31. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Your ascension is based on your unconditional 
commitment to your ascension! Are you ready?

Are you ready with all your heart and out of the depth 
of your soul to leave this level of Being, this familiar 
world, even if it is full of illusions?
Are you ready? Are you really ready to say goodbye? 
Goodbye from human Beings and things, from habits, 
which you loved, from unfulfilled and fulfilled wishes? 
Are you ready?

Are you really ready to liberate yourself from all bindings 
of this world, to step out and to start this flight into the 
Light? You are asked and it is time to give an answer to it. 

If unfinished business waits for you, then finish it, 
if ultimate earthly whishes wait for fulfillment, then 
fulfill them for you, if great farewells wait for you, 
then say goodbye. 

Like a wanderer who clears his campsite and goes on, 
you shall say goodbye to your fellow travelers, who retreat 
before the decampment and expand their campsites on earth, 
instead of removing them.

Say farewell by turning your back to this world with 
all your heart; without wistfulness and without grief 
that can take hold of an ascending one while looking at 
the renewed karmic loops of your left behind siblings. 

Are you ready to win the last of all victories, the victory 
that your divine nature wins over your lower human 
nature? Then come, follow me into the Light, and let 
yourself fall into the void in order to be able to inherit all. 

Are you unconditionally ready for your ascension?
This is the question of all questions. You know the answer. 
So have the courage now to give you the answer without 
Then you are liberated, from every doubt, 
then you are healed from any unconsciousness, 
then you have arrived, and have recognized your status quo. 

We stand at the gates of Light.
We expect you without clothing in order to convey 
to you the garment of Light, the light-gown of eternal 
life with all the attributes of your divine origin. 

Now it is called for to step onto the last step in this world 
so that the first step into the new world appears in front 
of your inner eye – in order to take hold of this reality, 
wherein light does not cast any shadows, and in order 
to complete the first steps into infinity.

To take the last step so that the first becomes possible.

Perfect yourself, answer for yourself the question 
of all questions: Am I ready? 

In infinite Love, I am it that is expecting you, 
I am omnipresent on all levels of Being, 
and I am


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