23. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


And now we encounter, after we recognized the 
“All-is-Light” illusion and the “All-is-Love” illusion, 
the third and at the same time last “Master-fallacy”.

All-is-God? Then how is the absence of God possible?

And for a fact the erroneous belief of “All-is-God” has spread 
very quickly and much suffering has been created based on 
this false assumption.

Meaning: God is Light, God is the Love and God is Life. 
That is indeed true. Therefore God is absent where life, 
the love and the light have been blinded out. And this is 
also true. This means that on low vibrating levels God’s 
absolute absence prevails partially, there is an absolute 
absence of Light, of Love and of Life; and at first this needs 
to be recognized.

Furthermore it is said: Through darkness God experiences 
self as Light. This assessment is only partially correct.
Because those parts, which have detached from God, 
those divine aspects having separated from the fountainhead, 
indeed experience themselves as Light as they descend into 
God Himself knows all and the primal Source of All-that-Is 
does not need this experience. Yet those Beings, who have 
been exhaled from the Source into the infinity of Creation, 
very much need the presence of darkness.

Know: You yourselves are the multidimensional gods 
creating new worlds and thereby are supported by 
God’s grace, accompanied and kept on the path. 

Yet this grace is absolutely useless if you shut it out.
And so it happened that many of the “awakening” gods 
believed to recognize God in Evil and in deep darkness.
Thereby the third and last embracement, of what does 
not exist, happened and the “All-is-God” illusion was born.

Meditate on this and dissolve this illusion, it is an additional 
leaden weight that will bring a new lightness once it is 
removed and creates a new life quality.

Now you beloved Ones,

We are among you, and we lift you until you have 
left the dense world entirely behind you and have 
forgotten it, until you touch God’s hemline.
We are the ELOHIM. 

Today we bring you the happy lore that the 
transformation continues superbly and in 
every respect happens optimally. 

Nothing hinders or obstructs this, all is according to 
God’s plan, everything happens for your benefit and for 
the praise of the universe.
In this time this world of the 5th dimension, 
where some Beings are already anchored, is 
“over-illuminated” by the reality of the 6th dimension.
Meaning that a “cosmic light dome” or a 6D-hologram 
has been installed over your already high vibrating energy field.

So that for you the ultimate ascension may 
happen absolutely harmoniously.

On the day that is close you will be lifted from this world. 
To be more precise, it is you lifting yourselves by maintaining 
the high light vibration. Furthermore the provision of the 
6D-holograms has the effect that your last steps in 
transformation are again accelerating.
Many human Beings have already experienced this.
Friendships fall apart; many families’ dissolve and 
partnerships are reexamined in the light. 

There is no more time for compromises and it is not
only up to you to be “uncompromising”, but life 
encounters you without compromise. 

Today all of you, who have agreed to ascend, 
receive this gift from Heaven, whereby all thought
and belief areas, the patterns of this time, will be 
swept away. There is also no longer a wait until you 
do it yourself or you attained the “insight” for it, but it 
simply happens, because you have basically given the 
order for it.

This action will be enhanced by the following fact:
At present the CENTRAL SUN has begun to send new 
light qualities to earth. It is the crystalline-white-light 
of Creation. This crystalline light structure is vital for 
your awakening, because it corresponds directly to your DNA.
Meaning that now the human DNA receives sufficient light in 
order to awaken, in order to manifest in its wholeness. 
Furthermore it is to be announced that your cells on the 
“light-quantum-level” – not on the genetic base - are 
being oriented to communicate with the 6th to 13th 
dimension of Being. A few human Beings have already 
activated this communication with these levels. Meaning 
that everything changes in your awareness – ALL; and 
therefore everything in your life that is not conducive is 
turned upside down.

In addition the communication of human Beings with 
crystals, which now lift out of the earth, is enhanced. 
The time of crystals, the great epoch of the crystalline 
era, has begun. On the level of geo-politics this means:
The complete disintegration of the old 3D and 4D structures, 
wherefrom several human Beings are still being affected.

You can observe it yourself, and who looks at it carefully, 
recognizes in all revolutions of this time the final chord 
and the great ending.
Many things are not what they seem to you.

Now, and at the end of this great arch of messages, 
we ask you to let go of the past. 

Do not search in the past in order to understand 
the future. Thereby you do not understand better, 
rather, old pictures and imprints encroach, which 
block unique never before taken paths. 

Align yourself fully with your multidimensional reality 
of the now. What you create in the “future” has value 
and is of importance, and not what you have created 
in the past or who you have been. 

You have been given the task to build new worlds, 
to manifest new creations and not to search for 
satisfaction or recognition in old creations. 

What does the Now, my Now, hold ready for me?
And not what has the past made out of me.

Demand your “mother-blueprint”.
Your “quantum-blueprint” that is superior to 
any individual life expression. This blueprint is the 
original foundation of your life, your divinity, after 
you emerged from your Source. Today it is not just 
necessary to fulfill your “human” blueprint, but to be 
in accordance with your divine blueprint; to fully align 
your lines with this level of light, the crystalline creation 
level of your multidimensional nature.

We are the ELOHIM
Ask for what is yours and not be satisfied with less.
And in all be ready to fully transform your whole life.
Because: This unconditional attitude and the readiness 
to give all in order to receive all is still urgently needed of you! 

Recognize God where He is and do not surmise Him on levels 
wherefrom this essence has been banned in order to experience 
godlessness. Accept the truth that the absence of God is 
the greatest experience an angel in human expression can 
embody. Link your life with the higher realms of light. 
Observe what is and do not let yourself be blinded by the 
still manifested world of illusion.
High Beings, who you are, return to the Source. 
A multilayered process goes into the final phase.
Gods, who you are!

Have the courage to recognize what is being 
revealed to you and apply it in your life, then 
you have recognized all and you have done 
everything for your ascension. 

Love is with you, Life is in you and God is omnipresent.
Time fulfills itself. 

You are honored and inordinately loved,


This is the message of the light reading on 
February 28st, 2014 in Vienna.
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correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
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