22. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones! 

ALL IS LOVE and yet everything what is 
does not express itself in Love. 

We are the ELOHIM 

Report: Immediately before this transmission begins 
I am in a small supermarket when I hear the following 
sentence spoken by one of the attendants in the bakery 
section: “How can he love you if he never experienced love 
himself, how can he give you something that he doesn’t have.”  
(End of report)

We are the ELOHIM and this “staging” as an “attunement” 
for this message illumines the aspect of lack of love, 
the absence of love.

The absence of love in its essence develops
as a result of the absence of divine light. 

A Being that avoids light’s touch, avoids the experience of love,  
because love is the consequence of this touch and human Beings, 
who want to experience themselves in their lack of light and love, 
back off from it. Every touch by the divine Light brings forth 
Love and brings it out into the light of the day. Only thereby 
human Beings are reborn and worlds are being transformed. 

In a Being the touch by God’s Light awakens the capacity for 
love; hardened hearts become soft, insensitive beings become 
sentimental and the respect for all life replaces the disregard 
of ALL-THAT-IS. On all levels of being, which hide these 
attributes of life and happiness, must, before light can be 
accepted, go through gloomy and love-less experiences, 
before awakening begins.

This is a “natural” creative and divine process and nobody 
or nothing can stop this process because due to the choice 
of a human Being this has to happen exactly like that in 
whatever manner. 

Love that has never been experienced can never 
be passed on! If the touch by the light has not been 
forthcoming then love also stays away because one 
affects the other. In all low-vibrating worlds this touch 
stayed away. It will continue to stay away, because otherwise 
the experience of suffering and pain would have to be held off, 
an experience that a being has chosen to immerse itself in, 
and thereby start the process of liberation.

The touch by the light has to be desired and a certain 
degree of a being’s maturity has to be attained whereby
this grace becomes possible.

Regarding the global and cosmic processes, 
and the ascension of this world, it is necessary 
to state the following: The victory that Light has won 
over darkness expresses itself in the fact that darkness 
has to withdraw from this world whereby the dark on this 
earth has to leave the planet of love, in order to condense 
further and to manifest in other realms of Being.
This victory of mankind has universal proportions because 
such a victory has never been succeeded by such a confined 
society. This full victory was never expected from mankind 
with a blocked DNA; and an infinite number of fields of God’s 
grace were provided in order to liberate mankind from the 
shackles of darkness. Yet these were mostly unutilized 
because mankind affected and achieved this ascension 
through its own force and now fulfills itself in God’s communion.

It was affected based on human free will, 
and that is the especially outstanding feature
of this ascension process. 

The dark has to yield to the light and it is not 
the light that has to withdraw from this earth to 
another world. 

Thereby new levels are created, new universes are 
being born, multiverses arise and an unlimited number 
of universes expand further – infinitely and unlimited.

Love and the Light have prevailed and yet 
the failure of many light warriors is predicated on this victory.

The inflow of light to this world is constantly being increased, 
intensifies and reaches every level on this planet and penetrates 
deeply into the core of human hearts. Always to the extent of 
what a being allows and as it is willing to illuminate the inside 
and to attain self-mastery.
However light’s touch became scary for many human Beings; 
and became too much for some and was too demanding for 
the majority of mankind. Therefore they broke off their 
transformation based on their own free will and retained 
open wounds and were under the illusion that they had 
done everything and just let love work within self.
Those who prematurely said goodbye to their own transformation 
hence became susceptible to the “light and love illusion”. 
Therefore it happened that much of what individual human 
Beings had hoped for could not occur. The essence of love 
was not understood, because who turns back halfway on 
the path to mastery is actually not “half a master”, 
but initially stagnates and then falls way behind. 

The “half-knowing” ones are the greatest servants to 
illusion and so it happens that many human children fail 
in their original goal to inherit the light.

Love requires three things:
1.) Mindfulness
2.) Compassion
3.) Peace

Mindfulness means to recognize ALL THAT IS as 
it really is and not as one believes it is.
Mindfulness means to have the courage to recognize 
all in oneself and in one’s being, to look at it unconditionally 
and to always apply the power of discernment.
Compassion, as an exalted condition of love and not 
a fretful co-weeping with those, who have decided otherwise. 
Compassion that has matured, that shines in dignity and nobility, 
because such a human Being knows where the oceans of world’s 
tears are coming from and whereto they flow.
Peace that always is, that is inside of you, and nothing 
can get you out of this condition. The kingdom of peace 
that you have established yourself on the inside is the 
basis for love, because every loving experience is only 
possible due the attainment of inner peace. 
Not a superficial peace in order just to have peace is 
what is meant here! He, who remains focused on his 
assignments in calmness and deep inner peace and 
does not even lose them in battle, is the best warrior. 

The warrior, who goes into battle with mindfulness 
and is accompanied by compassion, is at peace within 
self, in whatever he may do – and that is where love 
settles in. 

These three attributes, as they have been integrated 
into daily life, is the ground where love develops.
Love is and does not require “being loved”.
Love flows like a relentless river through all worlds and 
only he, who knows how to direct this flow into the proper 
energy paths, can be called an enlightened One and an 
awakened One; and can return to God as an actualized 
Being – to the fountainhead.
Love does not require confirmation from the outside
once it has propagated on the inside of a Being. 

As long as a human Being feels the existential need 
for the confirmation of love from the outside, he has 
not graduated and still has not mastered the school 
of ascension.

Rejection and recognition are two sides of the same coin, 
they let the ego grow or they injure it – if someone reacts 
inappropriately to them one has more work to do and needs 
to illuminate the inside. And to react inappropriately means: 

It is wrong to give love or rejection coming to you from 
the environment relative importance. It is necessary to 
encounter them like warm or cold raindrops and let the 
raindrops come over you without getting wet, because 
you are fitted with the proper clothing and protection. 
Where ego-consciousness has withdrawn itself to its 
actual function, nothing can be injured or can be honored, 
because nothing can go into resonance with something 
that does not exist. 

The “light and love illusion” created additional dependencies; 
that is to say the light warriors’ dependency for recognition 
from human Beings. And therefore new Gurus and Masters in 
great numbers came forth basking in the dim light of adoration 
and false reverence.
All is Love but not everything that is, expresses itself as Love.
To recognize this and to internalize it, is still the task of those 
human Beings, who are ready to leave this world; and these 
insights are the basis for any further steps in awareness.
Anybody who today still wants to bypass this necessity or 
wants to deny it will still continue to be barred from entry 
into the heavenly realms. 

Because to embrace the whole world even though 
it persistently withdraws from embracement is a rare
stupidity that is immanent in those who have put their 
own transformation on ice and have sabotaged their 
own steps in awareness.

We the ELOHIM flood this world with Light,
We the ELOHIM flood this world with Love and before this 
world appears in a new garment, for stragglers of ascension 
it is necessary to dissolve and to remove all blockages leading 
to fallacies and erroneous assumptions.

Light and the Love are the primal matter of all creations; 
and in the low vibrating worlds of the 3rd and 4th dimension 
this primal matter is distorted beyond recognition, so that 
beings can create the required experiences and insights. 

Who in gullible ignorance yet without deep inner 
awareness embraces hate wishing to experience self, 
will awaken in chains, forfeits his freedom and his peace, 
will suffer misfortune himself something he wanted others 
to be saved from. 

Despite this fallacy and the illusion everything fulfills 
deep meaning and all is self-serving.
It is necessary: to apply the power of discernment,
because it is true: Love can instantly heal a heart full 
of hate if it is ready for it. Only a true Master can
recognize this readiness and act accordingly, whereas 
in most cases an adept Master will fail and will go astray.
However if this readiness is missing, everything is useless. 
This is also apparent to a Master and he knows how to 
approach this situation with mindfulness and compassion.
Love that is not returned, light that is rejected and God who 
is being denied; and the unfinished masters in this world are
subject to the illusion of being able to overcome this ignorance, 
solely so that they must never face their own ignorance.

Solve this riddle, it is the puzzle of this time and it gives an 
answer to the question, why despite the outstanding success 
of the ascension, so many light warriors presently strand and 
fall for another illusion.

All is Love, the ELOHIM flood the world.
We have been given the task to bring you the good tidings 
about the upcoming processes of ascension; given to us from 
the Creator of all Life, who is GOD.

In infinite Love

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All is Light - THE ELOHIM: