracies” can bomb the hell out of the “Rogue States”.

Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969) said, he doesn’t fear the return 
of the fascists in the guise of fascists, but the return of the 
fascists in the guise of democrats. And this return has already 

While the true villains in Washington and Brussels 
continue their murderous game of “democratization 
of the world”, human Beings remain silent and even more 
so, they direct the lashing against the masses, and they 
masterfully atone the chord of cruelty. 

What was denied Hitler and what would have given 
utmost delight to Dr. Goebbels, today fulfills itself for 
the Rothschild and Rockefeller Agents and in front of 
HAND-SELECTED ELITE: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, 
Schiff, Warburg, Carnegie, Harriman; Committee of 300, 
Illuminati, Bilderberger, Skull & Bones. 

And their agenda for dominance is not even held in secret,
it is the establishment of the New World Order: 
“We are very grateful to the Washington Post, the New York 
Times, Time Magazine and other large publications. 
Their Directors have attended our gatherings, and they have 
kept the promise for discretion for over 40 years. It would 
have been impossible for us to carry out our plans for the world, 
if during these years we would have been exposed to the 
headlights of publicity.” 
(David Rockefeller 98, World banker and Bilderberger.)

And at another place exactly the same: 
“Some people think we are part of a secret cabal that 
works against the interests of the United States. They characterize 
my family and me as “Internationalists” and believe that we have 
conspired with others in the world to create a globally integrated
political and economical structure...One-World-Government. 
If these are the allegations, I plead guilty and I am proud of it.”

And you the inclined reader would still love to believe in the
“Christ child”, the good in the elites which have corruptly and 
diabolically declared war on the whole world. Declared the 
war, such as this one, having received false laurels, when 
he said in the year 1987: “We move toward a new world order. 
We can never leave this path.” Michail Sergejewitsch Gorbatschov (84).

(Gorbatschov was Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party from March 1985 to August 1991 and President of 
the Soviet Union from March 1990 to December 1991)

And with all this: Nobody of the “Divinities of our time” 
from the media dare to ask, if everything possibly behaves 
totally differently? 

“In fact the media have become the divinities of our time. 
Like the demons from ancient times they exercise power and 
make human Beings live in bondage, whereby simultaneously 
a reduction of values happens.” (Alexander Solschenizyn,  
1918-2008, Russian writer and recipient of the Nobel 
price for literature.)

Nobody of the people mentioned here reveals the 
“reduction in all values”, nobody cautions or cries out that 
this madness, exactly 100 years after the outbreak of the 
first can lead us directly into the third world war. A madness 
built by the greatest pied-piper of our time – the: drone and 
uranium ammunition bomber, liquidator of citizens and human 
rights, RFID chipper, FEMA and torture camp administrator, 
liar in service, warmonger and Nobel peace prize winner all in 
one (really quite an impossible feat, yet in our upside down 
world a normality!), Barack Hussein Obama; born as “Barry 
Soetoro” in Honolulu, as Sueddeutsche-online reported on 
5/17/2010: “In Jakarta the young Barry Soetoro went to basic 
school –supposedly as a Muslim. 40 years later he became a 
candidate for President of the United States under the current 
name of Barack Obama.” 

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds against it:
“Alone against the Mafia” is hardly different and another 
defeat like in Syria, when Putin, avoiding something even 
worse through clever diplomacy, hindered direct access of 
the USA, something the NWO-pack doesn’t want to accept 
again this time!
Therefore the Ukraine was ignited and the drab and transparent
“revolutionary leaders”, puppets of the West, speak volumes. 
Rarely in the history of revolutions (one just has to look at the 
determined faces in the history books) were revolutionary 
leaders as alien and aloof to the people, and that they were 
booed one after the other at the Maidan, makes it quite clear.

And thereby Klitschko is just one example of the more or
less empty heads, which were financed by Soros & the 
US-NATO gangsters.  Fascists and Skull & Bones minions 
who go to work here: 
But the greatest farce is that the regime in Kiev has two 
of the richest oligarchs of the Ukraine appointed as governors 
of the eastern region, whereas the Maidan protest was mainly 
directed against the political influence of the Rich. At least this
is what the media have told us. Now Igor Kolomoysky, 
the third richest person of the Ukraine with 2.4 billion dollars 
in wealth, is responsible for Dnepropetrovsk. The new governor 
of the Donetsk region is Sergey Taruta, also about 2 billion 
dollars in wealth. The Ukrainians must be totally pissed off. 
These conditions are much worse than before. Therefore the 
country will be totally plundered by the Rich.” 
(Alles Schall und Rauch)

And the majority of the western population sits on this lie,
thanks to the omnipresent media propaganda, exactly the 
lie that the revolution in Kiev is carried by a large part of 
the population. Another criminal spectacle of the NWO-elites 
and it cries to Heaven. 

“All we need is a really big crisis, and the Nations will 
accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller, 1991,
at the Bilderberger conference in Baden-Baden.
And this “really big crisis” shall now, and after so many failed 
attempts, be attained in the Ukraine – with Russia the 
“black Peter”. 

“Tear apart the mantle of indifference that you have 
put around your heart”, was written in leaflets of the 
“White Rose” heroically opposing the Nazi atrocities,
and I add with Goethe: 
“Have the courage to freely say your opinion and undisturbed! 
It will carry doubt into the soul of the one who listens to it; 
and the paranoia flees from the lust of doubt. You do not 
believe what a word can accomplish.” 

I am convinced that these words will have an effect, 
because you can only overcome the daily lie propaganda 
through daily truth. Whereby here it is complied to. 

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic income
for all human Beings 0-99 as basic birthright.

Jahn J Kassl

Sources: klagemauer tv, Alles Schall und Rauch Blog, kopp-online, 
Süddeutsche online, volya-naroda.ru, Internet;

Open letter to Obama


To the president of United States of America Barack Obama 
through the Ambassador of the United States of America in 
Russia Michael McFaul

Mr. Obama 
I , the Chairman of the All-Russian political party The VOLYA (Will) 
Svetlana Peunova , believe that actions of the leadership of United
States, NATO and the EU indicate their interest in capturing 
territories of foreign states in order to control their resources. 
I think U.S. interfere into the internal affairs of Ukraine under 

the guise of democracy. I base my opinion on historical
experience of Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and other countries,
where NATO defended democratic rights. Thousands of civilians
in those countries died. Russia knows that leaders of Ukrainian
opposition call upon you to interfere in the situation in Ukraine. 

We believe those who demand your interference were trained

in special camps, same as leaders of colored revolutions in 

other countries did. It is obvious there’ve been trained to increase 
people 's aggression and shed blood. Such type of provocations 
give you the right to declare that people of the foreign country 
asked you to send army troops as an assistance. Leaders of the 
Maidan do not even hide that their activities are sponsored by 
different institutions and departments of U.S. and Euro Union. 
Thus, the Vitali Klitschko’s “Udar” party was established under 
support of The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and funded by 
National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute, 
USAID, the U.S. State Department and the National Endowment 
for Democracy foundation. They press for scenario when USA, 
UE and UN could interfere in conflict by imposing sanctions and, 
ultimately, sending army troops. On February 12, Maidan Self-Defense 
Leaders called NATO to impose sanctions. We believe that Klichko, Yatsenyuk, Tyagnibok and others have nothing in common with Ukrainian people. They knowingly conduct provocations, in order 
to create a pretext for NATO soldiers to enter Ukraine. Ukrainian 
citizens are against of West interference into domestic affairs 
of the country. One of the petitions filed on the website of the 
White house states it. In this petition Ukrainians address you 
Mr. Obama and show they are against NATO intervention and 
any foreign interference in internal affairs of Ukraine. 
Ukrainians are for peaceful settlement of the conflict. 
Everyoneremembers how civilians of Libya, Yugoslavia, 
Iraq and other countries had been killed during the NATO 
intervention under the guise of false democratic pretences. 
Children and women made up 30% of all casualties in 
Yugoslavia. They were killed by NATO soldiers. Ukrainians 
are against of such “protection” of democracy. Ukrainian 
citizens are also against of the current president Viktor 
Yanukovych. People did not believe in fairness of 2004 
presidential election, and back that days it caused an 
“orange revolution” in Ukraine. Authors of the petition offer 
to conduct a nationwide referendum and by the means of 
open roll-call voting reveal the true national leader to whom 
they can entrust the destiny of their country. People are against
of false leaders placed by West for lobbing its interests. 
Ukrainians are against all who lead a shamfight with each other. 
Ukrainian citizens are also against of pseudo-opposition and pro-
Western president Yanukovych. People are for open referendum. 
They want a third way – to choose their true national leader. 
By bringing army troops or placing your protégés to the power 
in other countries, you obtaincontrol over new territories and
 recourses. Ukraine borders with Russia. Russian citizens know 
West have claims to territory of Russia, and I think Ukraine – is 
just another step toward the Russian border and toward your goal 
of world's hegemony. That is why we have a reason to believe 
you are involved in organizing the bloody clashes in Kiev.
We are against of civilian causalities, and therefore 
the demand to stop: 

+preparations for NATO intervention in Ukraine 
+supplying any types of weapons to pro-Western opposition in Ukraine
+funding and other forms of assistance to oppositional
leaders and parties on the Maidan.

The Chairman of All-Russian political party The VOLYA
Svetlana Peunova

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor” 
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.)

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corrspondence whatsoever on the texts / massages published 
on this website. 
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