15. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

No day is like the other, no time is like another, 
everything is in constant change, everything is subjected 
to transformation; everything is part of the great divine plan, 
part of the great will of human Beings and part of a fundamental 
intent of all life: Forming new life out of life – mutable and immortal.

We are the ELOHIM 

Report: Have been to different places in the City. 
And everywhere I encounter dirty human Beings 
or ugly things. (End of report)

We are the ELOHIM
We are the builders of staircases for mankind 
and we accompany you to lofty heights.

The described observation shows that the time 
of the Light has surrounded everything and all.
Also those who have no knowledge of the cosmic or 
planetary events can no longer hide, no longer disguise 
their Being, and no longer keep their intentions concealed 
behind a veil. Human Beings appear in their whole beauty 
or in their full conditioning; the unresolved belief patterns 
and blockages and they take on the shape of those.
An “ugly” human Being is such based on his inner ugliness; 
his inner unwillingness to change, and instead of becoming 
a butterfly has chosen the permanence of a caterpillar.

This becomes obvious for the awakened light warriors in 
order to distinguish on day X between the wheat and the 
chaff. Because it comes to pass that God takes one from 
the field and the others remain in the field.
And it comes to pass that the ascending human individuals 
receive precise knowledge thereof, who goes into the light 
and who looks out for further adventures in the darkness. 
This also applies to things that were not built in love; 
now reveal their whole lack, its ugliness, before they 
will be destroyed and collapse. 

This knowledge of whom God will take from the field 
and who remains in the field is now being recorded in 
the actual light warriors of the first and last hours.  

The knowledge thereof is of importance so that you never 
glide into ignorance, never look up to heaven and ask: 
“Why has this my friend stayed behind in this world?” 
This ignorance can throw you back in your own efforts 
for ascension and should be avoided at all cost. 

Mercy and ignorance must be removed under all 
circumstances so that you enter easily and freely 
into the Light and thereby never look back in wistfulness. 

The dividing lines go across families and societies. 
The highly vibrating 5D level expects you and it is expected 
that you be firmly anchored in it. Meaning: to burst open all 
chains and tethers. 

Human Beings and things fall off from you like flaky skin 
and now God your Creator transfers the “Garments of Light” 
onto you. 

We are one with humanity and with all life.
We build the staircases into Heaven and it is now 
up to you to step on them. Therefore: 
Trust your decision and based on this 
certainty act without compromise! 

Then you have fulfilled everything, then you will be
carried away by God’s Ray of Light and enter into the 
world of joy and bliss.

Behind you lies this one world; you have stripped it off, 
like a worn-out coat. And behind you are many worlds 
whereon you have experienced birth and death. 

Break off all inner bindings to these worlds. 
Past and future no longer know you. 

Because you have seen what has been hidden 
to the eye, you have heard what has never been 
transmitted to the ear and it was revealed to you,
what has been deprived from the senses of a human Being.

You have persevered and understood, you are free and 
have ascended into the Light. 

From now on you are “strangers in your own country”,
in the transitory home country of time and space, 
because you’re true home and the Light has been 
revealed to you.

Human Beings become like Gods.
Never experience again, what has been experienced, 
never relive what has been lived, never again go toward 
an unknown destination in ignorance; never be less than 
what you are: Life, life, life and Love – in eternity. 

We are the ELOHIM
We are the brightest light-filled reality in God’s infinity. 

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