30. März 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
transated by Franz 

Who calls on me receives Life.
Who denies me will die another death.
Who sacrifices self will be saved.

Who chooses security,
Will walk toward uncertain times.
Who is whole receives all.
Who is half and tepid will be absorbed by the events,
Like a dried-out riverbed is submerged by the floods.

Who has decided will find.
Who hesitates will go on searching.
Who gives will be given.
Who takes will be taken from.

At the end of time,
Everybody will get together at God’s gate.

At the end of time,
The heart of a human being will be put on God’s scale.

At the end of time,
All decisions of a human Being will be 
recognized in its true value.

At the end of time,
All human Beings return to God.

And the end of time is now.

I am all and in all.

I am

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