20. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Ones,
God´s Children and emissaries of the Light!

Today is the time, the time to leave and there is 
enough space to realize that neither time nor space 
can limit, constrict or keep an unlimited being away 
from its true nature.
Today your true nature will be and has been revealed to 
you and blessed be the ones who give themselves with 
all their hearts to these sacred processes of Creation 
whereby your immense being reveals itself on a daily basis.

Awakening in the Light, to see, what is and like never 
before take actions, because you are ready to accept the 
cosmic light garment, to bring your crystalline nature to 
life and to equip your human being with the comprehensive 
divine presence and to enrich it.

We are the ELOHIM

We represent the highest level of Creation of Being, 
the step of steps, after which all staircases to God end 
and where the union with God will be absolutely experienced.
When a Being climbs to our light-reality then it is liberated 
from all “realities”, then every step in the dimensions of 
Creation is overcome, because the Creator reveals himself as: 

The Light is All and All is Light – and we, 
the ELOHIM are the omnipresent reality of this divine truth, 
we are the primary matter of all Life – LIGHT.

The absence of Light does not exist.
A condition without light, light-less and absolutely dark, 
does not exist and even those, who deny their light, as a 
bird would deny its wings, dispose of a power station of 
light in the center of their being, of:
The primal essence of all Life.

Levels were created due to God´s will, the light was “condensed”, 
and forms and life were created, which manifested themselves in 
different manners. The divine inspiration has been inhaled into 
all these light forms of Being – LIGHT.

Therefore in summary: All Life is Light.

Yet why are there these differences, these extreme 
deviations of awareness of the Light, why does it hide 
here and reveals itself there?
Here it is necessary to refresh previous knowledge.
Divine creatures, which all of you are, have separated
from the fountainhead of All-that-Is and have “individualized”. 
Meaning instead of being God themselves they became an 
aspect, a part of God that wished to experience self in the
realms of Creation and had created realms of Creation for it.

And this departure of all Life, this multidimensionality 
of divinity knows neither beginning nor end. Therefore be 
assured that you are truly infinite, immortal; you are pure 
prickly eternal Life.

The more a Being distanced itself from the fountainhead 
and from God, the more Light hid itself, until the Being 
forgot himself of who and what it is. Representative for 
it is the third dimension of Being. It is the “lowest”, the 
lowest frequency of vibration that a divine Being can 
experience that is handed over to human free will. 
On this level the absence of Light can be absolutely 
experienced and it is possible to act out unchartered 
territory to an unbearable extent because of the 
separation from its own divinity.

And these worlds and these Beings created their own reality. 
Dramas and suffering, scenarios that made the absence of 
Light painfully obvious; and from a certain point on the 
extents of these digressions, the necessity for karmic 
balance, was so overwhelming, that many interventions 
from the realms of Light had to occur. This is always in 
consideration of the free will of the world and its Beings.

The cosmic law of balance had to be fulfilled and the 
lower-vibrating 3D world was no longer able to achieve 
this balance out of itself. And so worlds went under and 
the great Angels of Fire, the great Angels of Water and the 
great Angels of Wind were sent to the planet in order to 
remove this illusion whereby the world itself was removed. 
Repeatedly planets were destroyed, solely, so that Beings 
could experience a new beginning on a new level. 
Repeatedly God´s grace became effective whereby high 
Light Beings consisting of the primal matter of divine 
Love provided for balance and removed heavy packages 
of karma from those who were lost in darkness.
Please know the following:  

The ascension of this world is hence also a unique 
event in God´s Creation, because it was never 
manifested in this manner before!

Never has a whole world with all of Life been uplifted before, 
never has it happened that the great, the absolute destruction 
was held off; whereby the “great Angels of destruction” returned
to God without carrying out their work. Arriving in this world they 
saw what they never saw before: Human Beings, who got lost in 
a godless world in deep darkness, and yet they preserved so
much life force and vitality in themselves that the project of 
ascension could be announced from the realms of Light. 
The foundation for all present ascension processes 
was laid in the last decades.

And this “basecamp” attained a considerable broadening 
and expansion in the last few years and months, because 
the great and noble light warriors in human form had 
accepted the scepter for this world.
A new squad of high-ranking light warriors had taken on
the scepter of Light that prevented humanity from great 
upheavals, and therefore this ascension is now possible 
in this manner without relatively few dramas.
You are truly light warriors because you preserved 
your eternal flame. And even if this flame sparsely 
illumined and barely provided light, it blazed “along”, 
until the day of prevision when you followed God´s 
wake-up call. The great light warriors of the first and 
last hours are responsible for this ascension and the 
worlds take a bow to these divine warriors, multitudes 
of light beings do also – and you are given all honors
from all of Creation. 

The Light prevailed – it is announced to you!
Meaning that you have been victorious. 

You have achieved victory over the great shadows; 
you have pierced through the shadows, which immersed 
you into a gloomy vitality; awakening seemed impossible, 
enlightenment out of the question.
You have, as before you only very few enlightened 
Ones of the old days, broken through this veil as a 
collective, you have unveiled the secret of Life and 
you have recognized God. No culture in the realms of 
Creation succeeded so impressively and completely in this. 
And therefore you are so highly honored and therefore you, 
as you now return to the Light, will receive all heavenly 
honors and will be fitted with all attributes of an unlimited 

And with all these wonderful facts the majority 
of mankind, the “other collective” remains imprisoned 
in time and be limited by space.

A contradiction?
No, because quality and not quantity contributes
to the decisive moments. 

The quality of the Masters and the ascending Masters, 
which have stood and still are in service on this Earth, 
is so pronounced, so that this transformation is now 
happening in this manner. 

Never worry for one moment, the true Masters have 
already been fulfilled while the pretending Masters 
will be guided to other worlds for their fulfillment.
So it has been for each divinity descending from the Light 
into darkness; into the world of fallacy, into the world of
illusion – eons ago.

This is so that the cosmic spectacle could 
unfold and thereby you could be brought into enfoldment.
In the last decades this cosmic game has been enriched not 
only by Masters from the Light, but also from the cosmic 
Light itself, whereby a follow-up awakening could happen

Slowly human Beings began to experience themselves 
as Light and as loving beings. 

The “Light- and Love-Illusion” was born, 
because to go into resonance with all expressions 
of life on a low vibrating planet, just because it 
carries the divine essence of light, is fatal. 

The continuous inflow of light from the central Sun had 
the effect that human Beings drifted off into new fallacies 
whereby they nonetheless stepped unto the next step on 
the staircase to enlightenment.

With heavy baggage, with a mail shirt of thought 
patterns these human Beings became and still are 
until today mentally, emotionally and spiritually unable 
to act. The birth of the “Light- and Love-Illusion”, 
whereby the “awakening ones” gave free reins for
their actions to all beings, no matter what their intentions were, 
is one of the most important events on the path to awareness 
of mankind.

It is the last serious fallacy on the way to God, 
it is the last great veil that surrounds human Beings 
and the world, and until this one is also looked through, 
broken through and illuminated. 

All is Light! And yet not everything wants
to experience itself as Light! 

Many light warriors of the first and last hours, 
who now fail, are hiding this reality. What the truth 
of “All-is-Light” contains has neither been fathomed 
in its depth nor has it been transferred to the respective 
level of Creation by these Beings, in order to apply it 
appropriately there according to the power of discernment.

Who hides his Light can barely shine, who does not 
carry his light, lives in darkness, who denies his divinity, 
brings experiences into his life which an awakened one 
has long overcome and experienced. Therefore it was 
also time to act out this illusion that one innocently 
encounters “evil” just as the light. Based on this fallacy 
the ascension began to experience a new dynamic, 
and also a certain “uncertainty”, and this even though 
it was never threatened altogether.

The tidings, “All-is-Light”, “All-is-Love” was falsely 
interpreted by human beings on this lower vibrating 
levels or were interpreted in their favor. Meaning in order 
to avoid looking at unresolved themes of self everything 
was drowned in the pabulum of this illusion. These initially 
awakening human Beings, shying away from confrontation, 
with a certain amount of ignorance and gullibility stepped 
into this “Master-fallacy” and were thereby fully overtaken 
by the dark forces.
Who believed that light expresses itself as light on all 
levels now experiences the great disenchantment. 
And so it happened what had to happen, the light 
warriors stranded in great numbers. 

All is light and yet Light is absent where it is denied. 

To understand this and act accordingly is the 
command of these days. And still it is difficult for human 
Beings to stay at a distance, to stay clear from energies 
of lethargy, to remain harmless as the fallacy gets close 
and the illusion dares to engulf oneself. Still many consent 
where they should stay away and they agree where the 
absence of light is obvious. 

It is important to understand the level wherefrom
consideration is taken and the level whereon a being acts. 

It is important to understand that all is light, yet not all, 
what is light, is also light-filled. The proper orientation is 
attained due to the power of discernment and thereby you 
can never get caught in the labyrinth of illusion.

Now the light warriors of the first and last hours, 
who have braved this illusion, also begin to “condense above”; 
to become more and more light-filled and prepare for the next 
jump in dimension.
Worlds are being separated, human Beings are detached 
from each other, and new levels of life have already been created.

Those who have recognized themselves as light now also 
return to the Light. Now also those who have denied their 
light are left to darkness and their own devices. A new 
spectacle begins, a new illusion, in a new time with 
new space for it. 

All is Light yet not all is light-filled. 

Understand; internalize this truth, because it 
makes it now easier for you to take the decisive 
steps into the Light. 

To remain uplifted and to ascend, 
freed from the influences of the pretentious 
light warriors, this is what counts in these 
days of the ascension. 

This world is now being overcome. Through you’re Light 
and your Love. The Love that is the inherit substance of 
Light. Interlaced by Light, you are interlaced by Love and 
so it happens that the light warriors of the first and last 
hours enter into God´s high realms and with infinite love 
for this world leave this world – ALL IS LOVE.

And of this truth we speak to you still before we 
find ourselves in God´s Light of the fifth dimension, 
on the day that brings the ultimate announcement 
from God – the departure and the goodbye from this world.

We are the
Amongst you, omnipresent for all time. 

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