21. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

At this time the ascending ones are being initiated 
into new experiences of space-time displacements.
In the dream state and in the wakeful state dispensations 
and experiences reach you, which are not of this world.

Meaning that the light warriors, who are now keeping ready 
for their rapture, visit different space-time levels in a very
short time, pass through them or stay there for a certain 
period of time, in order to fulfill specific assignments.

Indications for it are that during a single day extreme dislocations 
and perceptions of energy qualities occur. From one instance to the 
next the “energetic conditions”, the “weather” in a sense change.

You experience the light-filled reality of the fifth dimension, 
in order shortly thereafter – without your conscious 
involvement – to slide onto the 3D level.
Uncomfortable 3D encounters, coming out of nowhere 
and disappearing as quickly or situations, which displace 
you from a love vibration, in an unexplainable manner, 
to a loveless vibrational condition, are indications for it.
Also the changes in your surroundings become increasingly 
significant. Foremost at this time it can be read from the weather 
and sky phenomena, from bright sunshine and a blue sky to the 
sudden radical change in weather – all in a very short time and 
coming out of nowhere.

This also happens similarly in the dream state. 
Thereby the Light penetrates your dreams, and then
you wake up again from a bleak nightmare reality of a 
low vibrating level.

These facts indicate that the holographic levels and worlds 
penetrate each other and go over into a “fluid condition”. 
Even though the worlds are sealed one after the other, 
the overlaps of worlds increases; a paradox that is based 
on the fact that the light warriors of the first and last hours 
according to their assignments have begun to expand the light 
of their multidimensional Being in different worlds. These are 
assignments, which do not wait until after your ascension, 
but those, which already now you have devoted yourself to.

In addition due to the creation of 4D Mother Planets, space-time 
travels are necessary in order to support this process, especially 
as some light warriors of the first and last hours function as 
Logos of these new worlds.
These facts, whereby the reality of Now, the “simultaneity of all life”
is experienced more and more consciously, brings with it the 
dissolution of the actual reality, which many light warriors of 
this time in a sometimes unbearable manner are exposed 
to – until the point is reached, when this level “shatters”.
It is important to understand that the illusion of this level 
remains intact until the last day in time. Thereby the “shadow 
players of this level” go all out until the last day. A return is 
impossible, because they sunk their teeth into the recapture 
of this planet, and can no longer and will not cease from this 
“bite numbness”. 

Perfect Illusion & Phenomena 
Thereby the light warriors of the first and last hours find 
themselves in a nearly perfect illusion, in the “imprisonment 
of the matrix”, which de facto no longer exists for you, 
because each ascending one has attained the inner liberation 
a long time ago.
In conclusion the pointer is given that the upheavals of this 
space-time level condense and that the process of the erosion 
of this Orion-society continues rapidly.
In the meantime the boundaries between the worlds become
more fluid for the light warriors, until they are completely transparent.
The veil becomes more transparent and in the meantime the 
phenomena in space-time increase for human Beings, space-time 
travels gain in significance and these already characterize daily 
life of many conscious human Beings.

You become invisible, because you are in a different space-time, 
you lose objects or misplace things, in order to find them shortly 
thereafter in their familiar location; because you have changed 
the space-time level.
You meet light-filled and wonderful human Beings and an instant 
later you encounter a flood of dark and unresolved energies, 
human Beings, who have recognized nothing and have understood 
little; you dip into the dark levels of the world – everything 
nearly simultaneously, in the wake state and during a single 
You carry out battles and you prevail, you create worlds and 
you bring the Light – all at the same time and in the Now, 
because your multidimensional Being expands and because 
you begin to be consciously aware of this experience on this level.
Additional phenomena are: the stand still of time or the rapid passing 
of time, changes in the surroundings, meaning, places, which are very
familiar to you, suddenly look different and/or feel differently; human 
Beings, which you believed to know quite well, suddenly behave 
differently and nothing seems to remind you of their so far 
familiar demeanor.

In total these dramatic and exciting facts mark the last days for 
ascending human Beings of this space-time level – before you 
return into the Light as fully awakened Creator Gods.

The farewell from this and the arrival 
in the other world occur in the Now.

The space-time-less being begins.

In infinite Love


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