14. März 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Readers,

Today we would like to express our heartfelt  
gratitude for the many and specific feedbacks regarding 
the effectiveness of the Lichtwelt gifts (Pendant/Symbol CB9, 
mountain crystal and rose quartz energy discs CB5, symbol for 
the healing of the world, light of the world). For us it is a great 
joy to be able to experience “at close hand” the healings and 
God’s grace. Your reports and descriptions let us participate in 
your truly personal experience with the “inheritance from
Atlantis” – the touch that you receive from the divine light 
is therefore also a source of strength for us. These reports, 
even though they have to remain unanswered, are without 
exception passed on to me and also to the Lichtwelt-Team, 
as is desired in most cases.

A heartfelt thank-you also goes to all those attentive 
readers who make us aware of the few spelling errors 
and errors in understanding in our publications, which 
happen repeatedly.

And again we may express our heartfelt thanks to you who 
have sent us financial assistances in the last few weeks. 
These are regular and irregular sums of different amounts 
arriving in our account and whereby much of what would be
impossible is made possible. The free availability of our 
messages still requires those means even though we intensely 
help to create a fully conscious society that does not require 
money anymore.

In total we can notice with joy that the Lichtwelt-community 
grows and grows. We see that more and more human Beings 
experience being touched by the Light and we are thankful 
that we have done our part. 

Today it is called for to be whole. For each of us it is 
necessary to fulfill our assignments, everyone where 
God has put us – unconditionally and with deep trust in God. 

And from your numerous letters we can clearly surmise that 
more and more human Beings interlock with their assignments, 
become aware of their blueprint and have started a life far
from compromise.
Naturally we from the Lichtweltverlag also have to live 
up to these requirements and so I have to point out here 
that all letters, which refer to the content of our publications 
or relate to the healing effect of the gifts from the 
“inheritance from Atlantis” must furthermore remain 
unanswered. We know that you are a Master yourself 
and everything is given to you – and we know what our 
assignments are: To pass on the gifts from Heaven, 
in the assuredness that everything will be revealed to 
human Beings by itself and through God.

For all of us it is therefore true: To do exactly 
what we came for! More and more human Beings 
become aware of the necessary way of life and begin 
to orient their life accordingly.

This “renewed orientation of human Beings” guarantees 
the rapid transformation of this society, because as soon 
as a human Being has come into his power the impossible 
becomes possible. 

Honored Readers,

In this spirit be assured: We continue to feel the
“pulse of time” and be in the “flow of life”. 
We will continue to pay our undivided attention 
to the cosmic transformations and the events in society, 
until we, together with you, have fulfilled what we 
came for in this world eons ago. 

With the highest regard for your Being and in Love

Your Lichtwelt-Team & Jahn J Kassl 

(At this time an English version of the Lichtwelt-Homepage 
is in preparationso that our english speaking readers may 
without restrictions also partake in our messages and the 
gifts from true "inheritance from Atlantis".)