13. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Additional fine adjustments and adaptations occur
in the ascension process, until the first ones of the 
last days walk through the doors of Light! 


Nothing is left to chance and the divine Light penetrates 
everything, according to the principles of Creation, so that 
this world is perfected and mankind enters into Heaven.
Each soul on this earth receives what they have chosen; 
everything is cared for, therefore do not worry.
Actually several “ascension test runs” are undertaken. 
The “new heaven”, for you already perceptible by a long shot, 
gives testimony to that.

And the different perceptions of the light warriors of the 
old and first days of this world also testify to that; the ones, 
who experience individual precautions for their ascension, 
in order to pave wide paths of Light for mankind. 

Report: In this moment, I write this message in a guest 
garden on a busy street in the city center of Vienna, 
an older and very friendly woman leans over my shoulders 
and watches while I am typing this writing, as she smiles 
at me and asks: “Do you see this?” Whereby she means the 
writing on the computer screen, because it is broad daylight 
and the sun shines brightly. (End of report)

Do you see this?
Do you see, how the event paves its way, do you see, 
what is, do you see, how much everything changes, 
do you see that the day is close that leaves a changed 
world behind? 

Report: Now I perceive music, these are individual tones, 
which are very unpleasant, and close to me I see a musician, 
who thereby “manifests” himself in a very special manner. 
(End of report) 

Tones and Sounds, 
which have already been announced to you, 
will herald and ring in the day; initially unpleasant, 
pleasant after that.

The world absolutely changes its countenance!

Nothing remains; everything renews itself in a unique, 
sacred and divine manner. Ascension bridges are constantly 
being built and mankind enters into the Light.
The opportunities increase, the windows of opportunity of 
ascension mount, until human Beings one after the other 
will be carried away and from that level will be led into 
their new homes. 

The conversion of this world finishes in these days, 
and the time of beauty and the Light begin. 

Everything finds back to the Source, 
and the Father and the Mother of all Life welcome you.

In infinite Love

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