4. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
The turns of all life are inexhaustible and 
unswervingly give birth to new being and new realities.
God’s grace is omnipresent and now perfects what 
strives for completion.

We are the ELOHIM

On the high frequency time-space-continuum of 
the 4th dimension of Being, new forces establish themselves. 
The contact with the 6th dimension of Being is bestowed on 
several light warriors and they are truly lifted into Heaven, 
carried away and privy to God’s bliss. 

Human Beings, who have already fully anchored the light 
vibration of the 5th dimension within self and are able to 
maintain it constantly, are now being fitted with the first 
light qualities of the 6th dimension of Being. 

On this level any materiality ends and in an instant 
everything emerges out of the creative impulse of Being.
Pure divine Spirit that manifest itself, pure essence of all life, 
pure essence of ALL-THAT-IS.

This first contact with the light of the 6th dimension of 
being changes the aura of human Beings and the crystalline 
reality emerges. In addition a new and impervious crystalline 
protection sheath forms around these human Beings that 
affects the invisibility in case it is needed. Thereby the 
vibration of a human Being is refined such that one can no 
longer be physically recognized on the lower vibrating level 
and cannot be perceived. The new vibration field is inasmuch 
of significance as these human Beings – they are the until 
today to their assignments committed light warriors of the 
first and last hours – remain totally untouched by the 
discharges on this time-space-level. 

The requirement, in order to receive this new 
light garment, is an energetic general pattern 
that is liberated from blockages to a great extent. 

This expansion of your protection, whereby the vibration 
of the 6th dimension enriches the aura, is necessary today, 
because you have decided to participate in the great final 
events on the surface of the earth for a specific time.
The “rapture” from this world happens step by step, and 
before you enter into God’s Light and inherit the fifth dimension 
of Being, you will be enabled to experience all upheavals on 
this level under the protection of your new vibration.

The touch by this high frequency divine Light happens 
automatically in God’s omniscience.

Meaning that this vibration can neither be demanded 
nor be manifested. It happens and is given, or it is not 
forth coming, because for a human Being it is foreseen as such.

Those human Beings, who receive this increased vibration 
and this protection, will experience this on day X in an 
impressive manner or will, as it is needed, already 
experience it today as an act of attunement.

The turns of all life are inexhaustible, and today we fit 
the great light warriors of the first and last hours with 
the appropriate energy field so that they can perform God’s 
given assignments until the end of time.

We love you infinitely.
We are pure Spirit, Love and Light.
We are the ELOHIM 

Epilog: After the message was given I go to a bakery in 
order to buy bread. On arrival I decide to go into the adjoining
coffee house in order to drink tea. I can immediately issue my 
order with the manager, who meets me (I am there quite often!), 
yet I have the impression that I am not being perceived. 
I wait and nothing comes. The entirely ambitious and well
trained service personnel (some already know me) dash 
past me as if I do not sit there. Some look straight into 
my eyes but they look through me as one looks through the 
window out into the landscape. I wait in this quite easily 
managed coffee house at a time when few guests are present, 
sitting at a quite obvious centrally located table, for about 
20 minutes; and nobody sees me or takes notice of me. 
It is quite different at the table next to me, where people 
eagerly order and are promptly served.
Because I had such an experience of “being invisible” 
three times before, it became immediately clear to me
that today’s situation has a direct connection to the just 
now received message from the Elohim.
I had to smile and decided to leave the bakery. 
As I again walk past the manager, who receives and 
says goodbye to guests at the entrance, and say a friendly 
goodbye to him, the spectacle continues and he looks 
indifferently through me without taking notice. (End of report) 

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