3. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream I: A constantly repeating dream that does not stay 
stuck in my mind. Yet it is the sentence: „Europe is entirely 
captured“, which is stuck crystal clear in my mind, 
after I wake up. (End of dream)
Dream II: I see myself with a few human Beings in a 
“lifeboat” that crosses the field of debris of the just now 
sinking Titanic. Paradoxically we boat both over and under 
the water at the same time, as I can see the still intact ship 
from the inside and already simultaneously the debris on the 
surface swimming past me. (End of dream)


Nothing remains as it was, no rock stays next to the other and  
Europe is the center of the “crystallization” 
of this transformation.

The sinking ship and the water demonstrate that the 
purification of Europe occurs via the element of water.
The simultaneous perception of the still intact and already 
destroyed Titanic generally points to the simultaneity of all 

Europe is the home of many enlightened souls and is 
the home of many souls, which stem against the change 
with all of their strength and sabotage it at any available 

In Europe the mixture of Light and Shadows is manifested in 
a most unique manner. The separation of the chaff from the 
wheat has the greatest significance in the “old continent”, 
reaches here the largest extent and brings the most wonderful 
results to this region. The whole earth is being rebuilt and Europe
is located in the middle of the suction of Shiva, the great One, 
who comes as the time fulfills itself.
Water, fire, earth, these are the elements, which transform 
Europe and change the world; whereby human Beings enter
into the Light or into darkness. 

The prophets are being confirmed  
and the ignorant human Being loses his life.
Each human Being, who mandates his awakened consciousness, 
rises above all waters and does not get burnt in the fire; and each 
one gets uplifted, as soon as Mother Earth announces the final act 
of the transformation with an all and everything penetrating 

The ascending ones are truly those, who today look at this 
world in awe, in sadness and knowingly at the same time. 
You are those, who steadfastly observe the all-devouring time 
and with eyes of Love encounter those, who fall into the abyss.

You are truly those, who were needed and are still needed 
until the last day in time, so that the events fulfill themselves 
in God’s Grace for all Life.

Infinite is your Love for this world,
Infinite is my Love for you.


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