8. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Humanity,

The final cycle of ascension in this world is in full 
swing and holds ready a great and new dynamic for you. 
The time has come when the last compromises of human 
Beings are exposed and when the full extent of crimes and 
slavery that mankind had to sustain, is brought to light. 
It is the time when the decisions of human Beings are 
sealed and are being anchored; it is the time of God’s last 
fields of grace before many worlds follow their destinations 
based on free will. 

The time of ultimate decisions has come! 

We are the ELOHIM

In the following weeks observe how human Beings
seemingly change. How Rulers of Nations, until now 
committed to darkness, seemingly appear handsome, 
how, before the great transformations occur, many Beings, 
who until today acted far from rapture, want to bring 
themselves into a good starting position.

The time of “great bending”, the time, wherein human 
Beings in great numbers give false testimony, has come!
In little things as well as in big ones, human Beings “bend” 
in their behaviour and want to give a dishonourable 
testimony of the light.
Human Beings, far from turning back, who never 
had thoughts about their own transformation, 
begin to think about how they can “save” their 
skin and their life. 

All human Beings, who never bet a penny on their 
ascension, are now gripped by a diffuse fear and 
in the last moment wish to jump unto the saving ship. 

Thereby they begin to sneak in to other human Beings, 
pretend to be loving, pretend to be interested in 
“esotericism”, just to get near you and be in the vicinity 
of your energy. A new measure of energy robbery and 
energetic transgression has been reached and therefore 
it is necessary for you, the light warriors of the first and 
last days, to apply your power of discernment.

Serious and out of their whole soul ready seekers 
of God and Self are still very rare today. 

Also in these last days of old humanity the fact remains 
that there are always few who aim for enlightenment 
and liberation. 

Meaning that today human Beings suddenly become 
abashed, who in the past were shaped in arrogance, 
they bend their back and pose in a mocked “Mea-Culpa-Position”.
On the level of their soul, the approaching events are being 
captured, inner knowledge meets outer ignorance and so fear 
dictates the life of the soul and the reactions of such human Beings.

On a global level, meaning on the political level of 
society, it isn’t otherwise. The Elites have been gripped 
by an unbelievable panic, because they cannot prevent 
their own downfall anymore.

Therefore they constantly think about end-time scenarios, 
meaning worldwide acts of destruction, yet all of them fail. 
Fail, because the spiritual levels of Light of All-that-Is 
deactivate all military instruments, as an act of terror would
reach an inadmissible proportion, based on divine decisions 
and the will of the ascending human Beings. In the entire 
dynamic and with all the displacements, which precede 
the great transformation: 

Only what serves the great plan, is allowed and 
never what a few devise in their dark chambers 
and in their brains occupied by darkness. 

The panic of the dark ones cause panic attacks and 
many of these Beings, under the mocking of false facts, 
want to change sides; they show interest in ascension 
and offer their service to the heavenly powers of Light.
And we say to you: Nobody of them will be considered, 
because their intentions are ignoble and of dark origin, 
emerge from their fear and impotence, and are never based 
on deep inner awareness nor the desire to fully turn around 
their life and to orient it towards God’s Light.

For the light warriors of the first and last days, 
it is now necessary to remain extremely careful. 
You will be constantly beleaguered by energetic 
“parasites” wanting to draw energy from you and who 
come into your vicinity as “running board drivers” of ascension.
They want to bask in the glory of your light mantle, 
your purified and light-filled aura.
Having neglected their own transformation, 
having missed their time for turning back and
having ignored the last deadlines, now these human 
Beings want to keep themselves harmless on account of you.

This is inadequate, because today everybody is solely 
responsible for his decisions and everybody will now be 
confronted by the implications. 
The ascension will not be given to anybody through 
the back door, or solely be enabled due to the 
intercession of another human Being.

The decisions of human Beings have been made, 
these are now sealed and for a long time will be 
anchored on the level of arrival that for many equals 
the old one. 

Highest carefulness is demanded, if iron that has 
never seen fire, never underwent heat or never experienced 
the blacksmith in his work pretends to become flexible. 

Transformation always occurs in God’s fire and 
changes a human Being in all its depth.

“Turning back? Just a word!
Soul? Where?
Life? Transitory.
And God? Not present!”

The stranding in the desert is certain based on 
these spiritual characteristics.
And now the stranded ones understand what kind 
of ghosts they have evoked, at a time, when they 
cast God’s offer, to enter into the seven Heavens, 
into the wind. 

Carefully watch out for false prophets and false 
ascension passengers, because the time of 
“great bending” has come. 

We are the ELOHIM and we seal and anchor the 
ascension of this world and the ascension of all 
human Beings who are ready for it.

In infinite Love

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