3. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 


Dream: I see Georg’s wife, being very sad, sitting on a rock 
in front of their house. I am told that the family has been 
evicted because they could not pay the rent of 1000 Euros anymore. 
I reflect on how we could help to circumvent this fate. After that 
I watch the main news on television channel “Pro 7” reading the
message that the Lichtweltverlag from Linz has declared insolvency. 
I think to myself, that they lie and they don’t even know that 
we are in Vienna and not in Linz. Then a Mercedes with four dark 
figures sitting inside is pursuing me. There is nothing they can 
do to me, yet it is very uncomfortable that they follow me every 
step. In the last scene I see an incredibly terrible fight – man 
against man – carried out in a large department store with 
swords and other weapons. I am in the middle of it. It is clear 
that the dark ones are fighting against the light warriors. 
Initially it seems that the light warriors are losing the fight. 
Suddenly all weapons of the dark ones become ineffective. 
Thereon we destroy these beings by cutting off their heads. 
I call out to our light warriors that they can take anything 
from the store that they see, because: “It belongs to you!” 
Thereby I see mostly kitchen appliances and many Nespresso 
automatic coffee machines. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream illustrates what is still going on in this world:  
The fight between Good and Evil, the Light and the Darkness, 
is still going on and not all battles have been fought or have 
been won; even though the Light has already prevailed and 
even though you have already arrived in the Cities of Light. 

Significant soul fragments of your divine Self still perform 
service on the highest 4D levels and there new forces discharge 
in these days. And once more the lords of darkness undertake 
every attempt to bring the world and mankind entirely under 
their ruler ship. This dream speaks a clear message: 

The dislocation of Georg and his family mean that Georg 
gives up his home in this world. This is defined by his assignments 
and everything will be done in order to facilitate this ascension in 
total calm and composure and in the necessary concentration. 
Therefore Jahn makes the effort to prevent the dislocation so 
that it would create a relaxed ascension scenario for Georg. 
Georg’s wife is sad which shows that one person may experience
something as a loss whereas the other person experiences it as a 
gain, because Georg is not at all in the mood to grieve. 
This scene describes the different perceptions of all human 
Beings regarding these events. What is grief for one is joy 
for another.

The number 1000 points to new assignments for Georg. 
1 as a new beginning of the one indivisible divine consciousness 
(the indivisible number), and the three zeroes as new creations
 that George will bring forth. Meanwhile the Lichtweltverlag 
has attained such importance that the dark ones want to damage it.
And the system announces the lie of the alleged insolvency 
on television.

PRO stands for the number 49 (P=16, R=18, O=15), 
which is the number of completion (7x7); and the 7 
additionally reinforces it.
Meaning: The dark Elites seal their own downfall through their lies!
The fight in the supermarket, a symbol for this world, wherein 
everything that can be utilized is offered for sale, is witness to it. 
Everything that as a birthright belongs to human Beings or the earth, 
is stolen from them and is being resold to them at a very high price. 
What should be freely available for human Beings (food, water, 
energy, housing) has an Orion price tag attached to it and so 
the whole world has decayed into a global, grotesque and 
decadent Supermarket. Logically the final battle wherefrom 
the light warriors emerge as victors, occurs in this “global 
Supermarket”. This scene shows that it still seems to many 
that the dark ones would prevail. Thereby the city Linz is an
indication of what forces are at work. The previous nationalistic 
leader wanted to form Linz into a capital city of enormous
proportions. Meaning: Today as before the old energies of 
destruction are still at work and even when it appears that 
they still carry away victory, it very quickly proves to be an 
error, because: THE LIGHT PREVAILS!
And this dream symbolizes this victory. 
(End of interpretation, interpretation done by Jahn’s Higher Self)

So far everything has been said and now it is 
important to let things and events take their course.
While the ascending ones arise higher and higher into the light, 
the dark ones sink deeper and deeper into the morass of their 
own creations. The plans that they entertained for mankind 
now fall back on them and they themselves fall into the pits 
they dug out for human Beings. Yet they ignore this fact 
and aren’t ready to deviate by one iota from the diabolic 
plan to enslave all of mankind.
Their hubris has advanced to such a degree that there 
is no more possible return for them because all warning 
signs were ignored and cast off into the wind. 

The more light-filled this world becomes, 
what appears to you becomes even more horrid, 
because the darkness is visible only in the light! 

The higher you rise up the more serious are the changes 
that the dark ones are confronted with. When their whole 
doings are exposed, human Beings will recognize which lords 
they serve. Those who want to see will see, and they 
will do everything to end this condition.

The great gifts are now being presented to you.
You remain invincible even when the lie propaganda is 
poured out over you; and you leave this world because 
you have so decided due to the power of your divine consciousness
 and not because the dark ones have succeeded to force you out. 

The Light always prevails!  

The Light is stronger, more powerful and victorious, 
and it is always superior to darkness.

Keep this truth always alive within Self, even if a snapshot 
of time may speak another language. In the certainty of your 
final victory you can adequately confront every seemingly 
hopeless situation.

Omnipresent among you.

Go on, do not look behind.
Remain loyally dedicated to your light-filled decisions.
Your reward in Heaven is beyond measures.
I love you infinitely

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