11. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

This Message is given in the Number of 11, 
the already anchored Master Number of the Ascending Ones.


The ascension with all its turns is underway to the full 
extent and in full force. The flooding of human Beings and 
the world with the spiritual Light reaches heights, which can 
only be mastered by those, who are ready for the return into the Light.

A uniquely intensive as well as light-filled vibration interlaces
each atom and every yet so small life form, and human Beings 
no longer have a choice, because the decisions have been made.
Having no choice means that based on this high light vibration 
the dams of ignorance break and the truth appears on all levels.

It will be unveiled for only a short time, because the end 
comes overnight and is carried out in the tight hours of a few days. 

Do not be afraid, do not stagger, do not doubt! 

Changes and adjustments occur to the end, 
yet your ascension itself is the only and eternal
fact at the end of this time. 

Dream: I receive a manuscript. It is just a few pages, 
wherein the ascension process is described. This “manuscript 
of the ascension” is very familiar to me and I gather from it that 
there is much, very much destruction. While I delve into this script 
I notice that the earth empties itself and that it becomes silent. 
The events, which are described in the manuscript, are, while I 
am reading in it, underway and nobody can take flight, because 
the whole world is captured by it. I think “what will happen to 
me now?” 
Before I even finish with my thoughts, I see, not too far away, 
two very mighty mountains, wherefrom deep inside an incredibly 
soft, delicate golden-yellow orange-color Light shines. I immediately
feel attracted and pulled toward it and I get underway. Yet I am 
alone, because none of the human Beings standing next to me, all 
of them appearing unknown to me, see this Light.
 Now I see two “Light Portals”, which glow from deep inside 
the mountain – in this wonderful Light. This image conveys 
absolute safety, trust, refuge and feels entirely like “Home”. 
(End of dream)

The doors open themselves for you in the hours of truth, 
in the moment of God’s Grace. We expect you.
And as you are touched by these events or are seemingly 
imprisoned by them, we take you from this world, and this 
even before this world will be taken out of this game.
You will be healed in the “Crystal Cities of Light”; 
in the dwellings, which we have prepared for you, you will 
find your new home; in the Love and care of your siblings 
you will attune to perfected creatures of God – before or 
while this world is captured by what has been announced to you.

I am the Logos and Light, Love and Life,
of this and many worlds.


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