12. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Everything will fall down 
Report: In the anticipation of an approaching thunderstorm, 
my beloved son NOAH and I sit on our terrace and observe the 
tinting firmament. In front of us the tall houses of a large city 
reach into the sky, as Noah pointing to the houses suddenly 
says to me: “These will all fall down…” After that I: 
“When will they fall down and why?” Noah: “You say it!”   
(End of report)

Beloved Ones,

We come closer and closer to the point, when all events, 
which have already occurred on the different holograms 
directly next to earth, will also discharge on this level. 
„Everything will fall down“ and this in one creative stroke.
Prepare yourself, whereby you free yourself from the slacks 
of time. And the slacks are:

1.) Lack of Love
2.) Ignorance
3.) Greed
4.) Egotism
5.) Blindness
6.) Hate
7.) Fear
8.) Arrogance
9.) Falsehood
10.) Lack of Courage

Beloved Ones! 

Remove these conditions in you, 
even if there are only trace elements left,  
because the new world, after the old has “fallen down”, 
will get along without these attributes. 

A wind, at first lite and soft, increases to immeasurable 
strength, to let life die away and let life develop in an almighty 
In the Eye of the Cyclone the Birth 
of the new Earth takes place. 

Understand this message,
Because the Glory in God is near.

In Peace that I am

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