20. August 2014


September and October 2014
Reader Notice 

Honored Reader,

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, 
which are not under our control, the dates for
the Light Readings in September and October have to be changed.

a.) The Light Reading of September 26th 2014 (Message from SANANDA) 
will be moved forward to Thursday September 25th 2014. 
b.) The Light Reading of October 31st 2014 (Message from ELIJA) 
will be moved back to November 1st 2014 (Saturday/All Saints Day). 

As usual both Light Readings begin at 6 pm and take place at 
LOFFICE, Schottenfeldgasse 85, Hochparterre, Top 1, 1070 Wien.

We entrust your loving understanding, foremost from those 
Light Reading visitors, who must travel from a distance and 
must change flight and/or hotel reservations. Very soon the 
hidden meaning of these changes will be unveiled to all of us,

in Love

Your Lichtwelt Team and Jahn J Kassl