27. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Time has run out!
The last deadlines come to a close!
Every deception will be eliminated. 
The full view of the reality of life will raise 
the “Saints of Time” and those, who brought 
great calamities to this world, will be plunged
into their own calamity. 

Human Beings have decided on an individual basis, 
mankind has decided on a collective basis and Gaia, 
the home of humanity, has decided to sound the final 
chord of its transfiguration and to initiate the ultimate 
events that transform this planet from the ground up. 

The “Null-time” has been reached!
Included in it are:

1.) The transfer of all great light warriors to their 
home of the fifth dimension.
2.) The transfer of life energy and livelihood to a higher 
energy level. Because, while the events on the surface 
of the earth take place, no stone remains on top of the 
other and so it is necessary to furnish “Noah’s Ark” with 
all valuable things for life in order to preserve these for 
the time after and for specific worlds.
3.) The withdrawal of the last Masters who work on site.
4.) The withdrawal of all light forces that served this 
mankind refusing to awaken.
5.) The withdrawal of all spiritual beings, 
which had taken on the guardianship for this world.
6.) The arrival of the great destroyers that sink worlds, 
which remove anything rotten and tear down fragile walls.
7.) The arrival of SHIVA who brings the great fire wherein 
all ignoble things burn and everything noble receives its 
final purification.
8.) The repopulation of the planet and the start into a 
new epoch, with purified human Beings that are ready 
to let Light come into their heart and Love into their Being.

Honored human Beings,
It is heralded to you!

Now the last of the 108 steps to me will be stepped on. 
It is the step of the sacred Nine (9) whereon all decisions 
and processes are irreversible and wherefrom all new 
processes of creation start. And on this step all resolutions 
of a human Being, intentions and decisions, will be put on 
God’s scale for the last time. Who passes now, who can 
sustain my Light and emerges saved out of my reflection, 
has mastered all final challenges and will enter into the 
Light long before the end of time. 

The last step before the entry into the new reality 
is now being stepped on. The “Null-Time” in the 
number 9 – without time and space – begins.

New worlds, created by Gods who you are, new life, created 
out of you, new Being that can join with the highest levels of 
God’s Creation, because truth and Love, purity and compassion 
have fully taken possession of you. The birth of the new world
is happening and with a hint from God this sacred process 
continues, whereby all false Gods will be pushed from their 
thrones of this world, which they dishonorably acquired. 

It happens on the day that is intended for it, 
and it fulfills itself in the number 9. 

I am

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