30. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


omnipresent consciousness of Creation.
This is a continuing transmission to yesterday’s 
message (“Preparations for the Final Event”)  
wherein it is important to point to a significant situation.

Time of Interferences 
Based on the fact that the ascension of this world reaches
a new dimension and the assignments of the ascending 
ones have been expanded to the inter-dimensional galactic 
level, the situation on earth will again “condense”.
Meaning, before the “disruption of the galaxies” occurs, 
the human daily awareness will experience a uniquely 
intensive condensation, overlay and a distortion of reality. 
This means that on this level of awareness, massive criminal 
and destructive discharges will appear, while you become lighter, 
more light-filled and most of all more self-composed. 
The frame of reference for all destructive and lightless discharges changes absolutely. The presence of Love takes possession of you. 
Some of what you thought you had already overcome emerges in the 
“time of interferences” and you remain untouched inwardly and outwardly. 
Like wise observers, who bow over an upside down world with their 
Love. The revolution has it in it and in a moment of God’s truth 
everything ends: An instance, nothing more.

New Awareness 
This renewed “condensation” and “distortion” of reality, 
whereby worlds overlap, is the logical result of the increase
in vibration on this planet and before it comes to the “disruption” 
of the whole galaxy.
The perception, the awareness of these upheavals is new for 
those, who have taken on the guardianship of the galaxy.

The 3D planet of darkness is now being populated and those, 
who are affected by it, are against it with all their might; 
which requires certain events. These “events” pass in front of 
the ascending ones like a fog in autumn; this is a new access 
to this time quality, which can now be anchored in your hearts.
This dynamic continues to remain awe-inspiring.
Time is strained like the bowstring stretched to the limit, 
before the arrow seeks its target. And you are bow, string, 
arrow and the target all in one with everything that is.

It is now important to become aware of this fact and your 
new status. Foremost in those moments, when massive 
centrifugal forces of time affect you.
As far as it is possible for you, always take in the higher 
ranking perspective, the view of your omnipresent consciousness 
and look through the greatest illusion that mankind has ever been 
exposed to, exactly in the moment, when it happens.

It is the illusion of darkness, while the reality of the Light 
and God’s Love expand over-all, spread out and get anchored.
Regarding the “disruption of the galaxies” I notify that this process 
goes along with the magnetic reversal of the earth, both affect 
each other.

Power has been given to you 
As “guardians of the galaxy” you have the power and the 
assignment, to give instructions and make mandates, which 
every Being on all levels of this galaxy have to follow unconditionally. 
Hereby I point to this, so that you use your new power wisely and deal 
with your power that was given to you by God, kindly and decisively.

I bless you with these additional aspects regarding the actual 
situation on earth and human Beings becoming Gods, you, 
who love truth and carry the Light to the infinite expanses 
of Creation, as God’s messenger and equally as Creator God.

I am

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