15. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Before the long journey of the light warriors through time 
and space ends, they withdraw from all levels, where they 
were ever present…. 

Report: Exactly in this moment a former regular guest from
my time as a waiter sees me. He comes to the table in the garden 
of the café and drops a few clichés and with the information that 
I founded the “Lichtweltverlag” in a very nasty manner vents his 
feelings about “spirituality” in general and about “Light” and about
“Light nutrition” specifically. Cynically disgusting, yet always 
remaining friendly, he states his deep rejection, until I get 
dizzy – a clear sign to stop this madness. I immediately end 
this conversation abruptly and firmly, yet friendly (reflection). 
We say goodbye and from the distance this dumb head waves 
to me one more time…., thereby I have the impression of an 
absolutely from the outside controlled, but foremost totally 
empty and soulless figure – a faint copy of an already faint 
copy…(End of report)

…..and withdraw their energies,
in order to accelerate the “free fall” of the worlds.

Withdrawal of the Ascending Ones 
And to withdraw energy means that at the end of time, 
on your level of experience, only soulless and empty shells 
will still remain. This explains your current situation, whereby 
you increasingly encounter ruthlessness, inconsideration, 
lack of love or ignorance. 

The ascending ones begin to totally withdraw from this 
level, which means a serious indent for the dark ones, 
because they have supplied themselves foremost with 
energy from the energy traces of the light warriors. 

It is the “final battle”, because the word verily describes 
exactly what presently happens in this world.

This “final battle” is actually described, whereby the light 
warriors of the first and last hours, it is the ascending ones, 
are hindered in their ascension by the self-duplicating armies 
of the dark forces, because they block the path.

Why is this possible and allowed from Heaven?

It is part of the dissolution process on earth, 
whereby the dark ones reproduce themselves, 
meaning that they create always-new aspects of their image. 
This massive presence of the dark ones ends, as soon as the 
light warriors of the first and last hours have entirely withdrawn 
their soul parts, soul sequences, soul fragments, portions of their 
soul and Being, from this and from all worlds similar to this one.

Now this process occurs with all light warriors, who look forward 
to “transfiguration”, which is the reason that this world begins 
to feel increasingly foreign and becomes unbearable.

Reproduction of the Dark Ones 
Regarding the “constant reproduction of the dark ones” 
it should be mentioned that it deals with copies of copies 
and again copies. Meaning that with each new reproduction 
the prime essence thins out – like the writing on paper, 
which gets fainter after each copy; until the prime essence 
can no longer muster the manifestation power for a renewed
“copy”. This exponential increase of increasingly weaker dark 
shadows, images or uninhabited templates, at this time 
experiences its massive expansion, because the panic of 
the dark ones has broken out entirely.
An idiosyncrasy, which will suddenly ebb away exactly like 
it appeared, because these “copies” thin out and on account 
of “accelerated time” suddenly can no longer manifest.
Additionally the ascending ones are in a final and very intensive 
self-purification process, paired with the attacks from the dark 
ones, this creates a situation that means extreme stress on your 
mental and emotional structures.
These goings-on will be rampant during a very short duration 
in time, before further and for some final measures for their 
ascension will be initiated. 

The time, wherein the dark ones throw
“drubbings on your path”, ends suddenly, 
 because in these days the moment fulfills itself, whereby all 
light warriors of the first and last hours – the ascending ones – have 
fully withdrawn all portions of their Being from all space-time levels, 
where they were ever present.
Then the dark ones have no longer access to you, 
and then the time of freedom has come.
It is important to understand that with regard to this complete 
withdrawal of all portions of your Being, in most cases it does not 
deal with the complete portions of your soul, instead, based on the 
power of your soul, it deals with independent structures of your Self. 
This is a very powerful “manifestation of your Light”, wherefrom many 
Beings nurture themselves. These parts are now dissolving or are 
withdrawn. A process that is necessary, so that the worlds, 
which complete the journey into the Light at another time, 
will be confronted with their own energy quotient.

This leads to the quick experience of the “downfall” of a world 
and to renewed dying; to a confrontation with oneself, 
wherefrom new insights follow.

Therefore darkness stays behind in this world, 
and you ascend into the Light. 

The days fulfill themselves, the time fulfills itself. 

In infinite Love


Recording and Epilog: After reception of this message I drive 
with my scooter quite leisurely along the biggest shopping street 
of Vienna, which is presently being rebuilt, as two policemen 
suddenly stop me to control my papers. After everything was 
done without a problem, I drive on. 
As I park the scooter, I recognize human Beings, who look at me, 
look at my scooter and who – pointing their fingers at me making 
fun of me – for whatever reason.
This in a peculiar infantile manner, as malicious and “slipped away” 
children, when they want to successfully play a trick on somebody, 
would do full of gloating satisfaction.
After that I see exclusively ugly and some almost obese 
human Beings passing by. These are scenes from another 
world, which pass in front of me. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

This confirmation was given at the end of what was said here. 
So that the intensity of the current events in this world can be 
understood, integrated and accepted.

In infinite Love


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