24. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Excerpt from the message of the Light Reading
On 8/22/2014 in Vienna

Revolution of the Spirit 
Regarding the actual quality of the day 
the following needs to be reported:

1.) The great revolution, which I am constantly 
talking about, is ongoing. It is the revolution, 
which gets by without weapons. Even if progress 
seems little for some, however it is a fact:
The revolution of the human spirit has captured
this world. The cornerstones of the old world, 
which you came for to collapse, are tumbling 
and falling down – in these days.

2.) Our revolution requires only one medium: 
The spirit which recognizes. Due to this recognition, everything that vibrates at a lower frequency must dissolve. And also this process is already ongoing.

I say to you: Babaji and the Light forces of 
Heaven make themselves recognized to 
mankind due to their omnipresent Spirit.

A spoken word of mine possesses more 
“explosive power” than all weapons of this 
world. A word from the One and Life is fulfilled. 
For those, who truly aim for this fulfillment.


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