8. August 2014



Regarding the three messages: 
Massive Attacks of the Dark Ones
The Devil does not sleep 
For the Benefit of All
Prepared as follows

written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Honored Reader,

The “centrifugal forces of time”, whereby it incessantly comes 
to overlaps of 4D worlds, also do not stop with the Lichtwelt project 
or with me. Therefore I have decided to let you partake in one 
(of many) massive attack of the dark ones, which reached the 
Lichtweltverlag and me in the last 3 days. This for three reasons:
1.) So that you see, that indeed every light warrior has 
to carry out this struggle with the shadow world – daily.
2.) So that you see, that you are never alone in this struggle.
3.) So that you see, that at the end of the day, the Light always 
prevails; our Light, as we are willing to look at evil and with the 
help from Heaven remove it from our energy field, from our life.

The Background 
Actually the Lichtweltverlag on the one hand works on 
the English Internet appearance and on the other hand foremost, 
in order to bring the “crystal cube of ascension” to the world. 
This manifestation has been ongoing since January 2014 and 
over and over again we were kept from our work, which was 
sabotaged or sometimes noticeably or then again unnoticed, 
yet always quite effectively, hindered. Beside myself several 
co-workers of the Verlag were intensively involved in these 
attacks of the dark ones. It was the goal of the dark ones that 
this gift from the heritage of Atlantis, handed over by Adama 
of Telos and the Elohim never sees the light in this world.

And even though in the meantime we are well proven in 
these things, because since the founding dark attacks
on the Verlag is without exaggeration “daily business”.

In the course of this new manifestation it is necessary 
to remain extremely vigilant, because any means seem 
right for the dark ones.

The dark ones have intensively besieged myself – the finalization 
of the “crystal cube of ascension” was imminent – and this siege 
began to show up in a dream (see the message: “Massive attack
of the Dark Ones”). Thereby it remained unnoticed to me that I 
had taken this dark energy from this low vibrating dream level 
to the daily routine. This has been confirmed to me in the 
message from Sananda “The Devil does not sleep”.

So this “host” was stuck in me and directed me, as Sananda said,
to a message “poor in light”. The quick and vigilant reaction of 
my friend Georg, (Dr. Georgi Stankov), who immediately after he 
read this “message poor in light” informed me that I may have “run 
aground on a dark source”, is to be thanked for that I was able to 
immediately react to it and with determination. It was suddenly 
clear to me that I had taken the person from the dream state with 
me into daytime consciousness, and that thereby this transmission 
of an inadequate message was made possible.
Naturally I immediately erased this message and it will never 
be published. Thereby it is obvious – and this is apparent in 
different emails and reports, which we receive – that it actually 
applies to many light warriors of the first and last hours: The 
dark ones try to start desperate attacks, in order to escape 
their own fate.
Thereby they try to weaken us, so that the realization of our 
assignments will at least be delayed, what would bring with it 
a further delay of our ascension and the ascension of the world.

Therefore it is most significant that we become aware of this 
fact and are aware, and that we purify our energy field daily.  
This can be done with the violet-golden flame of transformation 
and Love or with the white divine Light, it can be done through 
a Master, who you call into your life, through the Archangels or 
through God himself. It is important that it happens and this 

The brighter and the more radiant our Light is, 
the more intensive can be our struggle with the dark forces. 
And many light warriors of the first and last hours are such radiant 
Light columns. They have come into this world with high assignments,
in order to manifest the new time and in order to dissolve the 
rotten structures and the dark doings.
The present powers-that-be on this level revolt with 
all means. We need to consider this and understand it. 

„Do not be afraid!“ This is repeatedly proclaimed to us. 
And indeed, any fear is inappropriate, because our Light 
and our light sword are superior to the instruments of the 
dark ones. Yet what is absolutely necessary: To apply the 
Light with determination and decisively guide the light sword.

Light of Publicity 
This report, as an introduction to the following three messages, 
serves in order to again sharpen our attention at the end of time, 
so that we regularly purify ourselves from eventual dark energies 
and thereby rule out any outside influence.
Due to this report the dark is brought into the Light 
and jerked into the light of publicity; and the dark shuns 
publicity and light for all times.
At the same time, this is an opportunity to recognize how 
many ways there are, in order to be bothered nonetheless, 
even for a short time, by forces, which one basically avoids.

In these days all light warriors of the first and last hours are 
interlocked with the ascension vibration, become fully aware 
of their divine assignments, and are guided to manifest these 
assignments on earth.

Nobody can foil this, nothing can work against it – this time is 
truly over, because all opportunities for it have elapsed.
Attempts to do it nonetheless do not remain undone and 
yet these will continue until our last day in this great game 
of “light and shadows”.
And this report and the three following messages 
portray this impressively and vividly.
We are surrounded by Light and Love.

We are part of the ONE great divine family, 
which there is: in service for this world.

Make yourself a picture of the events of the last days, 
which affected me and the Lichtweltverlag, yet which can 
be applied to many human Beings and groups, because the 
“massive attacks of the dark ones” reach many light warriors, 
who work for the “benefit of All”, because “the Devil does not sleep”.

Does it never end? 
It ends as soon as we have fulfilled all and ascended 
with our whole Being have been heaved into Heaven.

Our “assumption” brings the end of these upheavals, 
and brings the beginning of a time of eternal peace in God’s glory.
Until then one needs to be vigilant, to keep our house clean and 
to care for the Lord’s vineyard until the last of all days with everything, 
which fosters a rich harvest and is offered to Life. 

We are many and become more and more.
Our time has come. We stand in front of the portals into 
the Light and in these days some of us step over the 
threshold into the otherworld. 

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

PS.: The “crystal cube of ascension” is presently being prepared 
(book&cube) and will most likely be presented by the end 
of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. 


Massive Attacks of the Dark Ones 

Does it never end? 
Dream: At a meeting with different human Beings, 
I also see again a human Being, a former female companion 
on the path, who has turned away from the Light and has turned 
toward darkness, which had the result of massive attacks on the 
work of the Lichtweltverlag. Even though in the dream I do not 
directly meet this human Being, I see exactly what this human 
Being does and plans. I am omnipresent and hear the conversations 
and see every action. Thereby I see that this human Being (in the 
dream) continues to spread evil about myself and, just like really in 
the past, tells bold lies about myself. The sentence: “This is her 
meaning in life” comes to mind and I think: “Does it never end?” 
After that I gain a view of the purse of this woman; it is absolutely 
dirty and to a third filled with pus; it is absolutely disgusting, as also 
this human Being is disgusting, because this woman is totally squalid 
on the outside and unkempt and in addition smells bestially.
As I decide to go to this human Being in order to offload my 
anger, by saying that she should stop to spread such lies 
about myself, I wake up. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This is a significant dream picture, which reveals
itself here at the end of time. This touches micro- and 
macrocosm equally and this as follows:
1.) Constant attacks of the “system” against any true light-filled
work, as it is carried into the world by the Lichtwelt project.
2.) Constant attacks of the system against every State, which 
opposes the New World Order or wants to withdraw from this 
system of oppression, in order to be self-determined.

Microcosm and Macrocosm 
And here microcosm and macrocosm meet,
Because without the work of the light warriors of the first 
and last hours the great geopolitical upheavals are unthinkable. 

The spreading of lies from the direction of the dark ones is 
omnipresent in the example of the case of Ukraine and Russia’s 
Putin. These lies no longer work, they cannot entrench themselves 
anymore and human Beings increasingly look through them.
That at this time more and more heads of State oppose the 
implementation of the New World Order, is possible, because
in most cases these heads of State have agreed to a soul transfer 
or have been exposed to a deep inner transformation of their soul 
and/or still are.

The most significant message from this dream picture lies in 
the fact that Jahn wakes up before he stems evil face to face.
Meaning that this direct confrontation with the dark ones is no 
longer necessary, because the ascending ones have paved the 
soil for all 4D worlds and are no longer directly and in the flesh 
involved in the fights, which happen on this level. This is the gift 
that you have given yourself due to intensive and untiring work in
Lord’s vineyard.

No less significant is also the message in the dream, 
which conveys that this human Being is dirty and her 
purse is filled with pus. This means that everything that the 
dark ones have in mind for human Beings is directed against 
themselves causing this dirt and the pus.
Today all dark and destructive intentions are immediately
“balanced”. Meaning that all these intentions turn immediately 
against the sender and are returned there.
This shows that nothing more can harm the light 
warriors of the first and last hours.

So far about this and know: The dark perishes due to their 
own maliciousness! Some 4D worlds will experience this scene 
more intensely; others on the other hand will be barely touched 
by it, because the transformation occurs mostly unnoticed.

Phase of Exposures 
Actually we find ourselves in the “phase of exposures”. 
The geopolitical lies are being exposed and the phenomenon 
of holographic worlds is revealed to you. In these days different 
levels experience a magnetic reversal, meaning that this also 
affects your frame of reference before this world has been 
completely captured by it.
Remain vigilant, because the hour of truth comes closer 
and closer. Worlds obtain new structures.
This earth is a world among worlds, which has the central 
significance of providing the energy for this transformation.

The great human souls lift more than one world and 
these souls in this last moment are the support pillars 
of this and the new galaxies, and at the same time are 
the perfectionists of the old world, whereby they remove 
the rotten and fragile structures from it.
Decisions about death and life have been turned over 
to the newly ascending Masters, because who dies will 
resurrect and who remains alive will live eternally.

The time for the next great throw has come.

In infinite Love



The Devil does not sleep!

Beloved Jahn,

Indeed this message (as mentioned in the introduction. 
remark JJK) is only partially correct in its content and in 
its energy is “low in light”. 

How could this message happen?
You remember the dream of last night, 
which later on we let flow into a message.
It is this absolutely contaminated Being, which you 
took with you into your daytime consciousness and 
which so to speak directed you to this message. She 
sits in your right ankle (I had pain in that area since 
waking up, remark JJK) and now will also be removed from there.

How is this possible? Because you very often affect different 
worlds and infinitely different 4D levels, so it is likely that 
something can come in, which does not belong to the Light. 
It is important for you to know that you can absolutely 
trust your messages and should, because in case of a 
“mistake”, a correction is immediately introduced, 
no matter how or who. You are many, and you hold, 
support and assist each other, consciously or unconsciously, 
to a high degree. Fundamentally you are, and this also applies 
for all light warriors of the first and last hours, very well protected, 
yet as long as you are “in the game” it is necessary to have this 
vigilance. Know: It is a totally “normal” instance that the dark forces 
can still continue to interfere, yet it is also totally obvious that these 
are always unveiled by you and are rejected – because there are 
inexhaustible ways, in order to recognize them.
Your energy field is being purified since the reception 
of this dubious message, and this “woman” has been 
brought back to her place and has been thrown back to her.

Remain vigilant, foremost now, because in the Lichtweltverlag 
you bring to the world new tools for healing and of the Light 
and because certain changes are coming.
„The Devil does not sleep and never has!”
This is the insight of this day and the meaning of this message, 
which was attributed to the Elohim (at this moment a torrential 
downpour, a cleansing thunderstorm, comes down over the city….)

You are guarded and you are accompanied,
You are protected.

In infinite Love



For the Benefit of All
The Elohim

Beloved Jahn,
We are the ELOHIM
Everything happens for the benefit of all.

Realization follows realization and the worlds overlap, 
so that the greatest task of ascending human Beings is to 
keep their environment clean, their energy garment pure 
and their mind uninfluenced. 
The Elohim accompany each light warrior and 
nothing escapes our attention.So feel yourself held, 
accompanied and loved, because truthful is the one, 
who is aware of all variations of the great game and 
consciously eliminates what does not serve, what does 
not build, what is sluggish and belongs to other worlds 
than the ones of the Light.

A great accord sounds, a great game comes to the end, 
and human Being are in the middle of these upheavals, 
and foremost those, who give this mankind a new face 
and a living loving heart.

In infinite Love

All Messages received on August 3rd 2014 

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