19. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
tranlated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

In these hours more and more human Beings encounter 
their ultimate mandates and they decide on their eventual
 transfer points in the time-space-fabric.
Transfer points are the locations on this level wherefrom 
human Beings, after the “great event” has been manifested, 
will be transferred to their new homes in Heaven. From there 
all human Beings continue their eternal journey or end their 
eternal journey by returning to the fountainhead of All-that-Is.

Transfer points therefore are nodal points of ascension, 
platforms where human Beings of identical vibrational code 
gather in order to be passed on or to be accompanied further. 
Thereby many human Beings dispose of their physical garment
and appear there in a subtle expression. This applies foremost 
to those human Beings who will remain on the time- and 
space-levels. Meaning that after this world, the upper earth 
begins to transform radically, you will be transferred to those 
platforms, which serve as a base of departure for your upcoming 
It is important to understand that the arrival in
the Light or the arrival on new levels of being always 
has to happen in steps. This is on account of the vibrational 
adaptations that are necessary.
And these are always necessary, even when a human Being 
arrives on a 4D level similar to the vibrational reality of this earth!

A planetary or cosmic transfiguration is always a great challenge 
and all fragments of being of a consciousness must be atoned 
and attuned to it. Meaning furthermore, each transfer point 
is a point of crystallization for the soul where decisions will 
again be checked, looked at and be confirmed. 

At this point one can no longer revoke a decision that 
was made on earth or make it undone. Because what was 
decided on earth based on free will be sealed in Heaven until 
that seal loses its power and forfeits its effect at a 
predetermined time or after sufficient work of realizations.

A better understanding and recognition of these facts is
inordinately helpful, foremost for those human children who
will be reinserted into the wheel of death and rebirth. 
The knowledge why and on what basis certain decisions were
made, even if they are mistakes, will be given to all arriving 
ones on this “platform of recognition”.

However the ascending Ones, the future ascended Masters, 
enter directly into the Light and on the levels of the fifth 
dimension will be cleansed of any leftover unsuitable 
energies and from any still existing energetic contamination.

This happens on inner earth or on one of the big Mother Ships, 
which are stationed around earth. Then it is up to you to take 
off for new worlds, to enter unto new levels or as a light- and 
illumination tower of Love return to the world of your siblings, 
which were left behind.
Human Beings, according to their vibration, 
will be brought together and encounter each other 
on one of these crystallization points of this world.
Like to like, light-to-light, darkness-to-darkness.

For those who have chosen darkness the process 
happens unnoticed and their new assignment will be
a.) Rung in by physical death or
b.) Will be continued by remaining on this still low vibrating world.

The illusion that nothing changes will remain valid for all 
those who have chosen transience, birth and death, 
whereas the awakened ones pierce through this veil 
and enter into the otherworld.
In these last days, recognition and mistake go 
hand in hand in unison. Like two sisters each having 
chosen a different groom, as their fates will be sealed 
at the moment of marriage and the new life has been inherited.

It is time to say goodbye – for all!
For the ones it is time to make friends with the made
decisions, to accept one’s own choice, even if the 
mistake has been chosen as the companion along the way.
And for these human Beings it is really the time to fulfill their 
own destiny, until everything has been lived and all has been 

Yet for the light warriors of the first and last hours, 
for those who leave time and space behind, it is time 
to depart! It is time to start the last of all journeys with 
joy and in love. 

The departure without return is ahead of you. 

These are moments full of fulfillment, exalted and far from 
wistfulness. You have done the sacred work for this world, 
you have completed your service for mankind and you have 
completed your assignments, which repeatedly have brought 
you to this planet of love.
This certainty makes your ascension so dignified, 
your arrival in the light so noble; and it makes you 
powerful because you will become equal to unlimited 
Gods – omnipresent and all-encompassing.

Goodbye and ascension, arrival in the light: It is time.

I am with you.
On the bridge between worlds, 
I move worlds into the Light and lead human Beings to truth.
I am Master among Masters, one of you and amongst you,
 from the beginning of time till eternity.

In infinite Love

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