17. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

It will be Light and it is light!

The One Spirit of God lowers itself onto 
Earth and is omnipresent among human Beings.

Flight of the Dark Ones 
The dream of human Beings has ended, the illusion of time 
has been overcome, the last secret, before the announced 
upheavals unwind from the reel of space-time one after the 
other, is now being revealed to you:  
The unredeemed human souls, the unpurified human hearts, 
the polluted and impure Beings, which still populate this world, 
are taking flight in the face of the Light influx from All-That-Is! 

This fact means that these beings begin to leave the 
“scorched earth” behind, and do everything possible to 
pull with them as many human Beings as possible into the abyss.
Two facts are important in these days:
1.) The flight of the Dark Ones from the Light.
2.) The Light, which in these days flows toward earth 
and toward human Beings from the wellspring of All-That-Is, 
is of crystalline nature and transforms all life.

Crystalline Source-Light 
If there is talk of high Light influx, it is the quality of the Light, 
which is described. This crystalline Source-Light transforms anything 
unholy into Holy and destroys every condition of lies, untruth and 
deception. The Dark ones have nothing more to use to oppose 
this quality! Therefore they now go to the final act, whereby they try 
to pull earth and human Beings with them into their own downfall.
Yet: Be without fear! I ask you this in these days of days! 
Be without fear.
Only those human Beings will be affected, who until today 
remained tepid, who until today were fickle and sometimes 
believed this or that and sometimes trusted these or those 
half-truths, without really going to the bottom of things. 
Those, who lived soulless, will be reminded of impermanence, 
whereby the “great destroyer” enters into this world so that a 
new world may be born.
Death does not apply to you, who have chosen Life, 
yet it will lower over this humanity in the billions. 

Everyone who calls me 
savors my complete protection! 

This is God’s eternally permanent truth that I am! 
Yet, only a few know and recognize me, and many deny it 
and disavow me. Now it so happens that the course of the world 
changes, until it does not find itself anymore at the same location 
so far familiar to you. 

Everything changes, everything! 

What would be the value of your work, if in the decisive hours 
of mankind God’s trumpets were silent and the Creator left His 
Children to themselves?
In these hours of mankind we are omnipresent and we 
know every ascending one by name. And:  

You will be called.

I am omnipresent.
I am the unbounded awareness of the
that is: God.


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