1. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: Since last night a sentence continuously repeats in my mind: “Advocate of Mankind”. Today a man greets me in the sauna with 
“Hallo, Servus”. This is a form of greeting that is familiar in this area, 
but is usually appropriate, if you know each other quite well. But 
I see this man for the first time and I reply with the more formal 
“Grüß Gott”. As he departs, he adapts to my formality and says 
to me in a friendly tone “goodbye”. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,
My eternal Children, Gods in Human Gestalt!


Two pictures, one sign: The ascending ones,
l due to their light vibration, lift groups of human 
Beings and bring them into more light-filled areas of 
Creation, wherefrom they can ascend easier and will ascend.

This is a renewed service of infinite 
Love for mankind by the ascending ones.

Because already long ago these human Beings have 
fulfilled everything for themselves and therefore these 
Beings in these last days of mankind live solely for the 
purpose of “holding advocacy with God” of those children, 
who missed the last fork on the road into the Light.


The ascension of the world is, in this last phase, 
extremely demanding for the ascending ones, because 
so many human Beings got lost or have consciously turned 
away from the Light. Added to this is now the fact that the 
ascending ones have agreed to feed groups of human Beings, 
who are close to ascension, but cannot attain it due to their 
own strength, into the force field of their own energy field, 
so that before, during or after the great event they can be 
uplifted with the ascending ones. The fact that so many 
human Beings stayed away from ascension required new 
measures and the light warriors of the first and last hours, 
due to their manifested energy field of a high Light vibration  
have agreed to uplift groups of human Beings together with them.

Love prevails 
This service of Love is described as “advocacy with God”, 
because these human Beings would have to stay behind 
without this help.
Thereby human Beings, who cannot create an appropriate 
ascension vibration on their own, adapt to the high Light 
vibration of the ascending ones – for a short time.
Thereby it is guaranteed that these human Beings will 
come through these upheavals on earth undamaged;
and on a higher level of All-That-Is will be motivated 
for growth. The introductory report by Jahn describes 
this process.

In total also this new variant of ascension applies to 
just a few human Beings, human Beings, who should not 
get lost in space-time, because they are closer to the Light 
than to darkness.

Light prevails, because the Love of human Beings for 
their siblings is the clincher. Without Love all is nothing 
and even the nothing becomes real only through Love. 

In this phase of the transformation, 
the Gods who you are give the world a new countenance. 

Out of Love for the world, out of Love for mankind, for those, 
who are now lost and are of goodwill, a staircase into the Light 
is being built, by human Beings, who are sacred, for human Beings, 
who long for healing yet are no longer able to do so due to their 
own power.

How many human Beings were invited to the table 
of the Lord! Out of thousands only one found the way to me.
And yet it is much, very much of what we accomplished, 
because one world will be uplifted and creation expands now; 
due to the power and glory emanating from the Elders of the 
world until today – due to the Love that you are.


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