28. März 2014


Attunement to the Light Reading 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl 
translated by Franz    

Come to me,
I surround you with my Love,I bed you softly, 
I see where you suffer from deprivation and I fill 
you with happiness. 
Because you should enjoy abundance
and be endowed, to experience new Being
out of my hands and become what you are through me. 

Come to me,
I am God your Father, I am God your Mother, God your Brother, 
God your Sister; If you doubt and flag, when the path into the 
Light becomes turbid, then I stand at your side. 
Because of all the friends I am the one,
Who has been eternal, Who is eternal and remains eternal. 

Come to me,
I am All and in All, I am the Wellspring of all Life without 
a beginning or an end; When you look for me, then I reveal 
myself in All, that is in your life. 
Because Life without God does not exist; 
and my absence is the illusion of illusion. 

Come to me,
Leave everything behind you; give up everything that 
binds you to this world; be wise in your decisions. 
Because I, who is God, am your first servant,
in All, that is intended for you. 

Come to me,
I expect your arrival in the Heavens, which I prepare 
for you; with the Longing of a Father and with the Love 
of a Mother. 
Because the time of being separated is over; 
and your journey in darkness is finished. 

Come to me,
how long do you want to wait for happiness that I promise 
you now, how long do you want to deprive yourself of the Light, 
how long do you still want to resist the Love? 
Because who sacrifices self, will live, in my Kingdom that is eternal. 

Come to me,
Heaven is open for you and Worlds upon Worlds 
prepare a worthy reception for you. 
Because you shall see: The truth of all Life.