9. März 2014


chanelled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Dream: See Russia. Pictures without connection repeat 
themselves and over and over again I see the face, being 
drenched in sweat, of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. 
These scenes return over and over again so that when I wake 
up I have the impression that I dreamed the whole night about 
this. After being awake for a while, whenever I remind myself 
of this dream, an undefined heaviness, like a load coming 
down on me, overcomes me. (End of dream)

I am

The time of times is newly defined, the script of ascension 
is supplemented by several surprises and the rising of this 
world concerns all, and yet most human Beings remain 
untouched by it.

Beloved Ones,

The new definition of time describes that new geopolitical 
facts have been created. These are quite obvious from 
Jahn’s dream pictures.
In this time Russia has overriding importance. 
It is necessary to keep the world structure in balance until last, 
and Russia until last has the task to discourage the murderous 
dark forces from carrying out several ultimate crimes.

In “the sweat of his on countenance” it is the President of 
this Nation who opposes the great doings of the world elites 
and thereby has directed all pestilent arrows of the dark ones 
upon himself. This requires in inordinate amount of strength, 
and Putin has agreed to do this until last. Ever since the soul 
transfer has been established in this statesman, the dark 
ones face a new force that they want to eliminate under all 
circumstances. All efforts have the goal to weaken Russia 
by dividing it up and destroying it in its size and unity. 

The “revolutions” happening in Russian or surrounding 
territories are remotely controlled uprisings, whereby 
the dissatisfaction of human Beings is played out by the 
western dark propaganda. 

And Great Russia opposes this with all vehemence. 
Today I transfer this knowledge to you, because many 
things are not what they seem at first sight.
Until last the dark ones attempt to carry out schemes 
that would plunge the world into the abyss.
This fails on all accounts and strengthened Russia plays
a leading role in this, something the world government 
of dark intent is not all pleased about. 

Present day Russia forms the geopolitical power 
that hinders, that fatal dramas will unfold, before 
the great events of the turns of life will unwind! 

The events of the pole reversal of the planet do not 
require any “great crimes”, because these are of such 
epochal significance so that they do not require any further 
escalations in order to trigger the transformation.
Russia’s power enables, in an earthly context, before the 
final whistle of this game on upper earth, new opportunities 
for each human Being for redemption and the return to the Light. 

In the original plans of the dark ones, 
the world as it exists today would long be gone! 

As a consequence many human Beings never would 
have carried out certain steps for growth. This is 
prevented due to new dramaturgy, because it is a 
cosmic drama as well as a cosmic miracle.
All opportunities for awakening are given until last 
and yet – that is certain – the great masses of human 
Beings will stay behind in a lower vibrating world at 
the edge of the universe.
Know: For all individual human Beings all efforts are 
made so that they may find suitable conditions for 
their awakening – and that: until last! 

World events adjust themselves to the inner orientation 
of human Beings and it is not world events having to 
adjust human Beings. 

Inner becomes the outer and so the geopolitical 
state of society is mirrored for you.
Maturation and growth happen.
The last steps into the light are taking place, but they 
remain reserved only for those who have unconditionally 
agreed to their self-transfiguration and have allowed every 
transformation in self in order to attain enlightenment.

With this message regarding the actual events of this time 
I ensure you of my omnipresence.
Human Beings ascend and return to the origin. 
Daily human Beings come to us and enter into Heaven, 
its doors being wide open and its light receiving everyone 
who enters.
Trust this time, the great prophets have returned.
Understand their words and interpret them well, 
because when black becomes white, upper becomes 
lower and evil becomes good, the end of the epoch has arrived.

In infinite Love