16. März 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl 
translated by Franz 

A youtube-Video from  „Medien-Klagemauer.TV“
presently causes quite a stir and opens people’s eyes:
Demonstrations in the Ukraine
 Now it is time to uncover the lies of the mass media 
and to bring them into the awareness of the deceived 
populations: and the lies of the mass media are inordinate! 
Kiev: The one-sided reports from the mass media regarding 
the demonstrations in the Ukraine cause many letters and 
cries for help to Medien-Klagemauer. We show an exclusive 
opposing report to the propaganda of the media with live recordings 
from the Ukraine. (Medien-Klagemauer.TV, introduction)

Pictures cannot be more revealing – and more sobering:
Ukrainian security forces and police in almost herculean 
sufferance go through the beatings from the “peaceful demonstrators”; 
cobble stones fly, a bulldozer pushes the police forces in front of it; 
then pistol and rifle yielding shooters of the “peaceful opposition” 
come into the picture, which fire targeted or aimlessly into the 
masses of people, just like in a video game, but this time it is reality!
And finally a policeman begs the camera team to tell the truth.

Thereby it also becomes apparent that the people in the Maidan 
receive “demonstration compensation” of 35 dollars per day from 
the USA. Thugs are higher endowed at 200 dollars per day and 
“group leaders” receive 2000 Euros and more in salary.
These monies flowed from the American Embassy in 
the Ukraine to the peaceful demonstrators.

Of all this in our censored media – NOTHING.
Even more, our mass media lie like a trooper; 
Reporters do not look at the real action, cameras 
pan away and the TV stations send out what corresponds 
to the propaganda line of the USA and the EU.
In total they suppress the facts, fade them out or 
consciously distribute falsehood. And the truth is: 

Washington has ignited the Ukraine in order to 
pursue their geopolitical interests towards Russia. 

How stupid and ignorant are our politicians really?
(It is good that elections are coming, when with your 
abstention from the election you have a chance to demonstrate 
how sick you are to be ruled and be taken on a ride by this 
“Clique of Dilettantes”!) 

“The EU has enormous economic problems (Banks, 
the Euro, the Unemployed, etc.). Instead of solving these, 
Brussels, like in a pyramid scheme, puts its emphasis on the 
expansion of Member States and participates in the political 
poker game in the Ukraine. 
It wanted to push back the influence of Russia in the 
region and wished to rise up to being a new partner for 
the Ukraine, without considering Vladimir Putin. This is a 
serious mistake of a bungled diplomacy. From Russia’s viewpoint
the Ukraine is a geopolitical firewall and therefore is a question
of national security (the USA would also not simply tolerate a
pro-Russian government in Canada or Mexico).” 
Kronen Zeitung 3/9/2014

Avanti Dilettanti, with full throttle into the abyss!

And so it is rarely surprising that the EU and the USA 
court the rebels, which with the EUSA backing them up 
lit the fuse in their own country and torched the blaze.
These so-called “democratic forces” of the opposition recently 
go in out of the western government offices and the red carpet 
is laid out for them. As an example: 

Julija Tymoschenko, Age 53. 
The West, but foremost Germany’s Angela Merkel, 
has put her up as a signboard for “example democracies”. 
It is being totally suppressed that this “gas princess” is a 
corrupt oligarch and fully justified has been behind bars for 
two years. The “Times” estimate her wealth at an unbelievable 
8.5 billion Euros. Wealth that can hardly be acquired by honest 
work but that Tymoschenko – and this is legally and medially 
well known – got it from her own people during her time as 
President 2005, 2007-2010 through corrupt means by “gas fraud”.

Vitali Klitschko, Age 42. 
UDAR- (blow)-Party Chief, for years financed by the German 
Konrad Adenauer Foundation, has given this putsch the necessary 
momentum. Even though Klitschko has been repeatedly booed 
in the Maidan, he persistently played the role of the “revolutionary” 
and still continues to play it until today. Even though very few 
accept it, nothing seems to affect him, because he above all 
has his own interests in mind. Klitschko, as long as he doesn’t 
play the “Sunday Revolutionary”, maintains his private company 
Klitschko Management Group GmbH”, headquartered in Hamburg, 
Germany. Main guiding principle: “If you do not know the destination, 
then every way is not the right one.” And on the homepage of the 
Klitschko Brothers under “Services” it says: “We develop individual 
authentic marketing strategies for companies, brands and 
personalities. Thereby we advice and support your entry 
into the East-European market.”  How convenient it is that 
the Ukraine pushes in that direction – at least according to 
Klitschko. And Klitschko knows the destination and also the 
way: Profit for himself, in the case of the Ukraine, “Help for 
Self-Help” and the way are the annexation of his home country 
to the EU and NATO, in order to give his business idea the 
necessary momentum. This is quite clever and nervy for a 
“Officially Klitschko deploys himself for the alleged democratization 
of the Ukraine. But what few really know: His company at the same 
time offers consultation for market entry into the Ukraine at a very 
high fee. Literally Klitschko speaks of “conquest of lucrative new 
markets” of the East. Anonymus has found a PDF-Document on 
the server of the company Klitschko Management Group GmbH, 
headquartered in Hamburg, under the name of “Range of 
Services of Klitschko Management Group for Eastern Europe”. 
The document reveals, why Vatali Klitschko energetically 
supports the fastest way possible for the Ukraine joining 
the European Union. On a total of 11 pages he entices Western 
companies in the cooperation with Klitschko Management Group. 
The PDF-Document reads like the best possible sellout of the 
Ukraine. And thereby Klitschko acts according to a very simple 
principle: 1. Treason and Overthrow of the Government 
2. Openings of Markets and Control  3. Maximization and 
Generation of Profits.” (Anonymus)

Juicy and revealing detail: “During the last Parliamentary 
Elections in 2012 Klitschko employed thousands of volunteers
– but never paid them fully. This caused uproar under hundreds 
of activists in several regions. They considered the reneged 
promises as fraud and even established an Internet page 
called ‘Klitschko the cheat’. (Compact Magazin 3/2014) 

And then there is the interim President: 
Arsenij Jazenjuk, Age 39. 
“Puh – again there is this foul smelling conspiracy theory: 
The new Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Arsenij Jazenjuk
– an Agent of NATO? Not really. And even if it is true it could 
never be verified. And how. One must only fish in the depths 
of the Internet for his website that has been disconnected 
in the meantime, and the eyes will roll over. Who today searches 
for the Open-Ukraine-Foundation of Arsenij Jazenjuk is out of luck: 
the browser displays ‘network time-out’, speaking: wrong. 
The page cannot be accessed anymore.
What a misfortune. What motivated the new Prime Minister 
of the Ukraine to remove his foundation from the net at 
exactly this time?

For sure one would now find the greatest interest in it?
But being lucky one can fish his website from the depths of 
the Internet by using for example the Waybackmachine. 
On the 9th of March 2014 one was still able to relatively 
comfortably surf the electronic legacies of this honorable 
statesman, who does not get tired in accusing Russia of 
all kinds of interferences in the affairs of the Ukraine.

The first click is naturally to the page with ‘partners’ of 
the honorable Open-Ukraine-Foundation of Arsenij Jazenjuk. 
And there it comes like a bludgeon. Seldom one has seen 
such a flawless Western Agent like the new Head of the Ukraine. 
Right on top is the Black Sea Trust of the German Marshall Fund, 
a US-American Foundation of influence, for practical reasons 
funded with German money, therefore also called ‘German’. 
The Black Sea Trust is a subdivision of States around the 
Black Sea, for example the Ukraine.

A beautiful pile of pigs 
The next partner on Jazenjuk’s Website is nobody less than 
the Chatham House – better known as the Royal Institute
of International Affairs (RIIA), the British counter part of 
the American Imperialist Network Council of Foreign Relations.” 
(Henry Kissinger was Director of the CFR from 1977-1981) 
“The projects of Chatham House are being paid for by,
among others, Rockefeller, Bill Gates, NATO, the EU and 
the German Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. What a beautiful pile 
of pigs one would tend to say. All militarists, imperialists and 

The next.....moment: The Internet can forget nothing, 
it is said? And how. With Jazenjuk one can literally watch 
how one reminder after another disappears. The new Ukrainian 
Prime Minister is busy to quickly erase all his traces. Not only
is the Website of the foundation gone, but also the facebook 
site, even in the Internet the archive of Waybackmachine 
trickles away. On March 9th 2014 there have been plenty 
of references from the year 2014, yet on the next day they 
were significantly thinned out. Without a doubt: 
The truth about the agent Jazenjuk is in the process of 
disappearing in the dark. How he manages to do this is 
not clear, because he should only have jurisdiction over 
his own Internet website.” 
(Gerhard Wisnewski, kopp-online 3/10/2014) 

Tymoschenko’s party friend and Head-Putschist has 
practically declared himself Prime Minister, because 
the confirmation by Parliament was a farce and has 
nothing to do with a proper election process. “Elections are 
planned” says Austrian Secretary of States Sebastian Kurz 
in ORF on 3/10/2014, and Kurz mentions that the ban of 
the Russian language, that the putschist government had 
imposed, has been taken back by the government. It is a 
true accomplishment to cause the illegitimate, yet for the 
West “democratic” government in Kiev, to do this.

But regardless, also for Jazenjuk, like for Tymonschenko 
and Klitschko, the red EUSA-Carpet is rolled out. And 
after all it is also Jatzenjuk, who at the special summit 
of the EU in Brussels, on Thursday the 6th of March 2014, 
speaks overtly of war just like there is nothing that he 
could more fervently wish for: 
"We talk about war.“ he said! And he expressed what 
no other person dared to put into his mouth. And it 
must be clear to those who watched the TV pictures: 

In Jatzenjuk we are dealing with an absolute Psychopath! 
But aren’t all of them with the kind of politics they are 
subjecting us to? Where is the straight jacket one tends 
to call out! 

Und finally, as if this were not enough, the news portal 
 Iskra-News reported that it is assumed that Jatzenjuk
had ordered to bring all Ukrainian National Gold out of 
the country to the USA: 
“According to an eyewitness report commensurate 
goods have been loaded unto a freight airplane at the 
Kiev Borispol Airport after about forty heavy crates were 
brought to the airport in two caravans without license plates. 
About fifteen persons clothed in black uniforms have 
accompanied the transport. All was done in a great hurry.

Iskra-News declared that it had received this information 
from a high-ranking government official that at the order 
of the “new leader ship” in the Ukraine, all gold reserves 
of the country were shipped to the USA.
The Gold reserves of the Ukraine in the latest report 
of the World Gold Council are numbered to be 42.3 tons. 
This amounts to a market value of 1.3 billion Euro.“ 
(goldreporter.de, 3/10/2014)

And the fourth one in the bunch of conspirators: 
Oleg Tjagnibok, Age 45. 
Chief of the ultra national All Ukrainian Society "Swoboda" (Freedom). 
He is a flawless Nazi, who repeatedly became famous for his hostility 
towards foreigners, his anti-Semitic and anti-Russian speeches. 
He has also proposed to suspend the transmission of several TV 
stations in the Ukraine, especially the ones in Russian.
„We propose to accept a bill of law for the temporary shutdown 
of transmissions of some television and radio stations“  
said Tjagnibok in the  Ukrainian Parliament. 
„In particular it deals with several Russian TV stations.”

And already on 12/5/2013 zeit-online wrote: „Tjagnibok in 
these days talks a lot about European values and Klitschko 
listens to him.“

In the meantime China is clearly on the side of Russia and all 
good spirits have left the West. Merkel, Cameron & Co 
continues their threads toward Moscow as if they were actually 
sitting on the longer branch or were sitting in the bigger boat. 
During her parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday the 11th 
of March 2014, Merkel sharply criticized Russia and said: “The 
action on the Crimea is an annexation that we cannot allow 
Russia to get away with.” Putin wants to “rob” the Crimea and 
Merkel demands “toughness” against Russia. She prudently 
begins to swear the German population to war against Russia 
(even economic sanctions are a war by other means – at this
time!) and she appeals to the willingness of her subjects  
to sacrifice. Still only lacking: “Do you want total war?”  
(Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Berlin, 2/18/1943) and we would 
have arrived where the Elites would like to have us a long 
time ago – in the Nazi-dictatorship with a new twist called

That Europe and in particular Germany is dependent on 
gas supplies from Russia does not play a role for Merkel. 
Also that Russia has a long-term treaty with the Crimea 
since decades that allows Moscow to also have military 
presence there does not register with Merkel. The only thing 
that counts with Merkel is the escalation and to arrange the 
game in such a manner that in the end Russia has the “black 
Peter” in its hand. The facts are completed so that the 
majority of Crimea’s population presses for protection from
 “Papa Russia”, because the Nazi government in Kiev has 
nothing good in mind, and Obama and Merkel refuse to 
react responsively.

Fact is: Obama, Merkel & Co has ruthlessly gone cuckoo
and in the case of the Ukraine they play one of their many 
new diabolical games in order to press ahead with the expansion 
of the Anglo-Saxon world ruler ship. And for Obama a war in 
the European arena would be just fine in order to divert 
attention from his own problems and the fascist structures 
of Nations; and in order to delay the national bankruptcy 
of the USA. 

Yet what the usually “free press” and the “independent 
mass media” offer, surpasses even these political actors. 
Lies, to look away and duck under, because the pictures
that can be seen in the video mentioned at the beginning, 
were neither shown on private nor public TV stations, not 
even partially. “The arrows that somebody using his bow 
shoots into the police forces, are genuine, also the Molotov 
cocktails, which another one throws from a catapult. Several 
men carry a wooden shield with a Celtic cross, there are also 
knight’s helmets made from water canisters. But that buses 
and not horse carriages burn, that barricades were built from 
car tires does not really fit with the Middle Ages. One can 
argue about the code “1488” that somebody painted on a 
wooden plank: does it really mean the “fourteen words” and 
“Heil Hitler” or is it the year of birth of Ulrich van Hutten? 
If this had happened in a western European country, or 
even in Germany, an orgy of violence like in February in 
Kiev - there can be no doubt how the State apparatus would 
have reacted. To demonstrate in front of Parliament, to 
occupy city halls and ministries? This is totally unthinkable
in a country with restricted access around every local 
National Assembly.” (konkret 3/14)

And that the USA proceeds even more restrictively 
against enemies of the State (so-called terrorists) is 
already known. Obama has fashioned a law for it (National 
Defense Authorization Act, NDAA) that allows him since 
1/1/2012 to incarcerate any US citizen without a judicial 
hearing for an undetermined length of time or to let him 
disappear entirely. It is not for naught that well-informed 
sources report that all FEMA camps are in full operation. 

“Madness becomes invisible if it has attained sufficiently
large proportions.” Berthold Brecht (1898-1956)

At least the Austrian Kronen newspaper writes plain 
language regarding the overthrow in Kiev: “The West is 
however not blameless in the current developments. It’s 
blatant interference in the overthrow in Kiev, it’s clear 
espousal for the new powers in Kiev, Putin could not accept 
from his point of view. Foremost he could not accept that 
nobody took him seriously. It is exactly that what the West 
has signaled to Putin and his countrymen for a long time. 

The last time at the Olympic Games in Sochi where 
one had the impression that many in the West would 
really wish a terror attack in order to disgrace Putin.
In the Ukraine and in the Crimea the Kremlin-Czar turned 
the arrow around and suddenly all tremble and lament the 
"break in international law”. Who in the West, Putin can ask, 
has reacted nearly as agitated, when the USA marched into Iraq, 
when NATO bombed Gaddafi or when the Chinese moved their 
sea borders?” (Kronen Zeitung, 3/9/2014)

We live in times, which we only know from the history 
books or from hear-say of our Elders. The people who 
lived during the Nazi dictatorship gradually die. We live 
in a time where fascism is democracy and war is praised 
as an employment for peace.

We live in a time that surpasses everything that happened
before, and a great war is the logical consequence of these 
developments. And this war is already ante portas if our 
politicians do not relent or come to their senses – what 
can rarely be hoped for or be expected.

It is deeply distressing and amazing at the same time:
The majority of our politicians in the second and third row 
are totally blind, they do not see this great disaster and how 
it rushes toward us; and those who see it do not understand
how to confront it.

And so they all continue to pour oil into the fire
– consciously or in ignorance, just like little children 
who believe that it is always other children who burn 
their fingers on a hot cooking plate.

And all these political actors in the service of the NWO
are eclipsed by the mass media, itself being in the service 
of these Lords – a few exceptions not included!
Media whores nothing else. Only to serve the world 
dictatorship, knowingly or unknowingly; and in order to 
establish world ruler ship of a few over the many. 

“The most stupid calves choose their own butcher”  
and the hangman servants will, after they have done 
their part, be themselves turned over to the guillotine.

Intelligence is in short supply, courage not to be found,
truth unknown and wisdom excluded – thereby this time 
and its political, economic and religious actors have been 
sufficiently described (praiseworthy exceptions not included).
What kind of a world do we really live in?
Is there an end to this madness? 

Update: 3/13/2014 
“US President Obama has demonstratively ensured his 
support for the interim government in Kiev in its power 
struggle with Russia. ‘We will be on the side of the Ukraine’ 
says Obama on Wednesday (3/12/2014) after a meeting with 
Prime Minister Arseni Jazenjuk in Washington. Should Russia 
not change its course in this crisis the West will be forced to 
do something. Obama says that Russia can expect “consequences” 
should they continue to break international law in the Ukraine.
International Society strives for a diplomatic solution, but stands 
clearly behind the interim Ukrainian government.” 
 (orf-online, 3/13/2014)

Therefore it is quite clear: Obama collaborates with the 
Nazi regime in Kiev! What once again and not surprisingly 
confirms whose child he is! 

“Lies can set wars in motion, truth on the other hand 
can stop entire armies.” (Otto van Bismarck, 1815-1898, 
German Politician and Statesman)

Conclusion: The truth of this Essay is a contribution in order to stop the entire army of the Anglo-Saxon conspiracy against mankind. 

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic 
income for all human Beings 0-99 as a basic birthright.

Jahn J Kassl 

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor” 
to all editorialstaffs and publishers of daily newspapers 
and weekly magazines inAustria, Germany and Switzerland, 
as well as to top-level politiciansin Austria.)

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corrspondencewhatsoever on the texts / massages published 
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