29. August 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

You are the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Beloved Ones,

Ascension means the greatest effort for all, 
who are participating in it.
Ascension means the greatest happiness for all,
who will see God at the end of the day and will 
recognize themselves as what they are.

„Disruption“ of the Galaxies 
The ascension of earth and human Beings, who are ready for it, 
reaches a new dimension. Meaning that now the galaxy, all heavenly 
bodies and all living Beings in these worlds, wherein this earth was 
and still is embedded, will be attuned to the fine and final dynamic, 
will be prepared for it and will be made familiar with their specific 
assignments for the “disruption of the galaxies”.

The earth has been and remains the center of the ascension, 
whereupon the designated light warriors experience themselves 
as a consciousness with all their soul aspects. The work has 
essentially been done on the earths; the holograms stand ready 
and continue to be created, the decisions have been made and 
everything flows now irresistibly like an undertow toward the 
discharges. This demands your patience, certainly, because the 
awareness of space-time requires it; yet what happens now is 
irreversible, eternally.

Ascension Test Runs, why? 
In these days for some ascending ones, “ascension test runs” 
take place. This is for two reasons and obeys the following necessities:
1.) In order to be attuned to the ascension vibration oneselves.
2.) In order to train and introduce your siblings from the Light 
into the upcoming processes.

As light warriors of the first rank you have ascended to Creator 
Gods and thereby tantamount to guardians of this and now newly 
created galaxies. And you function as those already today, on the 
eve of the pioneering events, whereby some human Beings communicate 
with different galactic levels in your dreams, also some human Beings 
in the waking condition, and foremost during the experience of the 
ascension, wherefrom you return again. You do this in order to 
exactly determine the ultimate procedures.

Scepter of a Creator God 
The assignments of the ascended ones and the 
ascending ones begin to shift and to expand.
Affected are all human Beings – and they are few – those, 
who have been handed the scepter of a Creator God. 
This is a significant aspect to be experienced today, so that 
further events and your position therein can be put into the 
applicable context, and during your return into the Light you 
may be able to dissolve all reservations about several delays 
or the seeming postponement of the ascension.
The ascension in its final phase was determined in this manner 
and was also predictable, even though, during the decision process 
of mankind sometimes a great confusion seemed to exist, because 
constant reorientations had to follow.
It is also important to know that the quality of the ascending 
ones affected this expansion of your assignments and that it 
was and is yourselves, who on a soul level have immediately 
given the permission for this expansion; and in the knowledge 
that thereby your own holistic ascension will again be experienced 
as a “delay” on the space-time level.

Everything occurs! 
Nothing of what has been said to you is cancelled, 
everything happens, all occurs. 
Also what has not happened in your visible world will happen 
or has already happened. Because, as has already been announced 
repeatedly, levels and realities were repeatedly created for it. 
For you, who are sick and tired of the wait for the planetary 
and individual ascension, this knowledge is of immense significance.
The actual greatness as a multi-dimensional Being and the 
omnipresent expansion of your awareness is proverbial, and 
this is reflected in your assignments in this space-time world 
in a unique manner.

Guardians of the Galaxy 
Before the new galaxy will take its fixed place in the infinity 
of Creation, due to the ascension of this earth, the present 
and future ascended Masters will prepare all galactic forces 
and heavenly powers of this galactic unity for the “final event”. 
It is you, in a leading role, who enable this ascension; you were 
handed the “scepter of ascension” on all relevant levels for it and 
you are: the guardians of the galaxy.

In infinite Love I was and I am at all times with each one of you, 
until Eternity; you are sons and daughters of man, honored 
beyond all measures.

I am  

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