25. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

To be attuned to the ascension or to be confronted by 
descend – this process has the highest priority now and 
affects every human Being on this planet.


No human Being will be confronted by his choice 
unprepared and no Being faces itself unprepared.

Light Families instruct Human Beings 
The fact of the upcoming change has been recorded on the soul 
level of every human Being. And this process is finished. Now the 
spiritual light families of the subtle realms begin to prepare their 
earthly siblings for the upcoming on the mental and emotional level. 
Thereby, to a certain degree, every human Being in his daily 
consciousness also becomes aware that this time is a unique 
one and that the unique event is upcoming.

The forces of Light attune human Beings to their new home 
foremost on the dream level and in nightly instructions.
Those, who can bear the Light of this time and incorporate 
it, and those, who turn away from it, equally.
It pertains to all human Beings, because each human 
Being has made a choice.

Thereby all human Beings are sufficiently prepared and attuned 
for the day X, which they will experience fitted with this inner 
knowledge. It also pertains to those, who deny these events until 
the very last. What has been building up since a long time ago 
occurs in the care of the spiritual Light levels and in God’s care, 
and what is described here is an additional building block, 
before it can be fulfilled what will be fulfilled and from the 
timeless viewpoint of the light levels has already been fulfilled.

Beloved Ones,

Indeed everything has been cared for, and so I pronounce: 
Everyone, who will find his new home on one of the many 
4D worlds will remain free of any “shock experiences”,  
because ossifying into a pillar of salt will only those, who have 
chosen the descend into the darkness of the third dimension of 
All-That-Is. For those human Beings it means back to the start, 
with all its ramifications that are connected with it. 

The days pass and it seems that the game never ends! 
Get rid of this illusion forever, whereby you fertilize the 
soil day for day, cultivate the field and never neglect 
God’s vineyard. 

Overcome time still before time will overcome you
– your consciousness has been opened for it.
Remain true to yourself and remain unconditionally 
dedicated to your light path. The world arises at the 
planned hour.

God your Creator lives in you from the beginning of time.

In infinite Love


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